Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill, Crusader for Humanity

Battling cancer twice changed her life. From Portfolio Entrepreneur for 20 + years, with hustle or two on the side , she decided to leave it all behind to pursue a life of love.
Her mission and purpose in life is to Leave a Legacy of Love. She currently is doing that by helping others to Create a Life You Can Fall in Love With and sharing positive and uplifting posts on Facebook & Instagram through her My Legacy of Love Project. The biggest news in all this is that she does all this for FREE. She wants to help the world. During the Covid Crisis Trixie and a small group of friends she met on NextDoor sewed over 2500 masks free to the public, donations only accepted. She is still making masks and other great ideas you will see here on the site. Stay tuned because with Trixie, you never know what’s in store!

She wants to Be a Starfish Saver. Make a difference. Create a ripple of Positivity, Be a Good Human and Leave a Legacy of Love.

She “Sprinkles Fabulousness,” by leaving a legacy of love wherever she goes.

The idea is not to live forever but to leave a legacy of love that will.

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