Be Fabulous!


Welcome to my “Be Fabulous” Campaign!

Underneath the rubble of toil and turmoil of things I have been through in my life , out of the ashes, arose

Trisha Trixie

who encourages others to…


I have been through it all and I am proof to show you through my works efforts and all I have been through that you too can


Be Fabulous when you wake up

Be Fabulous when you go to bed

Be Fabulous when you don’t want to be

Be Fabulous to others

Be Fabulous to yourself

Instead of Good-bye say “Be Fabulous

Instead of hello, when someone asks how you are, respond with “I’m Fabulous!”

No matter where you are, what you do, what you are wearing, or who you are with, it is all up to you. So if it is up to you, why not…

“Be Fabulous”

Whether you wear my items or not, I want to spread the message to you, that you not only CAN be fabulous….but








Come find out more at Falling into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising


Be Fabulous Perfume Ad


Two women gossiping in studio (B&W)

Two women gossiping in studio (B&W)

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Most of All...Be Fabulous

CArry on

cat fabulous

44 fab

TT Dagh ShiroWanna Be fab

Comment Below and share your FABULOUS!!

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Remember Fabulous

Recipe for Fabulous!

Recipe Card for Fabulousness

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