Fabulous Values

Values Cards

I wanted to take something ordinary and make it Extraordinary! Isn’t it funny though how that word is just Extra Ordinary put together? Anyway, I wanted to make it better than that! I was reading in the Right Brain Business Plan about creating Values Cards and I remember I had these tiny little cards that I never play with or do anything with. I got the ideas for the Values from the book Working for Good. Between the two I think I came up with a really unique idea and something creative as well!

So I thought maybe I could cover them and make my values cards out of them. Then I thought if I punched a hole in them and got some key rings to put it on that might make it even cuter and more special! So that is just what I did! I mod podged the covers onto the cards. I cut out the sayings and was trying to glue them down and a friend was texting me and teasing me about mod podge. I wasn’t going to use mod podge but it wasn’t working gluing the strips down so in the end I used mod podge after all.  Mod Podge does rock! 🙂


These are a list of the values I believe in and cherish for Trisha Trixie. I came to these by going through the “Right Brain Business Plan” and also the book “Working for Good”. I decided to do 30 for 30 because there usually 30 days in a month. I added a 31st which is my final reminder to remember to keep leaping. I think when we stop leaping and we get afraid. I put these on a key ring and carry them with me so I remember to always look at them and least one every single day!

  1. Respect Others
  2. Treat everyone Fairly
  3. Treat everyone as people
  4. Build Trust
  5. Build Relationships
  6. Outshine Competitors
  7. Outperform competitors
  8. Cultivate a Happy Environment
  9. Respond skillfully to difficult & challenging people
  10. Be open to opportunity
  11. Make a significant difference
  12. Have a deeper loyalty with others
  13. Have passion & purpose
  14. Success is more than a financial return on an investment
  15. Promote well being in others
  16. To have importance & meaning in everything we do
  17. Regard every person highly
  18. To ensure we benefit the people as a whole
  19. Commitment to our purpose
  20. Have strength and originality in who we are
  21. Be overly generous
  22. Be considerate to everyone
  23. Be kind one to another
  24. Always remain classy in all our endeavors
  25. Raise confidence in others to move forward in life
  26. Believe in others, but mostly always believe in yourself
  27. Achieve our goals while making new ones
  28. Love one another
  29. Be beautiful on the inside and out
  30. Be a constructive member of society
  31. My Added Bonus  31. Don’t be afraid to leap!

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