Product Review: That Girl Knitz, Maker/Creator Donna Grossman


One of the things I have always loved to do is Product Reviews! When I had my other fashion business we were just kicking off into that and how I miss it. I even had an assistant, Corrina, who was my FashionEye and did them too. I miss having the chance to do reviews.

So when a local Entrepreneur, Donna Grossman, from That Girl Knitz, asked me to blog about her headbands and give them a whirl I, of course, jumped at the chance! Her website is

I found Donna on one of the Handmade and Crafters groups. I fell in love with the mannequin  head she used for her image posts and asked if I could pay her for pictures of it. She gladly shared them without cost. The other reason I fell in love with the image was a fabulous knit hat the head was wearing.  Right away I had to say thank you and wanted this fabulous hat anyway!




Shown below is the fabulous knit hat I bought from her. I wore it as my St. Patrick’s Day Hat and got SO many compliments on it! I am a selfie girl so of course, I had to take many selfies with it!!




When, I received my package of Headbands Donna asked me to review, I fell in love again! Swoon! I mean wow, talk about talent. I am a seamstress and looking at these headbands I was blown away. Very ingenious!

She sent me such a wide variety of headbands and some of them even were FLEECE lined




The ones I ended up picking out to keep…



I  love my Headbands. They don’t give me a headache! I can’t wait to help Donna sell them at some of my local shows and get the word out about this FABULOUS and Ah-Mazing product! Here is me wearing one with my Fabulous Fascinators! See how WELL they go together!!??


Do yourself a favor. Go check this gal out!  She is the sweetest lady, she makes the best headbands around, and I just love them and her to pieces.

Until Next time,


Trisha Trixie

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Hi! My name is Jessi Wilson and I am the proud owner of Fuzzy Wuzzy Hats.


I got started making hats about 2 years ago, when an family member was trying to teach me new ways to crochet. 

She had these hat looms from I would say early to mid 80’s and she showed me how they worked. I was hooked, figuratively and literally. 

Right now, I’m in the process of learning new techniques that I can apply to the cable method I already have. And I’m not just limited to hats, I also do scarves, and slippers,braid hats, and in the process of trying to figure out how to make those winter ear wraps, for the ladies. 

Searching on Pinterest ( and Ravelry ( have helped me a lot, as well as searching you tube videos, and photographs.
There really isn’t one particular style that just hits me with the idea that I have to make this now. 

I also like to try different things to see how they work before I go ahead and make a finished product. 

It may take a few days sitting in my little storage room/closet looking at yarn colors before I even start.

I want the customer to be happy with the color choices that are made, and with the final product. 

I also may take photos during the making process, to send to the customer before the final product is sent. 

As soon as its finished I’ll snap a picture, and email it to them so they can see what they are receiving before it even arrives.
That way if they have any questions or any changes that need to be made, they can be done before its mailed.

I want to strive to keep my customer base happy, even though its small happy customers always pass the word around.

My advice for people that are starting a small business would be, start with something as simple as a face book page or other means of social media and share that page with your friends and family. Post pictures, prices, and how to contact you incase you have a person interested in your product. 

It’s definitely a rough road at first, but as long as you keep pushing your items, things will fall into place.

Thanks Jessi for being our First Guest Author! You can find out more about Fuzzy Wuzzy Hats by clicking on this link

If you would like to be a Guest author on our blog, please contact us via our contact form at our website. All we ask is that it keeps with our theme of Fashion, Style, or Beauty and since that is still a pretty wide wide range I am sure you will come up with something spectacular. We will send out our Q & A and ask you send  5-10 pictures for us to choose from to post with your blog! We look forward to hearing from you.

Hattily Ever After

Hattily Ever After

 Ever wonder if hats are your thing?  Well just put one on and look in the mirror.  Do you look good, do you look bad.. Buy it, take it home and get into the outfit that you are going to wear for your outing. If you’re a lady put your makeup on if you aren’t already wearing it.  Put that hat on and check yourself out in the mirror. I know it’s going to sound absolutely silly, but totally do it; if anything you will laugh. Make sexy faces at yourself in the mirror. Think “I am the hottest thing since the next Top Model”.  Look at yourself and say “OOOOH! Yeah I made a great choice. I am so happy with this purchase.”

Now for all you men out there…. you all know that you love hats and have at least two if not more.  You probably have your favorite one that you always wear and it is so worn out you are saying “I can’t get rid of it I have had it through all the best times of my life and to part with it would be unheard of.” Men, you have hats are of all sorts; anywhere from ball caps to dress hats, to stocking caps.          


At first men would wear hats just to protect themselves from the sun.  Nowadays they wear them to stay warm or to look supper sexy in their duds.

It doesn’t matter your age, your culture or if you are female or male.  You are Sexy, Beautiful and Worthy!
“All Images Courtesy Of  My Pinterest Board”
Carie Williams Sensafashion’s Fashioniva

Fashion Friday~Faux Fur Frenzy

With colder temperatures we’d like to warm things up a bit by looking over some of the
choices available in the department of Faux Fur. Here is some of what we discovered:

We tip our hats to these…


            We’re sticking our neck out to these inviting scarves:

These coats are a wrap for stylish warmth…
And now it’s time to give things the “boot”. 

When the temperatures make you say burrr, think of furrr.

All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board:

Corrina Hunter~Sensafashion’s Fashion Eye

2012 New Year’s Eve~ 1940’s Style!

So we sit at the threshold of a new year again. But this year instead of looking into this past year, we take you back to the 1940’s. Follow along with a peek into the past…






 From head to toe, these women knew how to turn heads and accessorize.
As you may have noticed RED, BLACK & WHITE were favorite colors.
Thank you for joining us on the little venture. 
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