Throwback Thursdays: Fashion Peace

I am prepping for a special Throwback show for this weekend. Not an era I normally do but when I was invited I felt like I couldn’t resist the challenge- a 70’s themed show called That 70’s Art Show

I wanted to do everything with a Fashion theme so even my art pieces have a fashion theme. I still have some finishing touches to put on this but here is a sneak peek of of the two pieces of art I am doing. They won’t look this simple when I am done with them but there still is a fashion flare to them…

Then I will be showing and selling some of my fashion pieces as well that I feel have that 70’s theme to them. Here is a sneak peek at some of them I will be showing…


I am also finishing up a dress I am going to wear for the event and a pair of shoes or rent some go go boots from Atomic Garage

I mean they have plenty!!! 🙂

If you need items to wear for the show go Atomic Garage.

If you are looking for amazing Retro Furniture check out Funky FindsVintage and Retro

To gear up for the event I looked up some 70’s slang…the only word I know is GROOVY so I had to brush up. Check out some of the words I found here

Since I was sick the past couple of days I took the opportunity to bone up (and have some fun) watching That 70’s Show

If you live in Des Moines, come on out. The cost is free minus any money to buy some things you might want to purchase. If you don’t live in Des Moines, that’s ok. Take a peek at the Facebook invite and watch it during and after the event for photos.


Until next time,


WIW: Sick Days

I caught a cold this weekend…overdoing it as I tend to do if you haven’t noticed. 🙂

So today this post will be light….

When I am sick I like to have a cuddle blanket near me

my kitty cat cuddled up to me

fashion magazines all around me

All my cold remedies close by
lots of nice tea choices to choose from
and a nice couch to relax on to sit up and read or lie down on

If I am lucky enough to have someone out and about I beg them to get me a Smokey Row Smoothie

What do you like when you are sick? 

Share in the comments below or on our SensaFashion Facebook Page. We love hearing from you…

From Sickly Trisha today

XOXO…cough cough…MUAH

Mad Men Monday: Oscar Monday Seth & Other Fabulousness

This week has been a busy week for me so sorry for this late post. I made shoes, jean jacket, pants, logos, more clothes, more shoes, clothes for an 80’s prom benefit and styled myself to go to an Oscar party! When I asked what the dress attire was for teh Oscar party I found a new term I have already fallen in love with…

 So, as I was told I got “Glitzy”

I even had my own Red Carpet moment with Sonja from Solminod here in Des Moines. I felt like a star. She asked me about my dress, we talked about  the industry of modeling and fashion and acting and then snapped a pic.
As if that wasn’t enough, WOI-TV ABC was on location as well and I was on the local news with my predictions. If that don’t make someone feel famous I don’t know what will!

and I got to finally meet in person one of the photographers I always talk to online who used to model Miss Valerie Pugh Shane

I went early for the IMPA Kick Off event and saw past winners and then got to watch the Oscars in a theatre on the big screen and the IMPA gave our door prizes during the commericals. I didn’t win anything but that’s ok. I felt like a winner just by being there and being interviewed twice!

Now, onto my thoughts on the Oscars and the Red Carpet…

Let me say this first…Seth McFalane did NOT step over the line…he was Seth. Hello! If you don’t want someone edgy, don’t ask someone like Seth. I thought he was Fabulous and funny and looked great. I am oh so tired of hearing already how he stepped over the line. He was himself. Move on about it already.

Now onto the rest of my Red Carpet Review

Do you know what I love about the fact that Jennifer Lawerence fell? It showed the world Hollywood is human. I also love how she tells them, “Oh you are only giving me a standing O because felt sorry I fell, sit down”

I went to The Colony in California and was trained in Voice, Dance you name it and no amount of training can help the fact that we are all human and things happen. You get back up and go on with the show. That’s what Hollywood always says right?

 Being the Vintage gal I love that old Hollywood Glamour look and Jessica Chastain really pulled that off

I love Witherspoons’ Louis Vuitton Splash of color Blue

and…of course…we can’t forget to mention the best accessory there…the Puppy Purse with Little Q

But for me, the best was Helen Hunt showing us that Oscar style does not have to break the bank but showing us classy and elegant with my favorite New York store H&M

I could talk all day about the glamour, the Oscars and the event. I even spent some of the morning watching Morning After Oscar shows and I never do that. EVER. But I love the glamour and maybe, just maybe I will be able to style or dress one of those fabulous ladies in something from SensaFashion…

Who knows..

Until next time..


You can read about the Oscars from another place that talks about the “Glitziest” event on Fashion TV HERE

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This post was created also for LAM for IFB : #84 Share your Favorite Red Carpet Looks

Spectacular Sunday~Shoe Ked!

Indeed it is a spectacular Sunday. I am a person of heightened sensitivity. I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I am unable to wear regular shoes due to the sensitivity in my feet. Tops, bottoms, sides, toes. The entire thing. My whole body, actually. But for today we are focusing on the feet.

The reason for our focus on feet is due to a recent incident. I was given a pair of shoes. Not just any shoes. A pair of Keds. Not just any Keds either. Hand designed Keds. Keds designed by Miss Trisha Hunter, our Fashionista, specially for me. And these shoes are special for other reasons as well. I love the way they look. They are adorable. You’ve got to see them. Oh…now? You want to see them now? Okay okay. Here they are:


Okay, I hear you. You are soooo NOT impressed. I understand. This is just phase 1 of the shoes. They were all blue and she added the white to the toes. Interesting effect. But she doesn’t stop there. Oh noooo. She added embellishments with just the right flair for my day job. Child Care Teacher! Would you care to see the finished product with all the cuties on them? ……I was hoping you would say that. Here they are!


Aren’t they just ADORABLE! ? And the extra boost is that I could wear them. I wore them the whole 8 hours of the day. I was nervous at first when my shift ended as I am used to having very tender and sore feet at the end of the day. You see, I had to resort to wearing thick soled house shoes at work as they are fuller and friendlier on my feet. That way there was no rubbing on my feet and a softer base to walk on. The problem was that the soles wore down so quickly and I had to keep buying new inserts or new house shoes.

With these little darlings though, I had no such issues. I was able to stand, walk, crawl, and wallow around with the kids and still walk at the end of the day. The first day the bottom of my feet had a very slight sore spot that I believe was due to the new foundation I was walking on. But since it was mild I forged ahead and wore them the next day. At the end of that day….no issues. Didn’t notice any tenderness with my feet or toes. And an extra bonus is that they are so fun to wear. The kids love ’em, parents love ’em, coworkers love ’em. Most importantly, I love ’em! Thank you SensaFashion for the kind gift. They have brought much joy to many.

You can see how happy I am to have them by this picture below:

Now that’s a happy person!!! Again, THANK YOU SensaFashion!

I have been looking all over the web for these exact pair of shoes. They are Keds Stretch Pure Fit System shoes and are nowhere to be found thus far. I did locate a pair of Keds that appear similar to what I have. I may have to try them out. It is difficult with Myofascial Pain Syndrome to find comfort and a risk to stray from the tried and true.

I’ve examined my pair very closely to try discerning what it is that makes them so comfortable. Here are my findings. Look closely at the lines of the shoe and how they are put together.

They are a stretch shoe and there are no separations across the box for the toes. It is one solid piece. This leaves no seams to rub against the knuckles of the toes. I am certain that is one of the advantages. Unlike these shown below, which are also Keds .

This pair also has the addition of “breather” holes on the inside allowing fresh air in. Miss Trisha added a pair of stretch laces and I noticed there is a stretch band across the Achilles tendon area as well.
This is shown below:

The extras make this particular pair of shoes as comfortable for me to wear as they are a pleasure. Another thing I want to share with you is the motive behind these shoes for me. I love high heels. With the combination of the Myofascial Pain Syndrome and bulging discs in my neck and back, I am unable to wear the “pretty flats” and the “sexy heels”. That just wouldn’t do for Miss Trisha though. She firmly believes that everyone should be able to feel attractive in what they wear. That no one should have to settle for “plain and/or frumpy” (as I put it). So she set out on this venture to bring me a pair of shoes that I could and would enjoy wearing and I’d feel good in. Thanks you  SensaFashion..

This spectacular post has been brought to you by:
Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

Saturday Morning Special: Atomic Garage

So far my favorite little store here in Des Moines is Atomic Garage. Love their style and I always go away with more than I planned. I recently wrote an article about them in but I wanted to get a little more in depth on my page here.
Whenever I walk in this quaint little store I am always, ALWAYS greeted with a chipper hello and a wonderful smile from behind the counter. The girls who work there are friendly and sincere. They are always very helpful i anything I need or if I am looking for something specific. If I see an item is damaged or not quite up to snuff they always work with me on price, which is quite nice when buying vintage items. 
Here are a few images.of this wonderful store so you can see for yourself. I also loaded these up to Google Images on the store page so others could see their wonderfulness.

If you are looking for anything, I think this store probably has it. 
The funny thing I heard recently was that some of the OTHER stores in Valley Junction won’t refer you to this fine store if you call them or are in their store. Well, that just makes me want to blast this post from coast to coast!! 
If you are looking for a friendly store, fun atmostphere and some rare finds go to Atomic Garage. If you are wanting some neato furniture or a little pricier items go across the street to A-Ok, their parent store.
I have never been let down by either one and even sold some of my vintage items to the owner for resale.
Until next time,

Fashion Friday~Fashion Wrap 2/22/2013

We hope you are ready for some fun and interesting items today. This past week’s posts have covered Polka Dots,, Stretch Jeans, The influence of Miss Trisha’s recent trip to IFB conference, and Toe Socks. Here are the links below. Click, sit back and enjoy. Feel free to comment and be sure to check out our Facebook Page.

Thank you for being a part of our Friday Fashion Wrap. Come back often. Comment. Inquire. Enjoy.

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 This post brought to you by:Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

Throwback Thursday~Toe-tally Sock-ed

I came across an ad for toe socks the other day and reflected on my memories of them. Toe socks originated in 1969. I had a pair of toe socks but being hyper-sensitive the thickness between my toes drove my nuts. My daughter however has no such issues. She loves toe socks. As a “tribute” to her and the others all over the world who love these cute little throwbacks, here are a variety of toe socks.

Some can bring smiles to your face and your feet.

Some bring a new “look” to your wardrobe.

They’re designed for men

For fun
Maybe even for comfort. These appear to be very thin. 
Maybe I could wear this pair. 
I may have to find out where I can get a pair.
They are designed to be for dance practices

I know for a fact I could never ever wear these.
To assist in the prevention of athlete’s feet
For something that started in the late 60’s toe socks have come a long way. They were brightly colored with stripes and now come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. No matter which ones you like to wear, you’re sure to be toe-tally fashionable.
All images courtesy of my Pinterest board:
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This post brought to you by:Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

WIW: Fashions by SensaFashion-Thank you IFB!

For today’s Wear it Wednesday we are going to talk about MY Fashions coming out of the SensaFashion Series. If you are wondering what to wear, consider these fine pieces….
It started out getting the studio the way I liked it, recolor the walls, get racks to see what I am doing…

and once that happened, well let’s just say it was like you let loose the fastest horse on the racetrack!! Not to mention going to New York, to the IFBCON for New York Fashion Week was the kick start in my pants I needed to hit the ground running! I am so thankful to Independent Fashion Bloggers and that conference in more ways than I could ever mention!
Here are the creations now coming out of the SF Studio for you to start thinking about what YOU want to wear or have me create for you!!


SensaFashion Promo Items


 From CanvaKedKiddies

to high heeled beauties…

These ones are actually a small heel flat


 I also have some misc items for the accessory lover…

and Eyeglass cases and Phone covers…

But le piece de resistance for this year…is my Fashionably Fabulous Aprons

Designed for 1st client!!

I hope to have a fashion show later in the year with my Apron line and perhaps a few of my other ReConstructed Fashions…

I have already had one order for a client, donated a full bag of Swag which included all custom recreations from SensaFashion, Hat, Shirt, jeans, and bag, my online social presence has grown immensely just since Jan 1, 2013 and I am speaking at a variety of places around town, I now have three interns and my days are now filled with crafting, creating and designing!!
Click on any of the links above to see more about the item and other items in those lines….or go to our Facebook SensaFashion Albums and see all the great things coming out of SensaFashion
Thank you Independent Fashion Bloggers for hosting the NYC IFBCON…I hope you do it again in the fall and would love to share how things are going by then! 
If you are interested having me create a custom apron for you or your business please contact me.
Or if you are interested in having me  create a custom ReConstructed Fashion for you or you would like to send me one of your items to redesign and reconstruct, please contact me through my website or at my Facebook page!!
Sending air kisses your way~MUAH

Try It Tuesday~It’s A Stretch

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am here today to share some insight with you about  s-t-r-e-t-c-h pants/jeans. Years ago when I was a yungun…Okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit. Let’s start over.

When s-t-r-e-t-c-h pants first hit the market I absolutely despised them. With a slim and trim body they were okay but I reserved doubts as it seemed only the tiny little beanpoles with no butt and no hips were the only ones that looked good in them. Mainly, I felt this way due to the excessive wearing of these items by obese people who bought them 2-4 sizes too small. Ew! Gross! Disgusting! (Before you lynch me know this, I am obese and speak from the heart. I’m not picking on people’s weight. I’m seeing the mirror.) Tiny bodies shouldn’t wear baggy clothes any more than hefty bodies should wear form-fitting clothing. (Just speaking my opinion. Not saying I’m right or wrong.)

The whole purpose of this dialogue is to encourage a more diverse way of seeing the coin from both sides. I recently received a pair of jeans that not only I fell in love with but my body fell in love with them too. Yes, you know it….they were a pair of s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans!!! You can imagine my shock at this revelation. I could not believe I had not only tried on a pair of s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans, but I actually liked those once dreaded items. And the bonus is:I LIKED HOW I LOOKED IN THEM TOO. And not just me. My coworkers liked how they looked on me too. It’s funny really. Our workrooms, in my end of the building, are separated by large windows and wall so we can see the activity in the room next to us. The gals next to me kept pointing and looking and talking my direction all morning. I thought:”Oh gosh, they hate these on me. They look awful. I never should have worn these in public.”

As it turns out, they were talking about me and my jeans and how they looked but it was all good stuff! They were admiring how nice they made me look. The way the jeans shaped my bottom into a much more appealing shape. How the held my tummy in/up better than my khakis. They were sure they’d never seen me wear blue jeans before. I was so flattered and thrilled and shocked at all this, I giggled and glowed like a teenager.

See below for some examples of what s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans can do for you.

                               Wearing khakis                                             Wearing s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans

The khakis on the left just don’t cut it as they leave what I refer to as a “pouch” for the gut to hang loosely in. While the stretch jeans hold the body in, almost snugging the stomach, hips and thighs so they are staying where they belong. That is the beauty of s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans. They look smaller when you hold them up but they stretch around you when put on. I want a dozen pair of these ZD boot cut stretch jeans in my size and each size smaller as I lose weight. 
Let’s take the focus off me and put it on some other examples. Discussing the pros and/or cons.
ABOVE: Both of these are poor choices. Let me explain. The pair on the left are almost straight down which meanse they are flared out below the knees. This leaves the wearer with a heftier look and it “stumps” the length and appearance of her legs. The pair on the right are also unflattering. They are stretch jeans but clearly too small for the wearer. Another issue this gal has to contend with is that they also snug around her legs all the way down to her ankles with is too close and emphasize the thickness of her legs. This also leaves an appearance of being too tight. Not what their bodies needed to look good.
ABOVE:These two bodies hit it just right. The fit is close without molding the body and all it’s unwanted curves. It follows the length of their legs closely without snugging them from the knees down. This lends itself to a visual of length. The mid to high waist line also lends itself to a vision of length rather than width. Excellent choices.
BELOW are two back views for us to consider.
This pair fit just right around the buttocks without being too 
tight and flattening the bottom. Good fit, good choice.
This pair has a nice fit too. A little looser which is okay. They still look nice as they curve 
around the bottom of her buttocks, hugging the curves in an eye-catching way.
Now, let’s take a look at those smaller sizes.
 I turn my head away every time I see this fit above. It sucks all the beauty out of the hips. Overly emphasizes the trunk of their body and does nothing good in my viewpoint. It wastes the appearance of a well-shaped body. The waistline is so low that it just disappears. For those with natural curves from waist to hip their shapeliness is cheated out of view. To me it’s as if their body has “dropped” visually leaving it heavy looking.
As for the views below……..
Nice, sexy, alluring. Slim and trim and well-defined. The hip areas are just high enough that they don’t encompass the waist yet low enough they allow the natural beauty of the hip to show. The close fit along the length of the legs is perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. The addition of heels is a plus that adds an accentuated beauty to the entire effect.                        

One last addition to my commentary. Regardless of your size and age, there is a fit for each and every body shape, type, or size. You just have to find the one that’s right for you. “Try It”. If you would like some help on this feel free to message us:
Here in the comments,

Via email

Or FB message FB SensaFashion


You will need to specify whether you want advice from either anyone one of us, Fashionista Trisha or Fashion Eye Corrina. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

The first two pictures are from my personal photos.
All other photos are courtesy of my Pinterest Board:

This post brought to you by:Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion



I am always finding cute things wherever I go and being in the Retro, Vintage world and circles sometimes people come to me. I am a part of many fashion groups on Linked In and other areas so people see me, my posts and tend to reach out. I am so very happy about that because this blog is run by only TWO women, I have a handful of Intern help from here to there but in the end this is my passion and I am only person trying to do it all. It is hard to FIND business, blogs and people who WANT to be featured so when they come to me, even the better.

This cute little company came to me and after inspecting them, I must say I love their style. The company is called . Here are a few words from their About Page…

We love retro.

Today’s ‘throw-it-away’ culture makes it increasingly difficult to find beautiful items such as those featured on, often these items would just end up in a skip or a rubbish tip (what sacriledge!).  Cheap labour and manufacturing costs is resulting in mass production of items we don’t really need. High rent and the intrusion of large high street shops is making it harder for second-hand shops to survive. It’s important to buy second hand items – not only are you helping to save the environment but very often you get a much better product, a one of a kind item that was designed to last (and looks like none other!) is America’s newest second-hand shop, we’re here to bring you the very finest in retro and vintage homewares, fashion and accessories. We love anything retro and we love sharing it with the community. We love photographing our items and showcasing them on the site, we want you to enjoy browsing the site (even if you don’t intend to purchase).  Please do join in and add your comments to any items that catch your eye and share your thoughts with others. in a way is very much like a museum, once an item is sold it’ll remain on the site for others to see and to admire (Sold items will be marked as such). We hope that this approach will make it even more enjoyable to browse our site. If you have any knowledge of any of the products you see please do share your expertise by adding a comment on the product page.” – America’s new and exciting online vintage and retro shop. We aim to showcase the very best in all that is vintage and retro. Join our mailing list, follow us on twitter and join us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news from is for sale – Buy It Now 

If you have ever wanted to have your own E-commerce store and you share my love for Vintageyou might consider this cute little online store. They have all the shopping, images etc all built in. They desire to sell the package as whole.  As they say, browse the site even if you don’t desire to purchase it. They have a Facebook page and other Social Media.

They are a quaint and cute way of showcasing their products.

Plus I love the irony of an Online E-Commerce store about Retro and Vintage items. Too funny.

For the  browser uninterested in buying take a look around at what they have.

Spectacular Sunday~Connect The Dots

Polka dots have long been a favored pattern. You need to be careful though as they can make a person look larger that they are. Another thing to be watchful for is  the size and quantity of the polka dot pattern. Too many, too small can overwhelm your onlookers.

When wearing polka dots keep in mind what the appearance of your ensemble does for your body and your onlookers. You don’t want your look to be too busy and you definitely don’t want it to “enlarge” your body shape.

All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board:

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SMS: The List

Seems like all the many places I go they ask me if I am on the List. Being on the List seems to be a BIG deal. So, when I heard Facebook had a way to make lists I was happy because for one, I can myself to my OWN list and I could put together all the wonderful things I like to see. The kewl thing about the Facebook lists is that it sends you regular updates on the lists as a whole so you don’t have to go back and look at your lists all the time.

Check out MY lists and maybe you will see a few on my list you might want to add to yours or follow some of mine. While your at it, add yourself to some of them while you there if you feel that YOU are listworthy! 😉

Pin Up Beauties

Image courtesy of Pin Up Style World Wide

Vintage, Retro, Throwback

Image courtesy of Dumpster Diva

Fashion Favs

Image courtesy of

Art Favs

Image courtesy of DeviantArt

Business Smarts

Image courtesy of Chic Buds

Spirituality Ensued

Image courtesy of PIQ

Oh So Quotable

Image courtesy of Laugh it Out

Laugh, Live Love, Life

Image courtesy of Gorgeous Face…

If you have any lists on Facebook let me know, I would love to come check them out!

Until next time, kiss kiss….


Fashion Friday~Fashion Wrap 2/15/2013

Welcome to our second Fashion Wrap! This is where you can find our 7-days a week, regular posts. We hope you will enjoy this amendment to our weekly posts. Here are this week’s shortcuts for you.

She went all the way to NYC and all she has to show for it is a picture with Tyson Beckford? You better take a look and see what else she came back with.
Of course you know we just HAD to put in a small tribute to NY in Sunday’s blog. I’d say this truly did “nail it”.

More fun little tidbits on the NY visit and some extra insight about a “look-alike”. Better click the link and take a peek.

Regardless of your hair type, thick, thin, fine, coarse…there’s always help out there. Contact us for help with your “hair-raising” experiences.

You might want to check out our FB page too for some more information about her V-day.

Well it was Valentine’s Day so the title speaks for itself. 🙂
Take a look though, there’s some pretty snazzy ideas in there.

Thank you for being a part of our Friday Fashion Wrap. Come back often. Comment. Inquire. Enjoy.

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Throwback Thursday~We’re All Heart

Valentines Day celebrations have been around since no one knows when for sure. What we do know is that it is universally enjoyed around the world. I dug deep into the internet and came away with some striking fashions for this “heart”felt occasion.

Head to toe, red is the way to go.

These legs are so “lovely”.
Now for some footwear “he’ll” really adore.
Here are some looks you can really “clutch”.
Add some polish and you’ve “nailed” it for sure.
Regardless of the century or season, sweethearts are always in fashion.
All images courtesy of my Pinterest board:
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This post brought to you by:Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

Wear It Wednesday: Vintage Valentine’s Fashion

Well, this time this post is going to be more like…What am I wearing tomorrow? With Valentine’s Day literally around the corner everyone is clamoring to figuring out what to wear, what shoes, what purse, hair, makeup etc.

I have been planning for weeks. Up until yesterday though of course. I went and found myself a Vintage looking Pink Dress. (Love pink can you tell?)

Sneak peek here (you have to wait until AFTER Vday to see the dress in action)

Then I went to this SUPER FAB place I go to all the time I think some of the girls know me by name. The place is called Atomic Garage. It’s in Des Moines in Valley Junction and I just ADORE them.Everything is Vintage, Retro etc… I just love the Vintage look and this store really helps me pull it together.

I bought this cute little Vintage purse, gloves and pendant to wear with my outfit. The purse needs a bit of work as the snap was coming off, but they knocked down the price a bit for me and I glued it back on today when I was working on my shoes.

And then the shoes…

I have been working on the shoes all day. I could go buy them or make my own. I would prefer to make my own. I reconstruct many things and one of my friends who redesigns shoes got me on this Reconstrcut kick so I have been giving a whirl at DIY projects for myself.

Here is what they started out looking like. They were actually Black about two weeks ago but I forgot to take a picture of them like that. Then I tried to spray paint them and yeah well that didn’t work so thrid time is a charm I guess…

They are unfinished but here is what I have so far… I am repainting them  with a softer pink and in a new way…(it’s a secret) I think I have finally found the formula for making shoes now. We will see how they hold up. The ones I did for New York did NOT stand up to the NY City Streets so I can back to the drawing board and hopefully I figured it out now. We will see..

I painted the underside too but that looks weird right now so I’m not showing you (Giggle) I added a fringe on the inside. I cut up an old sheer bag I got at a gift party and used the top part of the bag for the inside ruffle. Ingenious DIY don’t you think? Well, I do anyway…

If you want to see some other Valentine Pink ideas and fashions check out my Valentine Pink Pinterest Board

And if you are the curios type come back after Valentine’s Day to see what I did for my Vintage Hairstyle, how I did my makeup and how the who ensemble all turned out!

What are YOU planning on Wearing for Valentine’s Day? Anything Special?

Come share it on our Facebook page or comment below!!

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This was a submission for IFB Season of Love

After Girls Night Out with Pulse 99.5

So very sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I have one very silly excuse. I lost my camera. I couldn’t’ find it, then took it to New York then lost it again. Found it.  Then when I went to give my camera to my Intern, I uploaded everything and saw all these pictures still on here. Oy vey so sorry.

I want to say thank you for having me. I had a fun time. I wish I could have done more. I was able to secure some small gift bags from Sephora for the event but I just felt like it wasn’t enough. We all do what we can I guess. IT was a great event only having to pay $5 and bring 3-8 items and leave with the amount  equal to what you brought. Then they fed us and gave us treats. It was great!

Regardless, there were some great vendors there we could buy products from as well…

People trying things on and rushing around to get things. I will say it did slightly feel a bit as the day after Thanksgiving Rush….

 I even met this darling gal who was a Fashionista like me

(I think her name was Julie???)

She was very sweet..

What did I end up finding you ask? Well I will tell you… I was telling the gals at the table I felt like I could “see the vintage in things” wherever I went…so you tell me how I did…

At the end of the night it was like Old mother Hubbard had raided the cupboards because many of the racks were bare…

It was lots of fun. I hope they do it again and again. If you missed out this year and they do it again next year, definitely go. If you ever hear of a Clothing Swap in your area…GO, it was fun and well worth it!

Thanks Rachel and Pulse 99.5 for a great Girl’s Night Out!!


Mad Men & The Vintage Vibe

When I was at IFBCON in NYC a few of the people commented about this program on TLC about some Retro women who like to dress up Vintage and one of the gals said they even thought I was one of them. So of course I had to do my research and find out what this was all about about. So here is a bit more info and now knowing the scoop and figuring out that they meant they thought I looked like Dollie who is 24 I am very flattered because um… yeah… I’m 42 years old so WOW!

Check out TLC’s Wives with Beehives too as they talk more about it here.

Dollie’s Blog The Rockabilly Socialite can be found HERE

Not only am I a former Southern California gal but my love for Vintage combined with her love for Vintage as well…I think that’s a friendship made in Vintage heaven!! Wouldn’t you agree??

Oh, Calling Dollie, Miss TrishaTrixie here….I think we need to be friends!

TrishaTrixie from latest shoot with Five Photographer Nick Clausen

Gram-a-licous Grammy Fashion

It seems overstated and overdone that every fashion blogger in the world seems to always write a post about what everyone wore or didn’t wear on Grammy or awards night but it you don’t do it, then it seems wrong. So here is my tribute to the Grammy wearers of dos and don’t out there hoping it’s a bit different than the rest of the clackers and the clan

Kaya Jones

Love what Kaya Jones was wearing. I have a turquise dress like this I almost modeled in recently and I love the vintage feel of this

Deadmau5 And Kat Von D

KVD, though I love you and love your kick-as—bitchin-ness…I have to say nay to this. It’s tha grammys not a night out on the town to go clubbin. I think you could have dressed it up a bit and still looked freakin fab like you do and rocked everyone’s world. Don’t even get me started on Deadmaus…not going there….next!!

Ali Tamposi

Well the fashion is awesome in the but I think someone needs to teach that girl not only how to pose with all her hands and fingers but what to do with her mouth. Duck lips are bad enough but White girl overbite is even worse I think

Little Big Town

I applud you. The ladies got it right, the men know how to dress with style and class and the hair is neither too big nor too small. Good job LBT, good job! Way to show them Country is Cool.


Hmmm, I am a little unsure here. I feel like she might be slipping on a pair of Ice Skates and sliding out for a set soon. It is defiantly different and I love different but this might be even a little too much for me. But then again I love my Hollywood glamour and I am not everyone’s cup of tea either.


The only thing I have to say about this is…Well it isn’t DuckFace

Hunter Hayes

I love your music, I love your face. You’re just so awesome and fantabulous, and so cute, I could just put you in my pocket! go Hunter Hayes


My take on these guys? Scared, Bored Bored.

LL Cool J

Smilin J. Love it. Keep it up.

Kathy Griffin

Bitch. Just kidding. I love this woman. Outspoken. Smart. Loves the gays. Me too. Let’s have coffee and chit the chat. Kathy Griffin-Call me

Ed Sheeran

Hey was just listening to your music today to make a playlist. Looking kewl dude!

Carrie Underwood


Bonnie Raitt

Always givin em something to talk about. Love it!

Chris Brown And Natasha Bedingfield

Chris looks great. Natasha however looks like she grabbed a shawl off her grandmothers couch and put a belt around it! No thank you.

Taylor Swift

This little gal is growing up!WOWZA! Looking good. He is wishing you would ever ever someday get back together with him now huh?Like ever?!

Jennifer Lopez

No offense, but take the bun off your head sometime ok?

Jack White

Is he supposed to look creepy?

Miranda Lambert

Well done Miranda. GunPowder and POW! You nailed it!

Willy Wonka called. He said you weren’t supposed to eat the Blueberry gum.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban

The country crowd know hot to git er done!

Esperanza Spalding

Love her hair!! The outfit is stunning as well!

Kelly Rowland

What is it with these people and their weird buckteeth mouth smiles? Really have someone teach you how to smile for the camera!! On top of that, What is going ON with that dress?!?!?!?I think her breasts are trying to break out of boob jail!!

Alicia Keys

Love Alicia but the snark smile could have used some work

Travis Barker

Very Vintage and Retro. Love it!

 And the finale of my Gram-licious favs and flaves……


Now THAT’S a great pose!!

Thanks for tuning in to read up what I think of the Granny wear.


Swag Bag Drawing

Want to win some Swag? I am having a contest on my site to give away some of the leftover items I could use from IFBCON. If you are interested. Come check out my FB page and check out my Swag bag drawing to find out how you too could win some swag

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Spectacular Sunday~You Nailed It

Sundays truly are spectacular. Women like to really dress themselves up and get all prettied. One of the oldest and most popular choices for the occasion is fixing their nails. Here we have a selection of spectacular choices for you to consider.

From Cutsie…





Whatever the occasion, no matter your taste, whichever you choose…
You Nailed It.   
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