Trisha Trixie Tuesday! Bespoke (Custom-Made-to-Order-MadetoMeasure)

What’s “Bespoke”?

Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. “Custom-made”, “made to order”, “made to measure” and sometimes “hand-made” are near-synonyms.

The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, to “speak for something”, in the specialized meaning “to give order for it to be made” or commission, first cited from 1583 by the OED, with the adjective in its alternative form “bespoken” first quoted from 1607 in this sense.[1] The term is generally more prevalent in British English than American English, which tends to use “custom” instead, as in custom car, custom motorcycle etc.

So, with the bespoke items available from Trisha Trixie, you can create a customized items JUST FOR YOU! How do you do that?

GO HERE! Pick out the colors and fabric and Trisha Trixie will do the rest!


What do YOU think about being able to customize a product just for you? Do you like or dislike it?


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Mad Men Monday: My Birthday Week

Not all birthday come with song and dance like Megan singing for Don’s birthday

But I am lucky enough that “GENERALLY” when I throw a party or have a Birthday celebration, my friends DO tend to come around

We end up doing exactly as they do on Mad Men and end up talking about business

But I try to have some fun. One of my most favorite things to do is SING! I took 10 years of vocal instruction, as well as dance, ballet etc, but singing was my main love. I always have loved to sing. EVen when I was little and we had nothing to do like they do now. No Xboxes, or video games, we had ourselves and I liked to go sit out on the swing and sing. I was in a band, I managed a band, I sang back up for a band, and I have had the grand opportunity to sing a few solos for places.

I will be honoring MY birthday this week (Thursday) May 16th, by going out with friends the night before and belting out a few tunes

I don’t know if I will be strutting my stuff like Megan here, but it is a high possiblity because I am a kook and love to be silly

Sing I am on the fact of MEgan singing, here is little fun fact for you

This is NOT actually how a NORMAL birthday would have gone in those days, but hey since we are talking about TV shows and not real life it all makes sense right?

So, for me, since I live in Movie Tvland in my head, anyway, making up for the birthday I did NOT have I somehow started a tradition once I was an adult.


I like to do something everyday of the week to honor my birthday, honor the fact I am still alive (if you know my life you were know that IS something to be proud of), and honor life in general and to just live it and have a blast.

Monday: Tonight, We are celebrating with Monday Margaritas

Tuesday: Lunch with my sister

Wednesday: Karoake at Billy Joe’s Pictur Show

Thursday: My birthday and my man and I will have a nice dinner

Friday: Star Trek night

Saturday: a few local events and shopping around town

Sunday: Birthday Brunch at an old fashioned diner 5 & Diner in Pleasant Hill

I can’t wait for this week and can’t wait to have a blast!

I only have one request…and it is below…lol

Ok, a Princess? I mean I DO plan on wearing a TUTU this week!

HAHA, ok ok, enough about me… for now 🙂

I hope we all have a great week and if you can come enjoy the week with me, even better!

Until next time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Mad Men Monday: Vintage PinUp Inspired Art-Tootsie Pop

Some of you may or may not know but I love to draw. My Art page is The Art of Trisha Trixie Last year I spent a whole year just drawing. My goal? 50 Figures and 50 faces in a year (Actually I started in March and ended in December). It made a vast improvement on how I drew my eyes and lips and other features. I took classes online and elsewhere. I showcased my work in art galleries and events. I sold art at booths and fairs. Art was my life last year. Partially trying to get over things in my life I turned to art for healing. Also I wanted to improve. I wanted to see where it would take me. Funny enough…it took back into Modeling. Back into Fashion. and now Back into Art.

This year as you can see my focus is more so on the Fashion and Modeling side but I was feel though the artist in me was missing. Sketching figures for designs is one thing, but doing true fashion illustration is another. Staying with the PinUp theme and showcasing aprons as my line is this year, I drew a picture of a pal of mine in the industry….Miss Tootsie Pop!

I am showing you both versions with the original white dotted top to the leopard version of the top.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

20130323_14502920130323_144316 20130323_144940

Come check out my Art Page and show the love by LIKING it The Art of Trisha Trixie

Hope you like the Art side of Trisha Trixie as well as the Fashion side.

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XoXO TrishaTrixie


Saturday Morning Special: Fun with Funky Finds

Last week I went to Vintage in the City here in Des Moines Iowa. It was a blast from the past. I wanted to stop in and see a fun little store I have been dying to check out. I wrote a little bit about it for Des Moines is not Boring but I love to REALLY showcase the stores that I go to so you can really check them out!

Here are MORE amazing pictures I took the day I went…

MMM& The Vintage Vibe: Retro Cute

As I mentioned I was heading off to go get a different style this weekend. For those of you interested I thought you might want to see how it turned out!

Here are my new Bettie Paige Bangs

And here is the little cutie who helped me get there from Aveda Institute Des Moines my dear pal Alyxx Peterson. (I’m working on her to be one of those Bad Ass Ruthless Pin Up Girl ). We also touched up my color with 30 Volume Lightener and and a Permanent VB Toner. We also trimmed the back so I have a nice rounded Blunt cut.

 She told me I need to do a little bit of training as I haven’t had bangs in awhile and so they are trying to part like the Red Sea so today I wore a bobby pin in them to flatten them out.

More up-dos with my Victory Rolls later so you all will just have to wait.

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Find more about my Vintage Inspired Fashions at SensaFashion

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SMS: Bang Bang

I am a Pin Up Girl. Which means hours sometimes with my arms in the air rolling victory rolls. The one thing I have really been wanting and hating is how I don’t have bangs. Many of the Pin Up gals have the cutest bangs!

So today I am going off to get some bangs…and some other added attributes to my hair.

So say goodbye to the long front locks that I have to roll and pin.

When I am done I hope to have a Betty Paige Bang like this gorgeous gal
I even sent this video to my gal over at Aveda Institute and Design
I go to the school for my Beauty thing I need, Hair, nails, toes,  eybrows you name it for a few reasons…
  1. They are less expensive
  2. They need to learn now how to do many of the difficult things I need so there are better experienced gals out there doing Pin Up hair and needs
  3. They have qualified instructors to help guide them and assist them if there is a problem
  4. They are always go good to me. And I mean ALL of the staff. The cashier to the instructor to the person doing my service, no matter what. No one has even been rude or mean or disrespectful to me in the time I have been going there which has been awhile now.
  5. I am collecting students. Its a joke, but though I do have my favorites and they know who they are, I enjoy getting to know new students from the Alphas to the ones on the Floor. Little by little I think the students who DON”T know me are even getting to know me by my look. Not many come in asking for White blonde hair, pin up eyebrows and Victory Rolls for photo shoots.
  6. They are located here in Iowa
  7. I love Aveda Products

So if you are local, and looking for a great inexpensive place to go with a great staff and great services and great products, check them out. If you are not local, see if there is an Aveda Institute near you. If not, find a good school in your area, it will really help them and you in the long run.

Come follow me on Facebook either on my Model Page to see how it turns out!

Also come find me at my SensaFashion Designer page. We just added the SensaFashion Shop so now you can buy items right from Facebook or online via PayPal.

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Wear it Wednesday: Bows Bows Bows

I love bows and flowers and all the pretty things. I always have. I am such a girly girl. Then in this past year as I have explored back into the world on modeling and Pin Up modeling at that, Flowers and bows are such a huge part of that!

Bows are in right now. They are everywhere. They are all over Pinterest. They were all over New York Fashion Week and now they are even in my neighborhood!!

My neighbor across the street has a family friend who makes hair bows and necklaces and bracelets and all sorts of pretty things.

Recently I was at an event selling my ReConstructed Fashions and I wanted to take some of Lyn’s Creations Bows with me and they sold like hotcakes on a Sunday morning!

Here is me before the event….my hair slightly defalted after a few hours but the headband still looked cute!

 An assortment of the flowers on the table and some she gave me as a thank you gift below
 Here is one of the gals modeling one after a kind gent bought one for her
Then I also have bought some from this fine dealer and used it with my fashions as well. Here is one of the gals, Chelsea B I send one of my cute caps to as she models how adorable they look on stocking caps!
Here are some of the flowers on my creations for SensaFashion (On the bright pink shoes)
Here is one of my favorite hot pink flowers with a pretty green purse. It just changes the whole thing
Go to Lyn’s Creations on Facebook and check out her Creations. She sells out of a lot of items but can make items similar or make SPECIALTY items for your event, school or wedding, just ask!
If you want to see more bows check out my Pinterest board all about BOWS HERE
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