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Want to book me, Miss Trisha “Trixie” Hunter to come talk to your group, school, organization?

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Rates differ and I offer many choices of payment options and even honor some FREE gigs for non profit groups from time to time. Don’t let money get in the way of hearing this message. If you or someone you know has encountered or gone through Business Loss, Personal Loss, Rape, Molestation, Victimized by family or loved ones or you feel as though your word and self are fragile and you have a desire to STOP being Fragile and to START being Fabulous, then this is the talk for you!!

If you can’t afford to have me speak but would like the Be Fabulous: From Fragile to Fabulous E-Course, click here to purchase the complete course today for only $9.99!! Don’t wait, get yours today!

Facebook Page : Be Fabulous: From Fragile to Fabulous 









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