Blast From The Past Throwback Thursday’s

Blast From The Past Thursday’s
The 80’s
Did you ever think that the past would repaper and the fashion of the 80’s would take you by storm.  Legwarmers, over sized tops worn with leggings, long skirts that are worn with belts. Boots with fringe, stiletto’s with all sorts of bright colors and sparkling glitter.  They are also wearing boots with legwarmers. 
With all the ways you can wear the styles from the 80’s they look fashionable and very chick not to mention comfortable.
I was born in the 80’s and I remember the movies that came out in the 80’s some of the clothing and the styles we look at and think what were they thinking and low and behold they have came back with a POW and have knocked fashion off the charts.  A few movies that have some great styles are: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, The Goonies.
So now that we have visited some of the  great things that have been blast form the past remember the next time you go to a clothing store and you pick up a article of clothing and think what would I this with think it will go with whatever you want it to .. that is the great thing about fashion it is always in.
All Images Courtesy of my Pinterest Board.

Carie Williams Sensafashion’s Fashioniva

Wear It Wednesday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is snowing and icy pretty hard and heavy here in Iowa. I was supposed to do a Gig for the Iowa Farmers today but the roads were pretty bad and growing up in California I don’t drive well on these roads., so I stayed in. Of course that changed what I was going to wear. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

Here is what I ended up with instead of what I planned (which for those who wonder was going to be a little hick and country style)

I have been trying to add a little bow tie here or there for my pal Danny who does Bow tie Wednesdays into my outfits. Since we are stuck inside today I thought I would throw on one of my bandanas and add a little bow-tie but my bow-tie wanted to fly away today instead. It isn’t QUITE Rock-A-Billy but kind of.  I threw on my Green Old Navy Cargo pants, my black casual sweater from Vanity and my bandana I got them cheap for $1 at Walmart (Yes I braved Walmart for bandanas) and what you can’t see is my fuzzy slippers.

Stay warm and there is never a reason to NOT look cute or be comfy. Even when I am dressy I try hard not to wear things that hurt my feet are uncomfortable. What’s the point? That’s not fashionable to be in pain to me. Enjoy your SNOW DAY if you are having one.

What are YOU wearing on Wear it Wednesday today?

XOXO~Trisha Trixie

Hattily Ever After

Hattily Ever After

 Ever wonder if hats are your thing?  Well just put one on and look in the mirror.  Do you look good, do you look bad.. Buy it, take it home and get into the outfit that you are going to wear for your outing. If you’re a lady put your makeup on if you aren’t already wearing it.  Put that hat on and check yourself out in the mirror. I know it’s going to sound absolutely silly, but totally do it; if anything you will laugh. Make sexy faces at yourself in the mirror. Think “I am the hottest thing since the next Top Model”.  Look at yourself and say “OOOOH! Yeah I made a great choice. I am so happy with this purchase.”

Now for all you men out there…. you all know that you love hats and have at least two if not more.  You probably have your favorite one that you always wear and it is so worn out you are saying “I can’t get rid of it I have had it through all the best times of my life and to part with it would be unheard of.” Men, you have hats are of all sorts; anywhere from ball caps to dress hats, to stocking caps.          


At first men would wear hats just to protect themselves from the sun.  Nowadays they wear them to stay warm or to look supper sexy in their duds.

It doesn’t matter your age, your culture or if you are female or male.  You are Sexy, Beautiful and Worthy!
“All Images Courtesy Of  My Pinterest Board”
Carie Williams Sensafashion’s Fashioniva

Mad Men Monday & The Vintage Vibe: Be Your Own Leading Lady

New for SensaFashion Mad Men Monday & The Vintage Vibe. I will post a little bit about Mad Men or my new book Mad Men Fashion File (My Favorite TV Show) and something Vintage on each glorious Monday. 

Many times in life we look up to people as Leading Ladies. Though I feel it is great to look up to others I love the fact that in Mad Men’s Fashion File Book it talks about being our own Leading Lady.

Rita Hayworth said

 “All women have a certain elegance about them which is destroyed when they take off their clothes.” 

Clothes make the women as much as they make the man. The right fit, the right style, the right colors even can make you feel like a model, a super star walking down the red carpet, or a movie star.

Here are a few steps to getting that leading lady look:

  • Hair Do
  • Do you hair, a stylish bandana, or ponytail with a ribbon or string can even make a difference
  • Accessorize
    • Throw on some earrings or a scarf or a chunky necklace
  • Under-where?
    • Think outside the box or under it, when you feel good under there I truly think you feel good everywhere
  • Become a Bag Lady
    • Have at least of a couple of different styles of bags to go with outfits
  • She’s Got Legs! And Knows how to Use Them!
    • Tights, Nylons, Stockings, Thigh Highs, get them wear them, show those gams!
  • Anything you can do I can do better
    • It’s ok to wear men’s things. Androgony is hot right now. It’s always hot. Wear his shirt. his suit, add a vest. Then pair it with a ruffle top or something. Mix match or all boyish you choose.
  • Shorts are year round wear. 
    • Really they are. Add tights, leg warms, boots. Tada!
  • You don’t have to be a giraffe or an amazon woman to be tall. 
    • Add a heel. A heel you can walk in and feel sexy in. If you trip every time you wear it, that’s not sexy. 
  • Most important. Be confident. 
  • Be educated. Read. Study. Learn. Knowledge is power.
  • Don’t be self-deprecating. Far too often I meet these A-Mazing beautiful women who says I’m not that great. or I’d be better if I lost weight. No you are great RIGHT NOW!!
  • Each day stand in front of the mirror. Think positive about you. The you that you are RIGHT NOW. Point out the parts you do like. Find something I don’t care. Look at your clothes as an expression of yourself. If they don’t fit, get rid of them. IF they kind of fit but you just need that something, get it. Bag, hair tie, jewelry get it. Waiting until you lose weight, then set a goal. for every pound, get that item. Whatever. 


    A leading lady walks into the room with style and grace
    A leading lady embodies the room the minute she walks in the room
    A leading lady has an air of confidence
    A leading lady is comfortable in her own skin
    A leading lady not only captures but demands attention
    A leading lady is someone worth listening to.
    A leading lady has appeal
    A leading lady is witty
    A leading lady is effortless

    Many of you know, but my favorite leading lady is none other than Audrey Hepburn. She loved Pink, Butterflies, flowers, and was fun and flirty. Yet many considered her a leading lady.

    Spectacular Sunday

    To start off our weekly Spectacular Sunday posts I have arranged a variety of very spectacular fashions for you. These are from all around the globe and truly are


    Well have no fears little diva, this is a good day for a good outfit. 
    Nothing about this bugs me much. I love the flair.


     Some styles can really leave you seeing red, these two did, but in a good way.
        Thanks for being a part of our Spectacular Sunday post. We look forward to you looking again each day as we have new and exciting specials coming from the rest of our SensaFashion Family.
    These photos were gathered using Google search. 
    All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board:
    Thanks for sharing our interests. This post was brought to you by:
    Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

    Saturday Morning Special: Let’s Talk About IFB, Let’s Talk About You and Me, Let’s Talk About All The Good Things That Will Be

    Let’s Talk About IFB, 
    Let’s Talk About You and Me, 
    Let’s Talk About All The Good Things That Will Be

    What is all the hype about the IFB Fashion Conference you say? Well, it is the place we we as fashion bloggers mark our spot as as IFB states “solidify our place” as a Fashion Blogger. We get to meet all these famous people, learn from them, from their mishaps and misfortunes as well as what worked and helped them succeed. We get to meet other Fashion Bloggers we have been tweeting with and Facebooking with and put faces and names together.  I love how IFB says it is like Day Camp.

    This will be my first year. For one I just found out about IFB. I didn’t even know they existed until this year. I happened upon someone else’s blog and sadly I don’t know who. I was searching online for some fashion seamstresses in my area and saw it on someone’s blog who DOESN’T live here and was like What is that? and after further investigation fell in love at first viewing! I signed up right away and started diving and delving in. As soon as I saw the IFBCON was but a few mere weeks away I started figuring out means and ways to get there.

    At the tail end of last year I made the leap to get back into modeling full time. A few years a go I had SensaFashion as a business and had GRAND PLANS for this Blogging and Designing business and even met with a StartUpCityDSM a company here in Des Moines but plans fail to execute in my favor so I put it on the back burner and moved into a different direction. They helped me realize I wasn’t ready and though I felt like I left with my tail between my legs they did me a grand favor.

    At the beginning of this year I reawakened SensaFashion and my Fashion Blogging, as well as my Design business and other services I offer. Things are moving forward well and fast and furious already and it isn’t even the end of January.

    I tell you all this because it goes into why I feel it is important for me to go to NY now at this time and this moment in my career. With these new changes and how well things are doing for SensaFashion I did some demographic research. At the beginning of the month/year I was only reaching 32 people a day and now before the end of the month I am reaching over 600 people a day. That is without connections, without ads, without help. Where is the bump coming from? Independent Fashion Bloggers. I am nearly sure of it. 

    Yes, I do believe  my constant marketing and knowledge being a Social Media Strategiest has played a huge part, but I truly feel IFB has made a difference in my life and to wait and miss this opportunity I think would be a HUGE disservice to me and my company and my brand.

    In the past few weeks changes have already begun taking place. I took a leap to say no to someone who was sucking the life out me and focus on my business and doors flung themselves open to me. I shared my design to a Bakery who is opening their doors to the public and they loved my Vintage Apron and Shirt Dress Design from my new line and placed the first order. A site that is widely known here asked me to write a few pieces about the before, during and after of IFBCON as well be their regular Fashion Blogger (of which I am completely thrilled btw). I now have one Executive Assistant and two interns who also write on the blog with me and things are going swimmingly well. Life is moving along better than I could have EVER imaged and I have a pretty good imagination!!
     (I think Disney-esque my friends say)

    I can’t wait to go to IFBCON. I can’t wait to learn and grow and take my business to the next level. I know, I just know deep in my heart and gut that going to IFB will help me to do that and get there.  I am a leaper. I take chances. I know and realize not everyone feels this way. But I will say to you and encourage ALL of you who can, get your tickets to IFBCON.

    I think it will change your life.

    It already has changed mine.

    XOXO~Fashionista TrishaTrixie

    Survey Saturday-Shape

    For every last Saturday from of the month we are going to have a few Survey Saturdays to get a feel for what you need, have and what we can do for you.

    For this Month’s Starting Survey Saturday we want to start out by figuring out what Shape we all are. I know for some that is a touchy subject but don’t let it be. Shapes are just shapes. They can change. And knowing your shape can help you get the best clothes that will fit you and make you look the most flattering.

    Please take the time to fill out this Survey and help us to know your shape!!

    Shape Survey

    Fashion Friday~Faux Fur Frenzy

    With colder temperatures we’d like to warm things up a bit by looking over some of the
    choices available in the department of Faux Fur. Here is some of what we discovered:

    We tip our hats to these…


                We’re sticking our neck out to these inviting scarves:

    These coats are a wrap for stylish warmth…
    And now it’s time to give things the “boot”. 

    When the temperatures make you say burrr, think of furrr.

    All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board:

    Corrina Hunter~Sensafashion’s Fashion Eye

    Wear it Wednesday 1-23-2013

    I hate those three day weekends. It always messes me up. I didn’t remember it was Wear it Wednesday until the wee hours of this morning.

    So here is what I put together for MY Wear It Wednesday. What about you?

    Some girly GIR Bowties for Bowtie Wednesday for my pal Danny Beyer Wear it Wednesday  

    Go check out Danny’s FB page

    Rockin Corky boots, GIR bowties, gray leggings, white socks otk, grey skirt, casting crowns top, vs pink undertop.comfy cute day two! 

    What are YOU waring for Wear it Wednesday?

    MY friend Danny Beyer has inspired me the last couple of Wednesday to try to incorporate a Bowtie into my Wednesdays for Bowtie Wednesdays. Do you have a weekly wear it tradition even if it is not on Wednesdays? do tell?  

    How to look Comfy & Cute

    I was asked this week How to Look Comfy and Cute by Jenna Kramer? Well, I added to that a bit and am also adding in Work Appropriate (if it is Friday) If not wear a skirt, leggings, or slacks with this not jeans.
    I am a Camisole kinda gal. If needed on a think shirt I will wear a bra, but I like these like Victoria Secret has that have a shelf bra in them. The fact that they are Polka Dots help me feel cute even underneath. The other wonderful thing is with how cold it is today, this helps keep me warm.
    Pink Polka Cami
    I even wear Polka Dotted panties (ok they are hearts but close enough) to continue the Cute trend underneath
    Polka Heart Panties
    I love this sweet necklace a newer pal got me for a gift.
    I couldn’t decide which earrings
    But these ones won out because they matched the necklace the best
    Then I layer up sock, one long to tuck in pants and one extra for foot warmth
    Don my Cutest boots I got in Valley Junction (I get quite noticed in these bad boys)
    My favorite torn jeans, shirt left out and sweater add to the comfy, cute and paired with something other than jeans Work Appropriate as well
    Collar shirt, Fuzzy sweater from Wet Seal, jewels, hair and makeup
    Then of course rocking it with my Gwen Stefani style coat and my Glam Glasses!
     See! It is all attainable. You just have to learn or know how to style it. And THAT is why people pay me to raid their closet , style for them or shop for them. If you need help with any of those, MY services are for hire and available. Until then, keep following my blogs and eventually you will get your own Sense of Style and Fashion!
    Xoxo~Trisha Trixie

    Fashion Friday-Men

    It’s that time again! Fashion Friday. I know this site is very new and not a lot of posts to choose from but as I keep writing for Fashion Friday I know it will grow to more and more as I go along, so please be patient with me. If you would like to see more from this Fashionista please check out my website.

    In keeping with my theme this week from my other blog I am going to discuss…MEN. I love the Fashion of Men. Mostly, Men in Suits. I love my men in Suits. Yes I do. Men in a tie, Men in a suit and tie, Men in a sweater suit and tie oh melt me down to nothing and pick me up with a towel cuz I turn into drool…

    Here are my Fashion Men in Suits, Sweaters, Suits and sweaters and everything connected that I simple love….

    All photos are courtesy of my Pinterest Board Men Oh Man, Oh My!

    This post is for IFB


      Xoxo~Trisha Trixie


    Fashion Friday: Signature Style

    Sorry this is getting out late. I haven’t quite worked out the kinks on who is writing what yet here.LOL

    Today’s topic is Signature Style:

    Do you have a Signature Style? Is there something about you that people would say is a style about you? For me it is Vintage. I have people tell me all the time “There is just that Retro Vintage vibe about you” which is funny because then they always guess me 10 years younger than I really am. Ironic eh?!

    Also people know me for my bracelets, the fact that I love Pink, Love to have luscious lips, outlandish accessories (i call them props), and I most often wear pink if I can.

    I  love life and I enjoy it. I think it comes out in my clothes. I think it comes out in my style. Even in High School I didn’t dress the norm. When everyone else was wearing jeans, I was wearing khakis. When they started wearing Khakis I started liking dresses and skirts. In my Senior year I took a thing called ROP, REgional Occupation Program. From tenth grade on I was in Cosmetology so I changed after school. But then in my Senior Year I decided to dump all those years of rolls and wraps and perms and switch to the business side of life and learn Banking. I had to go to the Bank of America right after lunch hour so I ended up wearing very formal business attire in my Senior year.

    The oddity of that is in my Senior year I would say I because more “KNOWN”. Not popular but known. I was involved in many activities, took art, more music courses, Bells, Choir, Drama, Photography and then Banking. This involvement got me seen more. I got ot know more people yes, but the one thing people always told me and complimented me on even in jest was my Fearless Sense of Style. I wore what felt good, what I liked, but that also made me different and stand out even if ever so slightly.

    Fashion is more than trends, ethnicity, runway shows and Vogue magazine.

    Fashion is you, learning and creating your own Sense of Fashion or Style. Some maybe do not know what that is and lucky for you, I can help. For those who already have it, own it and love it, you know what I mean.

    So I leave you with this Fashion Friday Question:

    What is your Signature Style? If you don’t have one, whose do you admire?

    Happy Fashion Friday,


    Leaving you with my Signature Smile

    High Heel Silver and Away

    Khenri shoes I am walking in a Fashion Show in two days

    One of my followers this week asked if we would write about how one is supposed to walk in VERY high heels. As a Model I remember the days having the nearly break my neck in those things. Along the way I learned a few tips that I will share with you:

    • Take it Easy
    • Don’t try and do the 100 meter dash. Heels are meant to be enjoyed and savored. Take your time in them. Go slow. Easy does it.
  • Practice walking in them before you wear them out for the first time.
    •  I like to bend back the heel a bit near the back of my foot so it doesn’t scrape and give me blisters. Then I strut around in the house on them as long as I can stand it.
  • Find your Shoe
    • If this is your FIRST time on heels- Don’t go 6 inch stilettos. 
    • Get some small kitten pumps and start working your way to higher heels
    • Perhaps you will find you have no desire to walk in pointy heels, you just want to walk in Kitten pumps. Find the shoe heel you like and work it. If you WANT to learn to like pointy heels then it takes practice
  • Cushion
    • Buy some cushioned insoles if your shoes don’t have them. On some shoes this makes them a bit tighter so when buying, think about whether or not you will be buying insoles for them. You feet will thank you.
  • Posture is key
    • Keep your posture straight and balance
    • Keep your legs straight and in front of you
  • Heel weight
    • Put the weight on the back part of your heel and step a pit harder. If you don’t you may walk right out of your shoes.
  • Stride
    • Don’t take bigger steps than you can manage. Find your stride and about how far you can walk in them and feel sturdy and stable
  • Work it!
    • Stop laughing. I mean it. If you are wearing heels, you are wanting to feel confident. Wallflowers don’t “generally” wear heels. Walk tall and proud and own the road, room or floor. Just don’t fall on the floor
  • Iif you do fall, fall with grace and precision and like you mean it
    • When I first learn to roller blade my friend Carrie taught me how to fall first. I thought she was kidding but sometimes learning how you will act when you trip or fall is as much Grace as walking in the heels themselves.
  • Be cautious
    • Hold onto railing, etc if needed. It is more glamorous to hold a railing then it is to fall on your face

    • Here is me practicing in my new Khenri shoes I will be wearing for the Fashion Show this Saturday
      Shoe Practice 

      Pose n Practice (TrishaTrixie silliness exudes)

    •  I leave you with this super cute video on how to walk in high heels. They have a few other thing sI didn’t say so definately watch the video if you can. Her accent and the things they do in the video are amusing
    • Wear It Wednesdey

      I am going to start a new series call it Wear It Wednesday.

      I want to hear from YOU on this day. EACH Wednesday I want to hear from you about these things:

      • What are you wearing? 
      • What clothes, what shoes, what jewels, what accessories?
      • Where did you get them? A fancy store? Walmart? Target? Icing?

      • Share weather it is a Special Day or what you normally wear every day?
      • Share anything else about the outfit you choose to share with us?
      • OR share with us a SPECIAL outfit you remember wearing!

      Share with PHOTOS on our SensaFashion Facebook Page EACH Wednesday! Remember to Tag yourself and then share with friends as well!

      Click here to go to our Facebook Page and START SHARING what are you wearing for Wear It Wednesday?

      Fashion Friday Quiz: What does Fashion Mean to you?

      Everyone has a different style. Some people like trends. Some people like to wear cowboy themed items no matter what. Some like me like that Vintage inspired look and feel. Someone people you wonder if they know what “Fashion” even is. Some youw onder if they even know what “clothes” are…you know like those people at Walmart. LOL

      So I take a brief interlude to ask you on this Friday for Fashion Friday…

      What does Fashion mean to you?

      Take this short quiz for fun to share what Fashion means to you.

      Answers will be followed up in one of next weeks posts with commentary from our three Authors what Fashion means to them as well!!

      My Favorite Winter Looks-TrishaTrixie

      Winter is by far NOT my favorite time of year but since I do have to wear clothes I try to be as fashionable as possible. You know me, always the Fashionista.

      I have a cute black and white coat that everyone say reminds them of Gwen Stefani and well now with my White Blonde hair I am sure even more so.

      You can kind of see the coat here. I am wearing one of my MANY MANY scarfs. I have them up on a thumbtack in my bathroom, my summer ones put away and my warm fuzzy ones by the door. I like accessories.

      The other fun Fashion I have always loved in Winter is Boots! I happened upon these A-mazing boots when I was walking through Valley Junction before New Years Eve looking for a Vintage outfit. I bought them at a cute store called “Fun on 5th” (sounds so like a store I would shop at huh?). I have always wanted a pair of wellies and these are just like that but called Corkys. They are snug fit well and let me tell you, get QUITE the attention!!

      My other favorites are sweaters, leggings, and yes leg warmers. I love gloves and as I said already scarves. I think for winter you have to find a Coat or boots or hat or something that really stands out and makes a fashion statement. It is not like summer

      Here is my new retro hat and my other set of shades. I wore this to a casting call I went to a few days ago. (I didn’t get the gig but I looked cute anyway right?)

      So those are my Favorite Winter Looks. Corrina and CArie will be sharing theirs soon. What are your favorite Winter Looks?

      Rock-A-Billy Hair

      I love doing my hair in a Rockabilly style. I separate the front center part then twist and push it up in the center. I pin it criss-cross with two bobby pins and then pull the rest of my hair back and tie it off or clip it. Then I get out one of my MANY bandanas and pull it up and around and then tie it off. I add one bobby pin on each side to keep it from sliding then spritz it all with a dab of spray.
      Great for summers or when I haven’t had a chance to wash up my locks or when I am just feeling lazy but want to look cute!
      Here are some of my Rock-a-Billy Hair styles

      And here was my hair today!

      and the one of of me in the car with my girly glam glasses

      As I am sure my sister Corrina would comment, hair doesn’t have to be hard to be fabulous!  Right sis?


      Beauty Train Cases

      My new Train case from Sephora arrived today and I am so super excited! I have wanted one this large for over three years and finally got one for a Christmas present!

      Now the joy and wonder is going to be transferring everything from my mini case to this one, as well as the stuff in my plastic portable and I need to think about how to best use this now that I am going to take this with me on shoots and such now that I am back into modeling full time.

      Currently my bathroom looks like Sephora threw up in it. So this will be a good clean up effort. Here is how chaotic things look now.

      Chaotic bathroom makeup mess

       So now the adventure begins! Clean things off, up and what makes the cut to go into my Train case and what about my little mini train case? Can that still be utilized and what will go in it? Let’s cha cha shall we….

      In on corner I put all my lip items and lipsticks

       Lip items I use are

      • Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector Transparent
      • Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector 8c
      • Kat Von D HellBent
      • Kat Von D BackStage Bambi
      • Lancome Visionary
      • Clinique Bamboo Pink (tube almost empty) Using Lip Brush now
      • Clinique Glow Bronze (also almost empty)
      • Hot Topic BlackHeart
      • DuWop Lip Venom gloss (Careful it kinda burns as it plumps)

      Underneath the Lip items I have :

      • Benefit Erase Paste (helps concel puffy eyes)
      • Origins GinZing (also for Puffy Eyes)
      • Origins Plantscription Anti Aging serum
      • Anew (from Avon) Treatment Cream
      • Smashbox Photo Finish (this is great before photoshoots)
      • That little vial is a sample I got from Sephora of a Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel

      This side is a small side of little tools I use and might need

      • A couple of hair clips
      • A couple of bobby pins
      • A pencil sharpener
      • A couple of sponge applicators

      Next to the lip items are my brushes. The long one is my eye brow brush. The other are a variety of eye applicator and contour brushes

      Next is a section for eyeliners

      • A variety of Kat Von D Eye liners with different edges for different types of lines for my cat eyes effect
      • Grey Avon Glimmer sticks
      • Urban Decay Black 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Thin Line Liner
      • Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
      • Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner with smudger at the end
      • CoverGirl Liquline Blast in Brown with Smudger at the end
      • Bare Escentuals Buxom Inside Eyeline Black
      • Maybelline Unstoppable in Grey
      • Elf in Plum
      • Rimmel Turquise Kohl
      • Urband Decay 24/7 Glide On Flipside
      • Smashbox Smudepot Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner Midnight Black ( This one you use a brush for. Great for shoots)

      In the center is some smaller items that go a LONG way:

      Too Faced:

      • Shadow Insurance (Make shadow last forever on your eyes)
      • Primed Porcelain (Skin Smoothing) (Kind of like Photo Finish)
      • Beauty Balm (Multi Benefit Skin Care Makeup)

      In the next corner are the eye parts and mascaras:

      • For my Brows:  Sephora Eyebrow Kit Nutmug Brown N02 (come with a little brush, tweezers, applicator brush)
      • Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension Sytstem Mascara and Nylon Fibers
      • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

      Underneath the mascaras are:

      •  Smashbox Bronzer Bronze Lights Suntan Matte ( I like to use this when doing SteamPunk)
      • Benefit Whats Up (highlighter for cheeks and eyes)
      • Makeup Forever Aqua Seal (adds liquid and life to dried out makeup and also a great lacquer for eyes to make makeup pop and last longer for the nights or shoots)

      Now for the eyes:

      These are the “main” ones I use but I will share with you later my “kits” I also use:

      • Loreal Hip: Shocked 310 Yellow and Green
      • Loreal Hip Saucey 818 Bronze and Brown (use for SteamPunk)
      • Loreal Hip Sassy 208 Blue and Grey
      • Mac Steamy Frost Turquoise Deep Blue
      • Mac Juxt Satin Sea Green
      • Femme Couture Purely Platinum White ( I wear this a lot for my Vintage shoots)


      • Sephora Pantone Universe Desert Flower
      • Cover Girl 510 Iced Plum
      • Benefit Throb
      • Benefit Georgia


      • Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (I do this once a week)
      • Benefit Some Kinda gorgeous Medium (This like a quick face color when I don’t have time)
      • Loreal True Match Light Ivory
      • Dr Feel Good (OMG! Best thing I ever bought! Put this over your makeup to Set it! Great for shoots or going out. No need to reapply!)

      My Favorite part! I am addicted to lip things. I think I collect glosses and lipsticks! LOL

      • Stila Mango Crush
      • Stila Pomagranite Crush
      • Stila Candy Lip Glaze 24
      • Stila Cranberry Lip Glaze 41
      • Stila Starfruit Lip Glaze 30
      • Stila Marmalade Lip Glaze 23
      • Buoxm Vienna Crayon
      • Buxom Presto Crayon
      • Buoxm Marajexich Crayon
      • Buxom Bombay Crayon
      • Buxom Amber Gloss
      • Buxom Denise Gloss
      • Buxom (Coral) Gloss (can’t read the name)
      • Buxom (deep Red) Gloss (Can’t read the name)
      • Sephora Golden Embrace Gloss (Tangerine)

      Misc tools:

      • Benefit Bathina (makes legs silky smooth)
      • False lashes
      • Qtips (for fixups)

        These are the other things I use that are generally on my counter:

        • Sephora Airbrush Foundation (You spray it onto a brush and swirl it around your face. Makes you face look flawless)
        • Some samples of SmashBox Green Finish when it is cold outside and I get those rosy cheeks
        • Too Faced Natural Face, Too Faced Natural Eye
        • Too Faced Summer Eye (this one has the bold colors)

        Then what made it to my mini case are :

        • Kat Von D Saint Perfume
        • Avon Nude Nu Lip and cheek stain
        • Extra pencil sharpener
        • Mini Some kinda Gorgeous
        • The shadow piece that broke of my Avon kit and lip set
        • True Match Powder
        • Sephora Mini Makeup Wipes
        • TokiDoki mini Bastardino Color Palette Cream, Brown, Peach and Green
        • Mineral Sheers-Silky Sable Brush built in
        • Benefit Her name was Glowla Her Glam Makeup Kit (has peach blush, 5 shadows, Mood beam, high beam left in it)
        • Sephora by Dak mini nail files
        • A mini emergency kit I put together of mini Too Face Leopard Bronzer with Brush, tweezers, Sponges, Lip brush and makeup brushes

        Pink Mini

        Hi Ho Silver

        Well, there you have it. What is in my train case and the main staples of my Beauty regime. I will go int further detail for each of these items in the coming weeks and be doing some videos as we go along highlighting some of these items alone and together. If you want to know more about a specific items or how to, please let me know so I can focus on what my public wants 🙂

        The only thing left on these two train case I think they need is some decorating bling! 🙂

        For more info on Train Cases, Come check out my NEW Pinterest Board Train Cases

        Featured Post: Miss Trisha’s 40s styled Khenris

        Thank you to Keelia Paulsen from KHENRI for showcasing me on her fabulous blog for two pairs of shoes she designed for me.


        An excerpt from the Article

        “Fabulous Friday we will start with a really cool 40s styled heel I did for my client Miss Trisha for a very special NYE evening at Americana, a local restaurant who threw a 40s party.”

        If you would like to read the article please click the link below


        Keelia does A-mazing things with shoes for something she calls “Re-style”. I LOVE IT!

        Here is just ONE of the Amzing ones she did. (Also this is my Amazing Model pal Mandy Mohr!)

        I hope to have Miss Keelia on her for a special GUEST post. Until then. please go to her FAB blog and follow her on any social media you can!! You WON’T be sorry!

        New Year, More Posting

        For the new year I will be doing a bit of revamping around here. I don’t do resolutions but if there were ten things I want to do in the coming months this is my list…

        One: More Posting! Posts of more posts and more posts on top of that.

        Two: Hopefully More Posters (people to help me post)

        Three: Regular posting. I know you thin, wait isn’t that the same as one? No not necessarily. I hope to post more but I do hope to post on a more regular basis. I want you all to feel like, hey its this day, isn’t there going to be a post from out beloved Fashionista today? I mean I wouldn’t want you to go through withdrawls or anything. 🙂

        Four: More Styling posts. People ask me all the time…where did you get that? Hwo did you decide to put that together? and so on. So I hope to give you more Stylista posts so you will be able to hopefully gain some knowledge from me

        Five: Shopping tips. Kind of like above but more focused on where to get the goods. Those who follow me on Facebook already know I love Sephora but I can’t buy clothes there (sadly). So where do I get all these fine wares and Vintage outfits? I will tell you. I will also tell you where to get them to mix and match and a variety of low and high budget items for hopefully everyone’s wallet.

        Six: Links. Links to fab places and blogs and other pinup and vintage sites etc. I mean I can’t hoard all the tips and tricks to myself right? (Well, I could but I like to share)

        Seven: Makeup tips. How to do certain makeup things like how to do CAts eyes and how to keep your lipstick on through dinner and so on. Also Sephora as well as Avon and other makeup trends and finds.

        Eight: Hair Raising! The how to of hair things. I do a lot of Victory Rolls and pin ups style I am sure you all would like to know more about. I may start doing a video series but until then I will take lots of pictures and write explicit details.

        Nine: Consider a site change. I know you already went through that last year. But as much as I love this corresponds to SensaFashion, I  am still nto quite sure I like the feel of it. No worries just looking around and maybe adding some widgets and additions.

        Ten: Questions. I want to hear from you. What do you want to know about? What have YOU wanted to ask me or one of my other Blogmates?

        So there is just a few thoughts on the matter. Keep in touch and keep watch for more. Oh and Happy New Year!!