Memorial Monday Menu

I would hope you a ll know by now, I love to bake, cook, be in the kitchen, be a hostess and have parties. I am a sucker for holidays, manufactured ones too.   At this point I don’t even care if I “know” people are coming over or not. I have decided in my 40’s now that I am going to cook for me and my man and if people want to stop by I invite the misfits, the exiles and any and all who want to come and if they show up GREAT if not, “oh well”.   So this weekend my menu I decided I wanted to do consisted of things “I” wanted to make and create.

I bought a new grill (and put it together all by myself thank you oh and I tested out the grill Friday night and I even got it started all by myself nyah!)

Menu:   Frog Eyed Salad

Potato Salad made with Sour Cream instead of May

My man doesnt like Mayo so I used this alternative instead. Very yummy)

Premade Buffalo Wings from Fareway (Appetizers)

Premade Shrimp Bites (Schwans)


Chips and Salsa:  Target Peach Pineapple Salsa and a tad Queso. Yummm

Trixie’s World Famous Devilish Eggs : (Make like a normal Recipe, but add a hint of special vanilla. I use Tahitian or Madagascar) PS Also made with Sour Cream. No Mayo

Burgers :  I add Tastefully Simple”s “Everyday Grillin Seasonin, then flatten out. Add a touch of Big Daddy’s BBQ sauce then grill over coals (get yours from my pal Kara)

Brats:  For my man. I am not a Brat person but he likes them

Chicken Breast: Fareway had some great deals so I figured I would toss those on the grill too

Pasta Salad:  Rotini Pasta, cook al dente, add pesto or italian dressing. I like this simple recipe. You can also add ranch I also mixed my own version of this Italian Dressing Recipe up

Rhubarb Pie: HOMEMADE WITH FRESH RHUBARB…need I say more??? This week I remember I had a TON of Rhubarb in my backyard so I cut that all up and froze some and saved some out to make a pie for today.

Then for the finale of flavors I made Sweet Chai Tea: Black Tea, Roobis, Cinnamon, Cadramom, Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, touch of nutmeg. Steep loose teas and flavors together for 10 minutes or more. Make enough pots to make a BIG pitcher. Cool in fridge or add ice to glass and enjoy. For a creamy version adda hint of milk or cream. And I saw this Recipe for Strawberry Syrup to make Sodas so I made my version but did it with

Rhubarb Syrup for Rhubarb Soda. Very yummy. Try it out! mmmm

Of course, I got one last thing (and we just had to try it out ahead of time… SMORES

No matter what your plans, grillin, hangin, chillin, going to memorial services, or whatever… take at least SOME time and remember WHAT this weekend is for… To remember thoe we lost in the wars they served  


Until next time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

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Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

Recipe Sunday: Dandelion’s are for more than wishes…

Everyone knows Dandelions are great for picking up, inhaling your biggest breath and wishing away… but they are for other things too.



I love looking up and finding natural, organic recipes to do things. I was looking for an image this week and saw this recipe for infused Dandelion Vinegar and just HAD to share it with you.



I first gather my blossoms, enough to fill whatever jar I am working with.  *Note*  I only gather from trusted sources.  I do not spray my lawn with any chemicals and I have an abundance of dandelion so I gather happily.  I would be leery gathering from a park or other manicured lawn because it’s a sure bet there will be chemical sprays used.  Use caution! –


Next, I lightly press the dandelions down into the jar and pour apple cider vinegar over the top of them to fill the jar.


cap with a plastic mason jar lid (because the acid of the vinegar corrodes the metal ring and lid), and place in a sunny window.  It is generally not sunny where I live, so I am more likely to place the infusion on the counter in the kitchen where I will remember to shake it once per day, for 6-8 weeks.

I can’t wait to use this dandelion-infused apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse and as a salad dressing.  I will gather dandelion leaves and make a dandelion dressing for a healthful and tasty treat.  Here’s how:

Dandelion Salad with Goat Cheese and Apple

  • 2 T Dandelion-Infused ACV
  • 3 T olive oil
  • 1 t dijon mustard
  • 1 t raw honey
  • 1 clove (minced) garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste

Whisk the above ingredients and pour over and lightly toss with:

  • 1 large bunch, (3 big handfuls) dandelion greens, washed and dried
  • 1/2 c chopped walnuts
  • 1 apple, chopped

Top with fresh goat cheese




Until Next time,


Trisha Trixie


Trixie Tuesdays: Life is Short- Live in the Now

I have been doing The Desire Map this year with Danielle La Porte and when organizing today as a challenge this week I wanted to “get back into the swing of things” per say. I took out my Desire Planner and opened it up to May. This is what was in the front cover and I thought “sounds like me!”


My father passed at ayoung age (42) and I have been throug a lot in life. I could cry, be miserable ro be fabulous. I chose the latter. I truly believe in living life to the fullest, taking care of myself and being authentic and real. I have been wanting to share something like this and..

“Well, I couldn’t have said it better if I tried” so here is what I read and what I wanted to share with you today.


 In Hour of the fact that Life is Short

in honour of the fact that life is short:

ecstatic sex, quitting, and wearing your best

wear your white shirts. get them pressed. ( I wear my good clothes all the time)
use your good dishes — everyday. (i do)
shave on weekends.

do not wait for special occasions. ( i don’t)
do not tuck your best away in the drawers, in the back of the closet, in your heart.
don’t wait for holidays or invitations.

declare that your today is the special occasion. ( I declare it every day)

call instead of emailing. (it feels so good to connect.)
go for coffee. ( or talk on the phone at least)

take care of it.

renounce your glory days. you’ve told all of those stories more than twice.
focus forward.

wear perfume for yourself. ( i do)

toss your only-wear-around-the-house clothes and let your good clothes graduate to around-the-house status. ( i love this phrase)

intend to feel good all of the time. (and do it)

write your book.


make ecstatic sex a priority. (this deliberateness will make you more creative, productive and generally gracious. on your death bed, you will think about all the amazing sex you had this lifetime.)

burn your to-do list. ( i have)

write poetry. one a day.

make a point to be as encouraging as possible, as much as possible, to everyone possible. (Be Fabulous)

don’t look back.

if you feel like you’re always failing, consider that this is part of being an artist. let it be a divine inclination. keep going.



eat real food. (does this mean I have to stop eating pink cereal?)

often refuse to be in the presence of people who make you feel repressed, anxious, or pull your frequency down. ( this can be hard, but your soul will thank you)

do not entertain haters. ( DO NOT)

send light to the haters.

give it away. you probably don’t need it and someone else does.

turn off the tv.

let it be easy.

burn candles. during the day. ( i do, green, brown and white, sometimes pink)

fall in love. with yourself. with the person you’re with. with the persons in your orbit.
because no one is perfect, but you can let the love be perfect for the both of you.
because everyone — everyone — is a doorway to God.
because you can get there from here.

because life is short.

( Live it, Breathe it, be it, every damn day..the choice is up to you…Be Fabulous,)

Until Next time,

XOXO Trisha Trixie