Mad Men Monday: The Closet -Ally or Adversary?

mad_men_cd_cover_325x325Since we are all NOT Female stars in a wonderful TV Show like Mad Men, it would be rare to say we all have amazing dressing rooms and closets as well as fab wardrobes to chose from. We are all not lucky enough to have walk in closest and rooms where we can do fittings and change in.

Some may have these finer things in life, but I have found the common woman general has a closest she herself could barely fit in, much less all the wonderful clothes she desires to own and wear.

There are ways however to not only give yourself a fabulous dressing room but also to utilize the closest space and spaces you already have.

For instance, do you perhaps have a room in your home that is currently being unused? Perhaps it was formerly a children’s room or a den? What about in the basement? Do you have wide open spaces down there that is just waiting to be gobbled up by you? Perhaps you have a master bedroom and yet only a one you or you really only need a small bedroom to sleep in and could flip that mast bedroom around to be your own personal space?

The most important thing you can do is have a room where you can see all or as much of your items as possible. Now perhaps you will only be able to have a room to put your clothes in and will have the change nearby or somewhere else.  Do the best you can with what you have. But I bet you would be surprised when looking around that you DO have the space to make a more wonderful space for yourself.

Then there is the under used and under utilized items. What is in your closest that you haven’t worn in a year? More than a year? What about coats? Are coats taking up those spaces? The general rule of thumb for when to remove an item from your wardrobe is if you haven’t worn it in a year, you most likely are not going to. There are the exceptions however to formal gowns etc…but this is where we start separating.

If you haven’t worn it and are not going to get rid of it. If it is a formal, collect all the formals and cover them with a wardrobe cover and hang them somewhere safe or cover them with a garbage bag and tie off the bottom. Attach a label to the hang so you know what they are.

If coats are invading your space, the remove all coats and put them in a coat closet or somewhere out of the way. I put even my formal coats with my other coats in the front hall closet, along with scarfs, hats and gloves for easier access when going out.

Once you have the items you are going to keep, you can start assessing the space. Make it an extension of you. Lighting(no fluorescent) (I prefer Daylight lamps) , colors on the walls( I prefer Pink on one wall) , pictures you desire (Anime images and things I have drawn make me feel pretty), a good full length mirror (one can be cheap for under $10 at Walmart) and perhaps a Vanity if you have the space for you to do your makeup(I found one at an Auction event but they can even be found at thrift stores or you can make a vanity from an old desk or computer stands work great to keep your makeup underneath on the keyboard tray).


Put your shoes on a door hanging rack, or get a small shoes holder to put underneath your clothes. You can also have them in a foyer, or along the hallway. Look for spaces that might work for these.

If you have a small closet and just won’t be able to create a Dressing Room space here are some tips from the Mad Men Fashion Files book and a few hints from me:

  • Archive by season. (Clean things out and put in bins or boxes. I prefer plastic bins to keep my clothes fressh and I make a list of what is in them and then tape it to the top of the bin. Then I put them i the basement to rotate when the next season comes out)
  • Whose Bed are your Items under (Sorry that was a joke from Shania Twain song…) ( At Target and Walmart etc they have bins that slide under your bed. Put shoes, belts, scarves and other misc items underneath it all.You can also store all those seasonal items if you have no where else to put them
  • Hang it Up ( I use bulletin boards, tacks and nails to create a line up of my hair bandanas, scarfs, and belts. They are out in the open and it also uses the wall space. I mean why have a picture when You can have all your favorite items all around you. This also works for hanging up purses on the wall and many other items)
  • Become a Label Crazed person. Buy label maker or use Masking Tape and box, bin and label the heck out of things. Get Ikea drawer boxes or something similar at Target or Walmart or Shopko and put things away and label label label. Then it is out of the way and organized as well

The women of Mad Men are lucky. They not only have a fabulous Fashion and Costume Designer who helps them pick out everything to wear, but they each have their own fabulous space to dress and shoes and do their makeup in. Some may have these same types of places in their homes, but as  I said before the average woman does not.

Be creative.

Think outside of the box…this one being the box of your room.

When I was a teen and had no space, I learned how to put things under neath, hang things on walls and I tuned my bunk bed upside down and made it into a Wooden Futon/Daybed. I went to fabric stores and begged for remnants (the days when you didn’t have to pay for them)

A few years ago I live in a fabulous studio where there was a Murphy Bed. I love how it went up and got out of the way. Even Caroline on Two Broke Girls figured out a way to make a Murphy Bed and create more space for her and Max ( Yes I love that show)

Shop around thrift stores to find desk or things that will help you make a vanity or dresser or a space to put things away. Remember YOU can do nearly anything with something else. Refurbish it. Re Paint it, add different knobs. Transform a desk to a Vanity. Transform a TV cupboard into an Armoire. Unleash your creative side. Hang things up, put things out or label the heck out of them.

Make your closet your friend. Once you have the perfect space or cleaned out closet you can then put the items and things you DO need and WILL wear back in them. I organize by color, some organize by item (Dresses, skirts etc) That reminds me, I did add a pants bar in my tiny closet and gave myself another space for just my skirts. It completely transformed my closet. I also took off my door and hung a curtain for awhile but then I just took that down too.

Here are a few other images of my spaces and how I used them (Click on image to enlarge view and notes)

Here is an image of my full studio. I use my studio for dressing room, work space, create space and so much more…Perhaps you could use an area in your house for a dressing room and closest but make it the space you love to be in no matter what you do with it.

Clean SensaFashion Studio

Until next time,

XoXo~Trisha Trixie

Want to give the #1 Holiday Gift of Choice this year?

ApronBuilder_WordPress AB

Then step right up and get yourself an Apron Builder Box! Build your own DIY Apron the way you want.

Trisha Trixie Designs and Apron Builder (from the  same parent company) have teamed up to bring you…

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Just Where Did “Black Friday” come from? TT Friday Special

Hey all my fabulous fashionistas!  Today is a great day for businesses.  BLACK FRIDAY!

Big or small, doors were open for retail business this morning.  Some as early as yesterday afternoon.  :OUCH:  The good part about online selling is that you have a chance to shop from the comfort of your home without fighting the crush of the busy Black Friday shoppers.  Want to shop right now?  Go Visit Trisha Trixie’s website for some truly awesome deals.

But I got all distracted.  Where did “Black Friday” come from?  Did you know that it has been around for quite some time…just not called “Black Friday” right away.


“The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. Ever since the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a bustling holiday shopping season.

In the 1960’s, police in Philadelphia griped about the congested streets, clogged with motorists and pedestrians, calling it “Black Friday.” In a non-retail sense, it also describes a financial crisis of 1869: a stock market catastrophe set off by gold spectators who tried and failed to corner the gold market, causing the market to collapse and stocks to plummet.”

So, way back in 1924…the Friday after the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…people began thronging to the stores in hope of getting a great deal on something either they wanted/needed or someone else wanted/needed.

Since then, the furor has grown, and through thick and thin, Black Friday has stood the test of time.

Until recently.

More and more over the last few years, Black Friday has become less spectacular in the eyes of many, myself included. Stores are rushing the season…starting mention of Black Friday at the beginning of November.  Even so much as taking over THANKSGIVING in their rush to making the almighty dollar!  What the heck?

I have always been of the opinion that Thanksgiving should be left as a day of rest, peace and enjoying family.  Not all service industries have the day off…imagine if Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Police Officers and Firefighters took the day off?  Uh, yeah…not gonna happen.  I have never counted the Whipped Cream as a MUST HAVE…if I didn’t remember it until Thanksgiving Day.  You just went without.  Apparently, I am in the minority though…because most (not all, thank goodness!) Grocery Stores and Retail Shops are open on Thanksgiving at some point.  Sad, really…

A good portion of many people’s shopping nowadays is done online.  I can get fully behind shopping online…until Aunt Penny (fictitious name, of course), decides that you are still 18 and not 38…and sends you clothing way too small, inappropriate for you or…let’s face it, just isn’t for you.  Thankfully, if you contact retailers online and explain the problem, some will work with you…though most likely you will have to send back said item.  Which is okay…if you cannot really see the purpose of having a Barney 2T sweatshirt in your life…and need to get rid of it ASAP.

Usually, I just regift…or donate said item to the church.  If your aunt asks how you like it…”Oh, Aunt Penny…it was just way too small…so I gifted it to a kiddo that can use it.”  This will make you look good to Aunt Penny AND you really have likely helped out a kiddo in need.

Until next time, my beauties…In whatever you say or do, stay true to you.

Sandra Bee

PRE-ORDER : Apron Gift Box : Surprise Me



Ever wanted to try an apron but just wasn’t sure what you would like? Ever thought about buying an apron for someone else but had no clue which one to get them? Would you like to try some fun NEW styles from Trisha Trixie Designs? How about free product and other items in the box that goes with the Apron Theme?

Then YOU are in luck!!

I am launching my PRE-ORDER : Apron Gift Boxes!! Be one of the first in line to get one of my NEW Apron Gift Boxes before the rest of the line comes out! 


In each Box you will receive a variety of items to go with the theme!! Each Box is valued at $100 worth of product and a $100-$150 Apron. 

Choose Apron Gift Box from the choices under “Select an Option

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Don’t like surprises? Want to know what themes there are? Stay tuned later on as the rest of the theme boxes come out! I am so excited! I can’t wait to get these fun new Gift Boxes in your hot little hands!!


Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

Buh Bye 2013! Wow, What a Year!

Wow! What a year this has been for my business! Making the decision to try and do a fashion business full time in no way was an easy task. But I did it. I can say I gave this business ONE full year with all my heart , might, mind and strength. It has not been easy. I have learned a lot of lessons, gone through a lot of hardships, been through a few interns, and came out better for it all.

I could not have done it without the support of my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, followers and supporters.

Thank you

To my customers for your orders

To the stores who carried my products

To my show attendees who came to support me.

To new friends I made at shows and new contacts as well

To my family for encouraging me and supporting me

To my man for encouraging and inspiring me

To my Friends for continued support and cheering on

To my followers who watched me along the way

To my interns and assistants who helped me out and helped me grow

To my cohorts, who helped me along the way

To my colleagues and fellow net-workers and marketers

To those who helped me all the Fashion Shows

To those who volunteered their time

To the event planners for shows I attended, so I could have a booth to get my product out there

To my coaches, fellow grokkers, and muses…

To any I left out 🙂

As the year closes, I look back and see how much has changed. How much I have grown. How much my business has prospered. How happy and grateful I feel for all who in some way connected with me to make this a successful year for Trisha Trixie Designs! The business name changed, my show schedule got very busy, I had two runway shows, I found a great head seamstress and co-hort, I made some amazing connections, I go to go to NYFW TWICE, once expense paid; I found a great business coach, I reconnected with other coaches, I found amazing groups to grok with,  My blogs changed, I launched a new and VERY successful blog Trixie Tabloids about all my lessons,  I found some amazing models for my line, I was able to model some of my line myself, found some amazing photographers, found great hair and makeup artists,  found some vendor groups, and at the end of the year made some great contacts  to launch me into next year, and the list goes on…

Today is the last day of 2013 and my cup runneth over with elation!

I know I have a lot farther to go, and I can’t wait to take you all with me on this amazing journey that has become my life.

Je Suis Content

I see an amazing future for Trisha Trixie in 2014 and beyond!

Goals, accomplishments, connections, dreams and success beyond my wildest imagination….

Buh bye 2013…

LETS GO 2014!! Time to kick this life in gear!!

I have so much coming up for 2014, I just can’t WAIT to share it all with you!!

XoXo~Trisha Trixie

Throwback Thursday: How to Handle an Umbrella

beautiful girl with an umbrella in the city

With the rainy days and fall weather upon us, the days of umbrellas seem to be around the corner so I thought I would pull out my old school books to tell you how a “Lady” should handle an umbrella.

Remember the days when  umbrellas were fun to be under? They were cute, they were round and covered nearly your entire body. They were pretty and gorgeous and fun. It was such a delight to use an umbrella. For me, it nearly made me sing in the rain. The umbrellas for men were stylish, unique and dignified.

What do we have now? A piece of plastic with tarp over a bunch of pointy needly things.

If you don’t know how to open an umbrella you could hurt yourself. I know that sounds lame. Push button. Open. But it isn’t as easy as it looks. And not all umbrellas are the same. Here are some tips from 211 Things a clever Girl Can Do:

  1. Always open your umbrella with the wind blowing toward you.  You don’t want it to blow inside out. That is hard to recover from but you also look ridiculous.

  2. Once open, keep the umbrella facing the wind. Your blind, but the rain is off you.

  3. If the wind is suddenly behind you it is better to throw the umbrella in teh gutter than try and battle that black swan kite propeller. Otherwise you could get whisked away.

  4. Once the rain is done, close your contraption or who knows what could end up in it from falling items out of unsuspecting windows of passersby.

  5. If it is all too much, Get a see thru hat. Might be lame looking, but it’s much easier.

Excerpts taken from “211 Things a clever Girl Can Do”

Stay dry. Stay happy. Be Fabulous

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

I am an Entrepreneur! I Dream Big! I Dream Loud! I Dream Confident! I Dream Proud!

I am an entreprenuer

I am an Entrepreneur!

I believe anything is possible.
I see opportunity when others see impossibility.
I take risks. I am focused. I hustle. I know that NOTHING is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming love
I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity.
I take flying leaps into the unknown.
I contribute to something bigger than myself.
I create. I learn. I grow. I do.
I believe it is NEVER to late to start living a dream.
I am an Entrepreneur.

I Dream Big.
I Dream Loud.
I Dream Confident.
I Dream Proud.

We need more dreamers in this world.
Won’t you dream with me?
Please vote for Trisha Trixie Designs
I Dreamed Big with  Dream Big Grow Here ,
Will you help me Grow here?


Dream Big Vote Trisha Trixie Banner


Trixie Tuesday: Dreaming Big…

Yesterday morning was Monday and for most of my pals I saw the dull drum of Anti Monday Facebook posts. But for me, I wake to a fabulous email  as a result of me taking a leap this past week and applying for an entrepreneur contest called Dream Big Grow Here. Today when I opened my email this was my news:


Your Dream has been approved for the DMACC Business Resources 2013 contest. Voting will begin on 10/7/2013 8:00:00 AM.

Now it’s time to get the word out! Use your business marketing savvy and let people know about your Dream.

Utilize social media, your current or potential customers, your friends, your mom and dad, whoever you can get to visit the site and vote.

Keep in mind that to ensure a fair playing field, we have imposed a series of technology checks to limit voting to ONE person per DAY. Voters will be required to verify their vote by using their personal Facebook account. If voters do not have a Facebook account, one must be easily created for free.

Thanks for entering your dream into the contest and best of luck!
-Dream Big Grow Here Staff”

FYIThe top four online vote getters (via FACEBOOK votes) along with an additional wildcard selection from our regional contest host will then go on to pitch for the $5,000 prize. The winner of the regional contest will automatically become eligible for the $10,000 grand prize at the pitch off at EntreFest! 2014. ”

Is that Amazeballs Awesome Sauce or what?

I will repost this when it gets closer to the date but I just wanted to share the fabulous news!!! Stay tuned for the link to show your love for Trisha Trixie by voting each and every day!

Xo xo Trisha Trixie

Trixie Tuesdays: I’d Rather be Planning a Wedding over a Fashion Show

Yes. I said it. I would really truly rather be planning a wedding over a Fashion Show. I used to do event planning i the past and have done a few weddings and I have assisted with Fashion Shows, but let me tell you, planning your own is a whole different ball game. I think out of both the best thing either could do is to hire a planner.

There are such vast differences in planning both of these events and for some humor and insight today, I thought I would share them with you on my blog here:

Planning a Wedding    

  • You have a budget you know in advance
  • You are paying for everything out of that budget (generally your own pocket or Daddy’s)
  • You have a select few people you KNOW will be involved
  • You have one photographer doing one task: Taking pictures of you
  • You only need a small select set of thank you gifts for those involved
  • You assign tasks generally to two people: Best Man and Maid of Honor
  • You food plans are large and per person
  • You buy the dress and items needed to wear
  • Plan out hair and makeup
  • Remember the gift baskets
  • Plan honeymoon


Planning a Fashion Show       

  • You have no idea of your budget until you start getting sponsor money
  • You are constantly asking and begging people to give you things
  • You have no idea who will be involved until you get models and volunteers
  • You have tons of photographers doing many tasks
  • You need to have many ways of thanking everyone involved
  • You assign tasks to anyone who will help you
  • Your food plans are as cheap as you can get it with as much as you can
  • You not only need to make your item but everyone else’s in the show (if you are the designer which in this case I am)
  • Beg people to do hair and makeup
  • Remember gifts
  • Plan afterparty


With both you learn to be very creative.

With both you feel great joy as well as great confusion.

With both you learn to have patience and not kill people along the way

With both you end up broke, probably won’t get to eat and at the end of the night wonder where the day went

But in the end for me, I still think I would rather be planning a Wedding than a Fashion Show. Most especially if I get to be the bride 🙂

The only thing I could think of that would be worse, is a Fashion Show Wedding. Oye, kill me now.

Until next time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

Fabulous Friday!Be Fabulous Fabric

First off I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. After I came back from NYFW my feet have been hitting the ground getting the word out for my Fun and Fabulous Fashion Show , my hands have been busily sewing away and my mind has been a bit single minded focus. But in the midst of all that came a few fun things I wanted to share with you!

I wanted to have some specialty fabric created for my Fashion Show and so I found this site called SpoonFlower that allow you to create any fabric, wallpaper or decal from a design. It is a bit pricey but so worth it. There are three fabrics from my Spoonflower Shop I will be showcasing in my show that I Custom Created. One will be worn by the Owner of Java Joe’s Amy Brehm who I made this cute Retro Black and White Apron for with a Be Fabulous Piece of Fabric made for her lower bib and top pockets.


I will have a couple of other great fabrics in the show as well. If you are an artist and would love to see your designs on a wall, a decal or on fabric go check them out.

If you want me to create an Apron from your designed fabric just use my contact form on this site and I would love to create one for you. If you want any other garment created, hit me up and I could connect you to someone who could make it for you I am nearly sure! 😉

Until next time,

~XoXo Trisha Trixie

RePost: Proof of Bloggers by Pete Myers

Proof of Bloggers (via Des Moines is NOT Boring)

Tucked discretely in the SE corner of Western Gateway Park is Proof Restaurant.  There, I met with a group of bloggers on a humid Wednesday night in Des Moines.  Proof is a charming little nook, the wood flooring and narrow layout reminding of a bowling…

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Recipe Sunday: Guest Post: Lazy Oreo Cupcakes by Trinity

Recipe – Lazy Oreo Cupcakes


  • 1 boxed white cake (the dollar variety)
  • As many Oreos as you would like
  • Frosting (made from the instructions on the back of a powdered sugar box OR bought)

All throughout High School my friends knew if they asked for something baked (knowing them it was usually cupcakes) they would receive it. It was because of this that I thought about becoming a baker, but that’s a story for another day. One day one of them wanted me to give her an easy recipe for Oreo cupcakes, and since I knew her well I knew I had to go as simple as possible.

  • Prepare your white box cake recipe as directed adding in a bit more water and milk (about 1/4th a cup *LIQUID* measuring cup is my rule of thumb combined NOT each. Each makes it too runny).
  • Crush your Oreos to your desired amount. I go for about 10-15 depending on if I’m trying to stretch the batter for two or three extra people.
  • Mix into batter as you pour into LINED cupcake pan(s) until each cup is a tad over ½ full but not 3/4ths.
  • Bake as for about 10 minutes and then check with a toothpick. If it comes out clean (not sticky and gooey), then they are done. If not place back in over for 2 more minutes checking again with a toothpick.
  • Let cool for 10-20 minutes in freezer (or longer if open air) then remove from pan.

Voila! You have Oreo cupcakes.

I have heard people say that you can buy them in a box without all the extra work. I will still always go this way. I can control how many cookies go in, and since I bought the Oreos I can place whole ones on top as decorations, or just eat them later.

*****You can substitute the Oreos for those awesome dollar store cookies or any cookie that meets your fancy.

Sunday Recipie: Guest Blog Katie “Miss Kitty” Dolan -Slow Cooker Enchiladas


Slow Cooker Enchiladas

Serves 4-6


1/2 yellow onion

2 bell pepper, diced small(any color)

1 16-ounce can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup frozen corn

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspooncumin1 teaspoon salt

3 cups cheese, shredded and divided – we like monterey jack

2 ½ 16-ounce jars of your favorite salsa

12 6”-8” tortillas, flour or corn

Optional: 1 pound meat – chicken, pork, hamburger, or shredded beef


In a medium bowl, mix together the onion, pepper, black beans, corn, spices, meat (if using), and just 1/2 cup of the cheese. Pour about a cup of salsa (half a jar) into the bottom of the slow cooker and spread it around evenly.

Scoop about 1/3 cup into one of the tortillas, roll it up, and nestle it into the bottom of the crock pot. Repeat with the half of the remaining filling, rolling tortillas until the entire bottom of of the crock pot is filled. Spread another cup of salsa over this layer and sprinkle it with another 1/2 cup of cheese.

Continue with the remaining filling and tortillas to create a second layer. Top with another cup of salsa, but reserve the remaining 1/2 cup of cheese for later. Place the lid on the slow cooker and cook on HIGH for 2-4 hours. In the last 15 minutes of cooking, sprinkle the leftover cheese over the top and let it melt.

Serve the enchiladas with the remaining salsa. Leftovers will keep for up to a week in the refrigerator.


These turned out fabulous!! My name is Mrs. Kitty and I am a Army spouse and pinup model.  I enjoy cooking in my spare time J.  If I had a Trisha Trixie Designs apron to use while cooking this it would definitely have to be like one of the super awesome full ones that she made for a client very pinup like J


Catherine “Katie” Dolan


Throwback Thursday: Skipping Games

Do you remember those days when you used to skip, hop and jump your way through a day? With everyone’s kids starting school again it reminded me of the old days where that was the only thing I did throughout a day.  In addition to those fun skipping games were the sayings that went with them. Did you also know there were certain names for the skipping games or jump rope games?

My favorite was

Not last night but the night before
24 robbers came a knocking at my door
I ask them what the want, and this is what they said.
Spanish dancers do the splits, the kicks
they turn around, touch the ground
Spanish dancers please come back, back, back
(doing what the rhyme says)
Then count till you screw up

or this one…

Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss a fella, made a mistake, kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take?

(count after doctors as far as you can)

How do these skipping games work (Do you remember)?

  • Under the moon or front door: Running into a revolving rope rises away from the skipper once it touches the ground
  • Over the moon or back door: Running into a rope that rises toward the skipper
  • Rope Rotation Speed Terms: Sale=Slow, Mustard=Medium, Vinegar=Fast, Pepper=Very Fast
  • Keep the kettle boiling: Skippers (Jumpers) line up to jump into the rope, which maintains a steady rhythm. The rope should never be “empty”

But my all time favorite was the Double Jump. I grew up in California and though we lived in Orange county, my mother’s side of the family all originally from the south, lived in Los Angeles County, mostly in Gardena, Torrance, or Van Nuys.  Because of the ethnic difference in where they lived there were many varieties of race and color living there and I was exposed to many of them. To me they were just people. They were my weekend pals, my friends I played with and hung out with on weekends and during the summer.

Because of this ethic difference however, in Orange County no one liked to Double Jump Rope or even knew how. By friends from the block my cousins and grandmother lived on taught me. I learned the best way to play Double Dutch Jump Rope and it became my all time favorite skipping/jumping game of all!

A style of jump-rope, where two ropes are moved counter to one another. One person stands on each end of the whirling rope-complex, and a third person jumps in the middle of them.

Double dutch requires significantly more concentration than standard jump roping

Here is the How To of Double Dutch if you want to see if you and your kids can recreate this fun event

Other places to find Skipping info and Phrases

I leave you with this ear worm that has been in my head since I deicded to do this post…

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle onion on a sesame seed bun!

(DSMISNOTBORING) Re-Post- 5 Years: What a Long Grammatically Challenged Trip It’s Been

5 Years: What a Long Grammatically Challenged Trip It’s Been (via Des Moines is NOT Boring)

Well, I find it completely ironic and unplanned that as I start writing this celebratory post about our last 5 years I’m listening to an Oasis song “Champagne Supernova,” which I believe was created back about the time I kicked off this little…

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Trixie Tuesdays: How to tell a pal: YOU STINK

During recent events in my home a guest was, how do you, quite odoriferous. Being a lady I didn’t want to be mean or rude and just come right out and blurt to her : YOU STINK but how does one go about mentioning the unmentionables to people?

When I am at a loss for what to do or for some sage advice I turn to my handy dandy little guidebook…

211 Things a Clever Girl can Do by Bunty Cutler (There is also a book for boys too 211 a Clever Boy can Do by Tom Cutler)

So here are some tips if you have to tell your pal…Peeeeyewww…

(Disclaimer that I find the majority of the items from this book humorous not real…)

  • Make an occasional comment like “What is that curious scent”
  • Open a window near her
  • Leave deodorant in the ladies room or at her desk or room
  • Buy strongly scented flowers and give them to her/him
  • Offer occasional spritz of air freshener in her direction and ask if she likes the fragrance
  • Introduce a policy that stipulates clean clothes and individual responsibility for personal hygiene
  • Ping her email anonymously letting her know
  • Or see what you are made of and tell her straight up, but please tell her in private, don’t make a scene and try as you can to BE KIND as you can because there could be other mental, emotional or medical reasons why they are having those issues
  • But if you have no luck, she’s a bitch to you, or tells you where to stick it…if fighting back is your savor, leave her a bag of sardines. Or you could hose her down with the fire extinguisher  … if all else fails you will feel better

As I said in the disclaimer,  I do find most of these funny and humorous but there were SOME decent tips.

If you have anything further that you want to add I would love to hear your comments or suggestions.

Until Next Time,

XOXO Trisha Trixie

Fabulous Friday: Be Fabulous E-Course and the Fun &Fabulous Fashion Show Launch Day

Woo hoo! Sound the horns and toot the bells! Today is such a FABULOUS remarkable day!

Today not ONLY do my tickets for my Fun and Fabulous Fashion Show go LIVE on TIKLY today but today ALSO is the launch of my new Beta version of my Be Fabulous E-Course Campaign!


If you would like to get in while the door is still open I have TWO spots left and then NO MORE! (Ok if you ask real nice I might let you in) Currently I will be giving links to the worksheets, videos etc all through the FB Group for now. If I figure something else out or if you have an idea, please oh please let me know, wouldn’t you?

To get in the FABULOUS tickets for my fashion show you can buy there here…


If you are unable to attend but would like to help donate please send donations, Subject Fashion Show, to my


I am still open to sponsors, gift bags/baskets, in kind donations, barters, trades and advertising cross promotions (I promote you or your biz, you promote my Fashion show and my biz), and anything else you are willing to give up to help make this a great show and allow me the ability to help donate funds to the Junior League of Des Moines.

I am super uber thankful to the supporters and advertisers i do have and those offering donations and trades.

As well I am every grateful to those who support me, help me and stand behind me in this dream, goal, and quest.

I know my goal is not an easy one for those to be of support for but I am so very thankful for thsoe who have, do and will continue be my cheerleaders, rocks and support!

Until next time,

I hope YOU have a Fabulous Friday!

Trixie Tuesdays The Boyfriend Apron Continued…

Sorry it is so late. Been a crazy day getting pliers and zipper feet for my sewing machine and all sorts of crazy things for this seamstress and designer. I finally got around to finishing on of the parts of the Boyfriend Apron. Here is the outcome…



So what will i do with this? I think this would be a perfect apron for Housecleaning. It is already used, I don’t have to iron it, and if it gets dirty, it’s no big deal. Yes a housecleaning apron fer sure.I don’t event know if I will put pockets on it. To me this is like a shirt you make dishrags out of. You don’t have to put a lot of work into it because it is just going to get filthy.

What do you think? What would YOU use it for?

TrishaTrixie Tuesdays: The Boyfriend Apron

Do you have an old boyfriend shirts you just don’t know what to do with? I found a tutorial on how to take a shirt and make it into an apron and thought I would show you my process and how I did it for this Trixie Tuesdays



I cut off the arms and then trimmed them for the ties


I cut thae collar and used as much of the sleeve as I could for each set of ties


I laid out each sleeve and then slit up the sides to open it up


like this I laid it out and then counted four squares over and cut


I also took what was left of the top part of the collar and trimmed it to use for puppy and cat scarves

Stay tuned later today to see how this turns out!

Until then,


Xoxo Trisha Trixie