The NEW Trixie Shoppe

Welcome to The Trixie Shoppe!

Come on over to our Trisha Trixie Shop to purchase these and many other wonderful

 See what you like? Click on the image to be redirected to The Trixie Shoppe to purchase one of these

Fabulous Creations and see what other wonderful items we have in our store!

Unique Fashions for your Fabulous Life!

Kaftans and Kimonos (with or without Matching Mask)

A variety of Masks

Cape/Mask Combos to encourage your little ones to “Wear their mask and cape to fight alien invaders trying to get in their nose and mouth!”

Floral headbands and Headdresses

Just when you think I couldn’t create anything else, I do… Scarves, Shawls, and many other ideas

Want to add a scarf to your order or buy one to Rock Around your head or neck? See some examples below

original original (3)

4 thoughts on “The NEW Trixie Shoppe

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