Recipe Sunday: Chorizo, Egg, Rice Burritos

I love to make things on the weekends and for this weekend I decided to show you how I make my Egg, Rice, and Chorizo Burritos

I try to use one pan so I don’t have to do as many dishes later…

Egg, Beef Chorizo, Rice (premade).

Add egg and Chorizo to the pan first on each side like so


Then, mix it all together to make it like a scramble


Once that is done, move that part to the side and add the rice


Break up the rice so it cooks and once it is hot enough, mix it up with the rest of the mixture


I warm my tortillas a little in the oven before serving on low warm setting

then dish out the mixture onto each tortillas and fold as desired


Or roll up and eat away. Three eaggs , half a pan of rice and a few sliceces of chorizo gave us EIGHT burritos each for two people.


I like this recipe because I can make it up ahead of time or even that morning and I still have enough time for work too!



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Until next time,


Trisha Trixie

Trixie Tips Tuesday

I saw this adorbs little article on taking the Tops off of Shoe Boxes and turning them into Jewlery trays so I thought I would take those old Fashion Barbie Calendars I had and a few pieces of felt and some Mod Podge and do the same!


Check out my fancy work here

The article of inspiration…


the tools of ideas…


the drying boxes

All I did was cut out swatches of the tissue paper and use ModPodge to cover it with a brush as a coating then let is dry. Then I vut the calendar pieces to fit inside the box and used a coat of it for glue on the bottom and then a coat of it for the top for a shine.


side by side…Then once it dried I cut a piece of felt for the bottom for the necklace and earrings to sit on



finished box one with a small patch of felt on the bottom


finished box two wit a small patch of felt on bottom


BOTH boxes now TRAYS stacked….



I can’t wait to make MORE!!!



Trisha Trixie

Recipe Sunday: Crescent Goodness

My hunney and I recently went on a vacation. when I come back from vacations, I am still in the vacation food mode. I want everything fancy, but I’m also in the tired mode of , I don’t want to cook too much. So I saw we had some Crescent Rolls in the fridge and made a little elegant inexpensive breakfast.

I put on my little Scalloped Half Apron (I have been wearing this one a lot lately) and got to work!


First I lied down some foil on eh pan and then sprayed it with a Oil based non stick spray.

I like to put down foil for easy clean up.


Once completed I made some eggs, cut the rolls in half and inserted them and some Asiago cheese inside.

then I made a second one with just jam from the Maana Colonies. I ate Apricot and the man had Berry.

20140316_090856 20140316_090850

I love this Blood Orange Soda. I added a little bananas and then sut up some extra na na’s on the plate.


Whala! A fancy, inexpensive yummy breakfast for just coming back from the vacation!


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Trisha Trixie