Mad Men Monday: The Closet -Ally or Adversary?

mad_men_cd_cover_325x325Since we are all NOT Female stars in a wonderful TV Show like Mad Men, it would be rare to say we all have amazing dressing rooms and closets as well as fab wardrobes to chose from. We are all not lucky enough to have walk in closest and rooms where we can do fittings and change in.

Some may have these finer things in life, but I have found the common woman general has a closest she herself could barely fit in, much less all the wonderful clothes she desires to own and wear.

There are ways however to not only give yourself a fabulous dressing room but also to utilize the closest space and spaces you already have.

For instance, do you perhaps have a room in your home that is currently being unused? Perhaps it was formerly a children’s room or a den? What about in the basement? Do you have wide open spaces down there that is just waiting to be gobbled up by you? Perhaps you have a master bedroom and yet only a one you or you really only need a small bedroom to sleep in and could flip that mast bedroom around to be your own personal space?

The most important thing you can do is have a room where you can see all or as much of your items as possible. Now perhaps you will only be able to have a room to put your clothes in and will have the change nearby or somewhere else.  Do the best you can with what you have. But I bet you would be surprised when looking around that you DO have the space to make a more wonderful space for yourself.

Then there is the under used and under utilized items. What is in your closest that you haven’t worn in a year? More than a year? What about coats? Are coats taking up those spaces? The general rule of thumb for when to remove an item from your wardrobe is if you haven’t worn it in a year, you most likely are not going to. There are the exceptions however to formal gowns etc…but this is where we start separating.

If you haven’t worn it and are not going to get rid of it. If it is a formal, collect all the formals and cover them with a wardrobe cover and hang them somewhere safe or cover them with a garbage bag and tie off the bottom. Attach a label to the hang so you know what they are.

If coats are invading your space, the remove all coats and put them in a coat closet or somewhere out of the way. I put even my formal coats with my other coats in the front hall closet, along with scarfs, hats and gloves for easier access when going out.

Once you have the items you are going to keep, you can start assessing the space. Make it an extension of you. Lighting(no fluorescent) (I prefer Daylight lamps) , colors on the walls( I prefer Pink on one wall) , pictures you desire (Anime images and things I have drawn make me feel pretty), a good full length mirror (one can be cheap for under $10 at Walmart) and perhaps a Vanity if you have the space for you to do your makeup(I found one at an Auction event but they can even be found at thrift stores or you can make a vanity from an old desk or computer stands work great to keep your makeup underneath on the keyboard tray).


Put your shoes on a door hanging rack, or get a small shoes holder to put underneath your clothes. You can also have them in a foyer, or along the hallway. Look for spaces that might work for these.

If you have a small closet and just won’t be able to create a Dressing Room space here are some tips from the Mad Men Fashion Files book and a few hints from me:

  • Archive by season. (Clean things out and put in bins or boxes. I prefer plastic bins to keep my clothes fressh and I make a list of what is in them and then tape it to the top of the bin. Then I put them i the basement to rotate when the next season comes out)
  • Whose Bed are your Items under (Sorry that was a joke from Shania Twain song…) ( At Target and Walmart etc they have bins that slide under your bed. Put shoes, belts, scarves and other misc items underneath it all.You can also store all those seasonal items if you have no where else to put them
  • Hang it Up ( I use bulletin boards, tacks and nails to create a line up of my hair bandanas, scarfs, and belts. They are out in the open and it also uses the wall space. I mean why have a picture when You can have all your favorite items all around you. This also works for hanging up purses on the wall and many other items)
  • Become a Label Crazed person. Buy label maker or use Masking Tape and box, bin and label the heck out of things. Get Ikea drawer boxes or something similar at Target or Walmart or Shopko and put things away and label label label. Then it is out of the way and organized as well

The women of Mad Men are lucky. They not only have a fabulous Fashion and Costume Designer who helps them pick out everything to wear, but they each have their own fabulous space to dress and shoes and do their makeup in. Some may have these same types of places in their homes, but as  I said before the average woman does not.

Be creative.

Think outside of the box…this one being the box of your room.

When I was a teen and had no space, I learned how to put things under neath, hang things on walls and I tuned my bunk bed upside down and made it into a Wooden Futon/Daybed. I went to fabric stores and begged for remnants (the days when you didn’t have to pay for them)

A few years ago I live in a fabulous studio where there was a Murphy Bed. I love how it went up and got out of the way. Even Caroline on Two Broke Girls figured out a way to make a Murphy Bed and create more space for her and Max ( Yes I love that show)

Shop around thrift stores to find desk or things that will help you make a vanity or dresser or a space to put things away. Remember YOU can do nearly anything with something else. Refurbish it. Re Paint it, add different knobs. Transform a desk to a Vanity. Transform a TV cupboard into an Armoire. Unleash your creative side. Hang things up, put things out or label the heck out of them.

Make your closet your friend. Once you have the perfect space or cleaned out closet you can then put the items and things you DO need and WILL wear back in them. I organize by color, some organize by item (Dresses, skirts etc) That reminds me, I did add a pants bar in my tiny closet and gave myself another space for just my skirts. It completely transformed my closet. I also took off my door and hung a curtain for awhile but then I just took that down too.

Here are a few other images of my spaces and how I used them (Click on image to enlarge view and notes)

Here is an image of my full studio. I use my studio for dressing room, work space, create space and so much more…Perhaps you could use an area in your house for a dressing room and closest but make it the space you love to be in no matter what you do with it.

Clean SensaFashion Studio

Until next time,

XoXo~Trisha Trixie

Mad Men: BBQ Sauce Base

With summer fast approaching, I thought I might provide you with a base for creating your own secret BBQ sauce recipe.  This base provides a thing tomato base that you can add nearly anything to.


  • 16 ounces tomato sauce
  • 1 small onion
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup cider vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon dry mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon Tabasco
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


In a sauce pan saute the garlic and onion with the olive oil.  Cook until you can nearly see through it.  Add lemon juice, salt and pepper, paprika, mustard, and Tabasco. Mix these up really well.  Over medium heat simmer for 5 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  Reduce the heat to low and add tomato sauce and vinegar.  Simmer for an additional 15 minutes.  From this point you can add whatever you like.

For Sweet Sauces

  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • or Molasses

For Spicy Sauces

  • Chilles
  • Cayenne
  • or hot sauces

Really you can let your imagination go wild.  I have seen people use chocolate, coffee and many other crazy ingredients in their BBQ Sauce.  What might your secret ingredient be?

BBQ on the grill in Style

Now that your sauce is ready you are ready to grill. Don’t forget to check out Trisha Trixie Designs for your fashion needs.




Mad Men Monday: My Birthday Week

Not all birthday come with song and dance like Megan singing for Don’s birthday

But I am lucky enough that “GENERALLY” when I throw a party or have a Birthday celebration, my friends DO tend to come around

We end up doing exactly as they do on Mad Men and end up talking about business

But I try to have some fun. One of my most favorite things to do is SING! I took 10 years of vocal instruction, as well as dance, ballet etc, but singing was my main love. I always have loved to sing. EVen when I was little and we had nothing to do like they do now. No Xboxes, or video games, we had ourselves and I liked to go sit out on the swing and sing. I was in a band, I managed a band, I sang back up for a band, and I have had the grand opportunity to sing a few solos for places.

I will be honoring MY birthday this week (Thursday) May 16th, by going out with friends the night before and belting out a few tunes

I don’t know if I will be strutting my stuff like Megan here, but it is a high possiblity because I am a kook and love to be silly

Sing I am on the fact of MEgan singing, here is little fun fact for you

This is NOT actually how a NORMAL birthday would have gone in those days, but hey since we are talking about TV shows and not real life it all makes sense right?

So, for me, since I live in Movie Tvland in my head, anyway, making up for the birthday I did NOT have I somehow started a tradition once I was an adult.


I like to do something everyday of the week to honor my birthday, honor the fact I am still alive (if you know my life you were know that IS something to be proud of), and honor life in general and to just live it and have a blast.

Monday: Tonight, We are celebrating with Monday Margaritas

Tuesday: Lunch with my sister

Wednesday: Karoake at Billy Joe’s Pictur Show

Thursday: My birthday and my man and I will have a nice dinner

Friday: Star Trek night

Saturday: a few local events and shopping around town

Sunday: Birthday Brunch at an old fashioned diner 5 & Diner in Pleasant Hill

I can’t wait for this week and can’t wait to have a blast!

I only have one request…and it is below…lol

Ok, a Princess? I mean I DO plan on wearing a TUTU this week!

HAHA, ok ok, enough about me… for now 🙂

I hope we all have a great week and if you can come enjoy the week with me, even better!

Until next time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Wednesday What not: The vintage mother

So with the wold of Mad Men blowing across our nation, what man doesn’t want his own Betty?

I’d love to be able to stay home and participate in the activities of the 1950s, but what did a stay at home mother really do?

Top Ten in the life of a 1950s mother

10. Taking care of the home.

9. Grocery Shopping

8. Crafting

7. Sewing

6. Baking

5. Socializing with friends

4. Volunteering through social clubs

3.  Taking care of children

2 Making sure the house stayed together.

1.  Staying beautiful for her husband!

What do you do that reminds you of the vintage mother?  Funny thing at my house we have a dishwasher, however I’d rather wash the dishes by hand.  Something about it just calms my nerves.

Also, I love to put on a little apron and imagine myself back in time.  Didn’t things seem so much simpler?

Perhaps, your mother deserves to feel like a goddess in her home while crafting, baking, sewing or whatever her heart desires.  Don’t forget that trishatrixie designs has a huge selection of aprons and apron accessories.

Red White and Blue How Cute R U

Red White and Blue How CuteFun and Floral

Fun and Floral
Green and Gorgeous Half Apron

Green and Gorgeous


Half Apron

CAM00246 20130424_114256

Mad Men Monday: Tribute to Mom in a Different World

I always have to smirk at the thing that happen on the show, most especially things mother’s say, how they act and how the children are as well. It was such a  different time then.

This little funny from “The Daily Beast” show Betty Draper in her true glory

Betty Draper (Mad Men)

Some mothers yell when their kids won’t eat their vegetables. Mad Men’s Betty Draper goes postal. From stuffing sweet potatoes in her daughter’s mouth to slapping her when she cuts her own hair, it’s easy to wonder why this “perfect” ’60s housewife had children in the first place

The new Mother in Law in Betty’s life is one of those irritating types. I have friends who have grandmothers such as this and we hated it when they had to visit or watch us. They were so mean

Then there is Joan’s Mom. Half the time she is a great help and the other half (or more than) she meddles and irritates Joan to no end. Isn’t that how mom’s are sometimes though?

Joan however as a new mom is trying hard to keep it all together, be back int eh workforce and raise her son up right with right morals and values by standing up for what she believes in early on.

Megan’s mom is seemingly delightful to everyone else, but Megan. I know a few mom’s of this nature

Megan on the other hand, is stuck in the limbo land of I am a hottie, I am a wife, or wait this weekend I have to be a mom. I have been there. Not an easy task

Many people forget Peggy as a part of the “mother” group. She did have a baby and she technically IS a mom. She does not see her child anymore and gave him up for adoption. Though some may not agree with her, I favor her decision to do what was right for her.

What I find intriguingly interesting was then when I did a search for Mad Men Mom, there was one missing from the mix. Trudy Campbell. I would have thought Peggy would have been, but no, nowhere to be found is Trudy. Trudy is solid and sturdy. She stands up for herself against Pete who is lame beyond all compare.  She has done well in standing up for her household and her values.

When thinking of Mother’s Day coming up, remember how it used to be and how it is now. The moms have changed and the kids too. No more are the days of shoes coming off and being used as a punishing instrument or wooden spoons or paddles. Mom’s used to let their kids out for hours and not care or worry where there were. Kids used to play with dry cleaning bags to anything they could find and the mom’s of the world did NOT think to worry.

I mention the kids because there is a song from Bucky Covington that makes me think about how different things were then from now. We used to drink out of  a hose, we used to run in the streets, and eheven mentions how mothers used to smoke and drink, and you know what, we survived…

Friday Wrap Up: Golf and Summer in Review

Golf and Summer in Review

Let me just say that I really messed this summer thing up.  It is May 2nd and we have measurable amounts of snow here in Iowa.  We thought about packing our bags and heading to a beach, however were going to give Iowa another try at summer!


Trisha Trixie talked to us about her childhood and growing up in the 70s.  She talked about music, the outdoors and just being overall happy.  You must read to find out the meaning of “don’t stir the ice cream!”


We prepared beef kabobs ala summer fun!  This simple, fast recipe is great for busy weekends.



Mad Men had a focus on the shooting of MLK.  This made Trisha Trixie think about how this tragic event correlated with what occurred in Boston.  That is was okay and normal to feel the pain of those we have never met and question how something so horrible could ever happen.  “How are yousince it happened?”


We created a repurposed frame for the golf fanatic. This project could be done with any sport.  It is a fun twist on an old frame!



We looked at golf fashion throughout the ages.  It is fun to see how dress has evolved over the years to meet the needs of golfers.   Also, we had a date night in a jar to feature for May day!  Did you get any lovely May day surprises?



We looked at the history of women and golf.  Analyzed the social elements of golfing.  If you golf, what do you gain from golfing?


We have had a wonderful week here at Trisha Trixie design. We are working to keep our Store up to date.  Keep checking back for fun ideas that may inspire your own creative passions!

Friday Wrap Up: A week of Nautical Bliss!



We learned about the fascinator and all of its beautiful uses.



This week we created Easy Prawn/Shrimp Old Bay Nautical.  This is a super yummy easy treat.



The fun fashion of Mad Man was discussed.  Check out the link to discover some lovely fashion ideas for you.



This DIY project is sure to give you the flare you deserve.  These cute shoes have already gained me tons of compliments.



Check out our natural products to keep your skin looking fresh and smooth.



The beautiful vintage, nautical apron was this weeks feature.  Featured patterns and designs were included.

Thank you all for another great week!  We hope you were inspired.

Mad Men: Nautical Style

This week we are going to focus on everything and anything Nautical!!

Since Mondays are devoted to Mad Men I wanted to share with you some Mad Men inspired Nautical Images…

732 × 600 –
340 × 270 –
500 × 500 –
985 × 1280 –
570 × 625 –
1600 × 1600 –
500 × 500 –
400 × 400 –
259 × 434 –
300 × 300 –
300 × 300 –
955 × 986 –
To add to the touch I thought I would share some images I found for some nautical themed Aprons:

573 × 214 –
570 × 858 –
512 × 384 –
600 × 800 –
1500 × 1500 –
365 × 600 –
800 × 1067 –
1133 × 1500 –
I have not yet created a nautical apron but this weeks inspiration is definitely inspiring me to think about it.
I have created some nautical themed items and posted here some items that I think could be considered as a Nautical Theme.
All of which you can buy from the Trisha Trixie Shop
PinStripe Shorty Buckle Scarf

Come Sail Away in my Shoes

Check out these items and all the other ones I gave you to check out… Enjoy Nautical theme week…
Until next time,
XoXo~Trisha Trixie

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Mad Men: Modeling

This weekend was a Modeling Weekend for me, Miss Trisha Trixie: The Vintage Fashionista. I had a fun time though as in all things in life just as in all things Mad Men, there is drama, chaos and having to deal with things we would rather not to. Miscommunication between a Makeup Artist and myself on Saturday. Then on Sunday at 5 am the MUAH (Makeup and Hair) girl cancelled. Had I stuck to my guns, I would have had my things with me because I rarely depend on anyone to do those for me and carry my own makeup and hair items to do it myself. This time of course, everything was at the studio. This made me think more and more about other models and of course my favorite band of Characters at Mad Men.

I wanted to explore the Modeling and acting side of Mad Men from both sides of the screen.

On the side we see, if we remember Betty was  Model before Don met her.

It is not as glamorous as it may often appear on TV. Just as Project Runway often touts

One day you are in and One day you are out”

it is almost as rough and rigid in the modeling world.

Betty here is Betty continues to revel in her days as a model when she was an inspiration to an Italian Designer and is talking and showing all these dresses and items to her neighbor.

She explains that she met Don while modeling a coat. In this Episode it shows how up and down the life can be. She decided to go back into modeling and tries out for a part.

One day she is picked as the girl for the Cola company.

The next day she is out because they want a different direction.

Later decides she doesn’t think she wants to go back to modeling after all. Why after all that come to that conclusion. For many reasons but far too often because it IS so up and down.

Now Don is with Megan. Another Creative Artist type. Though, Megan is an actress/model whose passion is mostly on the acting side.

On the side of the screen we don’t see is the effort they take into the costuming, research, staging, setting up the lights, waiting around for Hair and Makeup Artist, waiting for TOGS (Photographers) to set up their equipment and having the training and knowledge to learn how to relax, pose and act. Megan does show us a bit of this in last season and a little in this.

No, not everyone can put up with either side of it. It is actually a lot of work. Sometimes it pays very little. Sometimes you put a lot of effort in to see nothing. The light might not have been right, the pictures got lost, there were not any good takes, or perhaps the TOG just didn’t feel like editing them or releasing them to you, even if you paid for them or not.  OR sometimes your makeup or hair was not right. The makeup artist didn’t understand, doesn’t know how to do what you are or the TOG is looking for, or perhaps you ha to do it yourself and maybe it wasn’t what YOU or the TOG was looking for.

No, it is NOT as easy as standing there an posing. You DO need to know how to pose, how to grab the light, how to pay attention to your wardrobe and keep from having wardrobe malfunctions, you need to have your feet standing right, pointing the right way, your lips moist, your hair not out of place and truly you need to think in each pose from head to toe how to shoot and to be and act. In the acting side like Megan at least you get a few takes unless of course it is theater.

Lastly, you need to have the on screen, on film, on camera appeal. You could be gorgeous in real life, but how do you look behind the camera. There was a makeup artist there and I thought she looked AMAZING. But it was funny , when mentioning to her she should model she said “I don’t look good in front of the camera” and that may be very well be true.

It is more than dressing up, standing around. It is an art. From all sides of the perspective. Artists do what they love because they enjoy it. They rarely get paid top dollar. It is generally more of a hobby than a profession. As much as I wanted to get back into this full time, it takes time to rebuild my portfolio and it pays very little. Thus , the Fashion Design biz. I get to do what I love, be creative and once in a awhile throw in a bit of modeling my own items to really make it fun.

I too love dressing up, being in the modeling world when out and about. Getting compliments and being noticed just like Betty. It is GLAM from time to time…but wading through the rubble and drama to get to here, can be a brutal nightmare.


Until next time,

~Trisha Trixie

Fashion Designer, Blogger and Model

Throwback Thursday: Love and Marriage

In 1950 unmarried men were generally paid less than married men. Reason being? The Employers felt that single men needed less to live on and survive on. Many men got married just have a better status, pay and clout in the workforce a man was also deemed more stable if he was in a married home.

Women rarely wen to college and if they did it was to either a finishing school or something to do to pass the time until the right guy came along or they went to college to FIND the right guy.

A finishing school (or charm school) is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social skills and cultural norms as a preparation for entry into adult society.[1][2] The name reflects that it follows on from ordinary school and is intended to complete the educational experience, with classes primarily on etiquette. It may consist of an intensive course, or a one-year programme.

Even though divorce was still frowned upon there were 385,144 divorces in 1950 quite staggering at that time against 1,667,231 marriages.

In post war times, marriage was the best option, mainly women. By the time a gal was 18 she was generally sought after and men generally married in their 20’s. More men than women were generally single after the age of 25 leaving behind a trail of spinsters or late marriage bloomers.

There were not many women who worked outside the home at that time, a staggering 21 % compared to now I am sure the percentage is much higher being that MORE women work outside the home more than ever. Home businesses were on the rise though and husbands allowed their wives to do things like Tupperware, Avon and others of it’s kind. Avon launched in 1954 and over 2/3 employees were women. Shaklee products also gave rise to women working at home and part time out of the house.

Bit of Fact for you: The Kennedy Wedding was on September 13th 1953 and it was watched, stalked and admired by many. The Kennedys were under a lot of scrutiny to be “the couple to lead by example”, though if you know the story, the marriage was far from perfect.

Women were told in those days to “Show  man you love him y cooking, cleaning and always being well groomed. Never come to the day without your hair done and makeup on, and you should greet him at the door when he comes home. As well do not bombard him with trivial things, though give him time to relax and always have dinner on the table when he arrives.”

A great article to view more about Gender roles are in the link below.

Writing about gender roles of the 1950s, Betty Friedan once defined the “suburban housewife” as “the dream image of the young American woman.” Just as prescriptive literature of the 19th century geared to the middling classes emphasized women’s “true” place in society as mother and wife, the 1950s saw an ideal perpetuated in books, magazines, movies, television, songs, and ads that depicted the white, middle-class woman fulfilled only by a happy marriage.

“Women Without Men”: The Pros and Cons of a “Man-Free Life

Although it is a world-wide and historic conviction that every woman wants to be married, a great many do not want marriage. Consciously or unconsciously, many of them spend a lifetime resisting it. Hundreds of thousands of young women who have left their homes and moved to the big city in search of work and a husband have found only the work. But many others have recognized the truth—that they enjoy a man-free life—and are the happier for the recognition

Please do not misread my intentions here though. I am not encouraging one way or the other. I think that the article is best said that women “accept” they will be without a man and have a happier life for it. Though I still believe many women do better and are happier with a man in their life…that is if it is the RIGHT man. No women should stay with any man just to have one. If he is not a nice man, and treats you badly, I encourage you to take care of yourself.

What I am saying however is that just as the article states there are pros and cons of being married.

I have been married before and now it is like a boom hanging in my face that I have. Too many times of being married, no matter what the reason or how long you were married I think that men start counting the number of times it has happened.  It takes a special man to look past the number and get to know a divorced woman to decide if he wants to be with her or not.

The sting that I still have is for men I have lived with and felt like I was practice for the one they truly desires to be with, only to be burned, dumped and him to marry the other gal I knew nothing about. There was a scene in Mad Men where the mother states this to Peggy when she announced she would be living in with her man…and let me tell you, there was a lump in my through and it hit hard…

Mother isn’t buying any of it. About the ham. Living together. Or Abe’s professed devotion to Peggy.

“I thought you’d be relieved that I wasn’t marrying the Jew.”

“It has nothing to do with that… You’re selling yourself short. Because this boy will use you for practice until he decides to get married and have a family. And he will, believe me.”

Yes, Peggy’s mom is hard and sometimes crazy (her advice about cats, for example). But what must make it difficult for Peggy to just cut the cord is that her mother is also devoted in her own way and actually has some down-to-earth wisdom to dole out.

And in this case, mother knows best, maybe not about felines, but about the risks of love birds moving into together and especially about the way Peggy’s handling the whole situation.

Abe Moves in

This is not to say that some of these situations end great and marriage is either never needed or some day the man finally get’s down on one knee and proposes. Sadly I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth about living together as my sister lived with a man for over 20 years and he never proposed only to later find out he was still married to his ex. As well a man I lived with during four years, ended our relationship and three weeks later proposed to someone else.

I am now with a kind loving man and we have been dating off and on for a year or so. We DO now live together and it is going well. He loves my Retro Woman ideals and I love his gentleness. I do hope one day he proposes and even thought recently an offer would be available but I was mistaken.

Perhaps I too am like Peggy , and I don’t mean Peggy Bundy, in my ideals. Love and Marriage today is sadly not how it was in the 50s and honor and trust is not as widely given as well. I guess we all can’t have 1050s housewife lives, though if it were up to me, I would. 🙂

Until next time,

Xoxo~Trisha Trixie