Wednesday What not: The vintage mother

So with the wold of Mad Men blowing across our nation, what man doesn’t want his own Betty?

I’d love to be able to stay home and participate in the activities of the 1950s, but what did a stay at home mother really do?

Top Ten in the life of a 1950s mother

10. Taking care of the home.

9. Grocery Shopping

8. Crafting

7. Sewing

6. Baking

5. Socializing with friends

4. Volunteering through social clubs

3.  Taking care of children

2 Making sure the house stayed together.

1.  Staying beautiful for her husband!

What do you do that reminds you of the vintage mother?  Funny thing at my house we have a dishwasher, however I’d rather wash the dishes by hand.  Something about it just calms my nerves.

Also, I love to put on a little apron and imagine myself back in time.  Didn’t things seem so much simpler?

Perhaps, your mother deserves to feel like a goddess in her home while crafting, baking, sewing or whatever her heart desires.  Don’t forget that trishatrixie designs has a huge selection of aprons and apron accessories.

Red White and Blue How Cute R U

Red White and Blue How CuteFun and Floral

Fun and Floral
Green and Gorgeous Half Apron

Green and Gorgeous


Half Apron

CAM00246 20130424_114256

Mad Men Monday: Where Were You When it Happened?

Last nights Mad Men was focused heavily on Martin Luther King and when he got shot, revolving around how people handled it and so forth. History, in the age of no Internet, mind you, finding out about these things was not a blip on a screen.

Phone calls were made, TV’s tried to blast it out, some didn’t hear about horrible events such as this until they went out, someone told them or they got a phone call through a phone tree.

The proverbial question of “Where were you when it happened?” has carried through time because of this.

Even in the age of the internet now I remember being asked this very question when the 911 bombings happened and when other tragic events have even unfolded like Boston.

How did people function in those days? How did they take the news? Some like Don Draper drink but he always drinks. Betty is try to go on and be a mother and wide to her husband who is in politics and has to deal with these things first hand. Megan, I feel, is like me. I can sit in front of the TV for only SO long and then I feel the desiring need to go out, do something, even if it is a vigil, it is better than sitting around moping about it.

Then there are people like Dawn who is right in the heart of it. She lives in an area where things are unsafe and there were riots in the streets and yet finds a way to come into work and do what needed to be done.

The days of tragedy now are filled with blasts through Twitter and Facebook and all it seems to take it one person to post something about a tragedy for it to spread. I think the panic nowadays is worse than how it used to be and I know this will shock you all, but I do blame Social Media.

I feel we have became callused to these types of tragedies and how they should affect us. These things are happening on OUR land, on OUR soil, to people like Pete said to harry, “He had a wife and four kids!” They are real people and not just some blast on the internet.

We need to take time to do more and allow it to sink into our bones that these tragedies are REAL and they affect REAL people with REAL lives and REAL families!

Sharing a post is great. Let the world know that you know and to share it along.

But please somewhere in your heart, allow yourself to feel like we used to in the past. Cry for people we didn’t know because we are HUMAN and we realize how close to home this could have been.

My mother has said one thing for years, for a variety of reasons, and when tragedy strikes it ALWAYS come to my mind…

“There by the Grace of God go I”

I don’t know if you who follow me or Christians or believe in God. I don’t know if you believe in Fairy Tales. That is NOT the point.

The point is that it could have just as easily been us. It could have been the Drake Relays not Boston. IT could have been LA not New York. It could have been a missile in your backyard. IT could have been you, your family, people you knew and loved and cared about.

What last nights episode brought out of me was remembrance of PEOPLE of the past and how in those days we would have dealt with crisis and tragedies.

So I ask on this day and in your future to remember that you are real, human and to think about it.

I don’t ask, “Where were you when it happened?”

I ask, “How are you since it happened?”

XoXo, Trisha Trixie

Mad Men Monday: The Draper Men

I love Mad Men as I think most of you are figuring out by now.

Here is a link to the Recap of last night (but if you haven’t watched it this is a spoiler)

Mad Men Season Premiere 6

Every time I look at Don Draper, I think of my father

My Father

More pictures of Art in My Tribute to my Fathers on Facebook. Click picture and see

But what is it about these men that women are drawn to?

It is their Poise and Power. Even if they don’t have power in their jobs like Don does, they have power in their voice and stature like my father.

I never remember my father wearing an apron or grilling but that doesn’t mean he didn’t.

I looked all over to find Don Draper in an apron but couldn’t.

I did however find pictures of them enjoying spring at parks and having picnics. This makes me reminiscent about days with my father Art before he passed away (I was 10) of us going to Ledges Park in Boone, Iowa and having moments like this

Ok,  so my life wasn’t as blissful as this because this is of course TV, but we did go to the park and let the cars drive by and scream for them to go fast so the water would splash up on the tires.  I remember playing horseshoes and those funny lawn darts they now have banned, I heard. It was a simpler time than now and I loved it. MY dad in his sternness would actually crack a smile and maybe a guffaw laugh every now and then.

The men like Don and my father Art were hard and stern but they taught us “The world isn’t always sunshine and roses” (my father) and things like “”You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself.” (Dona Draper)

For more Don Draper Quotes CLICK HERE

I love these men and wish more men were like them, honestly. They don’t sugar coat things. They love you because you are. They are hard on you because the world will be hard on you. They taught you hard lessons through hard love and you came out loving them for it. Ok, at least I did.

Do you love Mad Men? Do you love The Draper Men? I would love to hear your comments here (click the heart icon) or on Facebook @TrishaTrixieDesigns

Until next time,


Mad Men Monday: Who Are You?

I thought for today we would start the new blog with a little more style in what I have wanted Mad Men Monday to be about. About Mad Men. So I am going to start us off with a little quiz.


What Mad Men Character are you? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

I took the Mad Men Quiz and got Trudy Campbell

I am Trudy CampbellI am Trudy Campbell

You are Trudy Campbell–devoted wife to Pete. Like, Trudy, you are supportive and caring, even when your actions aren’t always appreciated.

I think that is funny because at present I am NOT married but all the rest is true.

Take the quiz and come back here or on our Facebook page and tell us what Mad Men Character are you?

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or Facebook Page Trisha Trixie Designs

Knowing who you are, who you resemble and what character you are committing to will help you to hone in on the traits and characteristics you desire to emulate. I was thinking I was either a Betty or a Joan but Trudy never came to mind. As soon as I saw the results, I thought “Hmm, yeah that could be me” LOL

I do however think I am more of a Betty. She was a model (like me) yet still had the stay at home life. Betty is very much a Grace Kelly kind of gal. Not sure just yet which one of those I would want to own up to. I think I need to research Trudy CAmpbell a bit more. Maybe the test is right, maybe I am more Trudy than Betty.

Betty: Pale Blues, Winter whites, camels, grays. Blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy lips and fair complexion.

Joan: Jewel tones, forest green, coral, purple, teal, and of course-Red. Alabaster skin and striking red lips.

Peggy: Mustard (though the character hates it) is her signature style. Lackluster tones of greens and yellows convey her modesty.

Trudy: A young city version of Betty (hmm maybe I am more of a Trudy). Cool Sixties prints, paisley and geometric, shades fo blue from teal to azure. She wears those colors to compliment her husbands suits. (Funny My man and I try to dress to compliment each other when we go out)

So the more I delve into each woman and character and share bits about Mad Men (I can’t wait until next season comes out) it will be interesting to see how things turn out for the cast as well as for myself in learning about this lifestyle.

I generally feel I am more of a 1930s, 40s, and 50’s kind of gal, but I do, (OH HOW I DO) love Mad Men. Maybe I could be a Mad Men gal after all. 🙂

cropped-ttd-w-tt-image.pngUntil next time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

PS. Stay tuned tomorrow for  Try it Tuesday with a new twist with our new site!

Fashion Friday~Fashion Wrap

fashionfriday1It’s crazy isn’t it? Here we are, another Friday Fashion Wrap already. The weeks fly by so quickly now. Can you imagine what it will be like once we actually have real Spring weather? We will be even busier than we are now. Well, until then, we have a moment to look over the previous week in fashion on SensaFashion Fun.

Saturday Morning Special: Fun with Funky Finds

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Try It Tuesday~Tie, Scarf, Tie (Follow Up)

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Fashion Friday~Fashion Wrap 2/8/2013

We will be doing a weekly “Fashion Wrap”
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Mad Men Monday & The Vintage Vibe: Be Your Own Leading Lady

New for SensaFashion Mad Men Monday & The Vintage Vibe. I will post a little bit about Mad Men or my new book Mad Men Fashion File (My Favorite TV Show) and something Vintage on each glorious Monday. 

Many times in life we look up to people as Leading Ladies. Though I feel it is great to look up to others I love the fact that in Mad Men’s Fashion File Book it talks about being our own Leading Lady.

Rita Hayworth said

 “All women have a certain elegance about them which is destroyed when they take off their clothes.” 

Clothes make the women as much as they make the man. The right fit, the right style, the right colors even can make you feel like a model, a super star walking down the red carpet, or a movie star.

Here are a few steps to getting that leading lady look:

  • Hair Do
  • Do you hair, a stylish bandana, or ponytail with a ribbon or string can even make a difference
  • Accessorize
    • Throw on some earrings or a scarf or a chunky necklace
  • Under-where?
    • Think outside the box or under it, when you feel good under there I truly think you feel good everywhere
  • Become a Bag Lady
    • Have at least of a couple of different styles of bags to go with outfits
  • She’s Got Legs! And Knows how to Use Them!
    • Tights, Nylons, Stockings, Thigh Highs, get them wear them, show those gams!
  • Anything you can do I can do better
    • It’s ok to wear men’s things. Androgony is hot right now. It’s always hot. Wear his shirt. his suit, add a vest. Then pair it with a ruffle top or something. Mix match or all boyish you choose.
  • Shorts are year round wear. 
    • Really they are. Add tights, leg warms, boots. Tada!
  • You don’t have to be a giraffe or an amazon woman to be tall. 
    • Add a heel. A heel you can walk in and feel sexy in. If you trip every time you wear it, that’s not sexy. 
  • Most important. Be confident. 
  • Be educated. Read. Study. Learn. Knowledge is power.
  • Don’t be self-deprecating. Far too often I meet these A-Mazing beautiful women who says I’m not that great. or I’d be better if I lost weight. No you are great RIGHT NOW!!
  • Each day stand in front of the mirror. Think positive about you. The you that you are RIGHT NOW. Point out the parts you do like. Find something I don’t care. Look at your clothes as an expression of yourself. If they don’t fit, get rid of them. IF they kind of fit but you just need that something, get it. Bag, hair tie, jewelry get it. Waiting until you lose weight, then set a goal. for every pound, get that item. Whatever. 


    A leading lady walks into the room with style and grace
    A leading lady embodies the room the minute she walks in the room
    A leading lady has an air of confidence
    A leading lady is comfortable in her own skin
    A leading lady not only captures but demands attention
    A leading lady is someone worth listening to.
    A leading lady has appeal
    A leading lady is witty
    A leading lady is effortless

    Many of you know, but my favorite leading lady is none other than Audrey Hepburn. She loved Pink, Butterflies, flowers, and was fun and flirty. Yet many considered her a leading lady.