Throwback Thursday: Hand Clapping Games

When I was young I used to love those old school style games. One of my favorites I wrote about already was Skipping Games. But my most favorite of all was Hand Clapping Games.  I may not have had many friends growing up, but I was always able to find someone to play Hand Clapping Games with.

There are so many songs that go with them, I wouldn’t even be able to name all the songs so I went hunting online  and found this list of songs that go with them. Hand Clapping Song List. 

A clapping game (or hand game) is a type of usually cooperative (i.e., non-competitive) game which is generally played by two players and involves clapping as accompaniment to a singing game or reciting of a rhyme, often nursery rhymes. Clapping games are found throughout the world and similar games may be known throughout large areas with regional variation. WIKI Clapping Games

My Favorite Song I did was Say Say Playmate….


Say, Say, Oh Playmate

Say, say, oh playmate,
Come out and play with me.
Bring out your dollies three.
Climb up my apple tree.
Slide down my rainbow
Into my cellar door.
And we’ll be jolly friends
Forevermore, one two three four!



Say, Say, Oh Playmate

Say, say, oh playmate,
Come out and play with me.
Bring out your dollies three.
Climb up my apple tree.
Slide down my rainbow
Into my cellar door.
And we’ll be jolly friends
Forevermore, one two three four!


Start off with the action for most clapping games then clap your right hand with your partner’s right hand, next clap your hands, then clap your left hand with your partner’s left hand and then clap your hands twice. Now do it once more.


Here is a short video on a game called Slide


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Trixie Tuesdays: I’d Rather be Planning a Wedding over a Fashion Show

Yes. I said it. I would really truly rather be planning a wedding over a Fashion Show. I used to do event planning i the past and have done a few weddings and I have assisted with Fashion Shows, but let me tell you, planning your own is a whole different ball game. I think out of both the best thing either could do is to hire a planner.

There are such vast differences in planning both of these events and for some humor and insight today, I thought I would share them with you on my blog here:

Planning a Wedding    

  • You have a budget you know in advance
  • You are paying for everything out of that budget (generally your own pocket or Daddy’s)
  • You have a select few people you KNOW will be involved
  • You have one photographer doing one task: Taking pictures of you
  • You only need a small select set of thank you gifts for those involved
  • You assign tasks generally to two people: Best Man and Maid of Honor
  • You food plans are large and per person
  • You buy the dress and items needed to wear
  • Plan out hair and makeup
  • Remember the gift baskets
  • Plan honeymoon


Planning a Fashion Show       

  • You have no idea of your budget until you start getting sponsor money
  • You are constantly asking and begging people to give you things
  • You have no idea who will be involved until you get models and volunteers
  • You have tons of photographers doing many tasks
  • You need to have many ways of thanking everyone involved
  • You assign tasks to anyone who will help you
  • Your food plans are as cheap as you can get it with as much as you can
  • You not only need to make your item but everyone else’s in the show (if you are the designer which in this case I am)
  • Beg people to do hair and makeup
  • Remember gifts
  • Plan afterparty


With both you learn to be very creative.

With both you feel great joy as well as great confusion.

With both you learn to have patience and not kill people along the way

With both you end up broke, probably won’t get to eat and at the end of the night wonder where the day went

But in the end for me, I still think I would rather be planning a Wedding than a Fashion Show. Most especially if I get to be the bride 🙂

The only thing I could think of that would be worse, is a Fashion Show Wedding. Oye, kill me now.

Until next time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

Recipe Sunday : Rootbeer

Preparation for yourself:

To get in the spirit make sure you have your RootBeer BottleCap Earrings from TrishaTrixie


and your fabulous Steam Punk Inspired Re Constructed Apron (which will be available for purchase after Fashion Show)

Add a Fabulous lip color from Vanity and Glamour Cosmetics and you are all set. If you want to go fancier add any other makeup like Mascara from V and G and it will make you feel fabulous ready to be the RootBeer maker!

Root Beer Recipe

You’ll need these:

  • Bleach, or sanitizers from homebrewing suppliers
  • Large pot
  • Funnel
  • Measuring cups/spoons
  • ultra-fine straining tool (coffee filter, cheese cloth, or clean towel)
  • Plastic bottle and cas (2 Liter, or a few 20 oz)
  • Yeast (ale yeast, champagne yeast, or dry and active powdered baker’s yeast, but not bread-makers)
  • Sugar
  • Flavorings/herbs
  • distilled or tap water devoid of chlorine

Pre-cook tips:

  • Sanitize your supplies. Nothing is worse than spending a few hours with a liquid masterpiece only to find out it smells rank because bacteria clung to one of your supplies. Use up to 1 TBS unscented bleach per 1 gallon water. Soak for at least 1 minute in the diluted mixture and let air dry.
  • United States water supply will have minute amounts of chlorine to clean out city pipes and ward off bacteria. Chlorine can be reduced in tap water by letting it sit in a pot and air out for at least an hour.

Make the wort:

  • 4 boiling cups water
  • 1 TBS sassafras root bark
  • 2 TBS sarsaparilla root
  • 2 TBS dried wintergreen leaves
  • ½ TBS dandelion root (or dandelion tea bag)
  • ½ to 1 cinnamon stick (½ TSP powder)
  • 1 TSP coriander fruit (dried seeds, freshly crushed)
  • 1 TBS raisins (or berries of your choice)
  • 1 TBS hops (or burdock)
  • Optional: 1 dash of nutmeg, allspice, clove, and/or black pepper

I did not use the below ingredients in my first brew, but you can add or substitute these in your wort. The amounts are a starting point.

  • ½ TBS ginger root
  • 1 TBS birch bark, spruce bark, horehound, anise, or wild cherry tree bark
  • 1 TBS licorice root

Bring water to a boil. Simmer ingredients for 1 hour. Hops can be added anytime throughout the cooking process. Check out the temperature effects on the flavor of hop tea. Let wort cool to under 105 degrees F. Strain, and funnel into your bottle.

Post-wort ingredients:

  • 1 C cane sugar*
  • 1 TSP vanilla extract (more if using imitation)
  • 1 TBS honey
  • ½ TSP molasses
  • 1 to 2 TBS fresh squeezed lime/lemon juice (about 1 small lime or half a lemon)
  • Optional: fruit juices

Add your extracts, sugars, and liquids to the bottle. Shake up all the ingredients until dissolved.

Proceed to yeasting:

  • 1/4 TSP yeast (or 1/8 TSP of ale or other yeasts)
  • 1/4 C very warm water (not boiling or very hot)

Let the yeast sit in the warm water for 15 minutes. Afterwards, add this to the bottle, then top off the bottle with clean water until there’s only an inch of space from the cap. The less oxygen in there, the less oxidation (leading to off flavors and smells). But leave just a bit of room for  a foamy head (just like beer) and for fizzing when opening.

Be still and patient:

Let the yeast ferment into soda in a dark place. Or if you are lazy, cover the bottles with your leftover laundry. Wait anywhere from 4 hours to a week, depending on the temperature and complexity of the nutrients. Warm weather indoors will speed up the process compared to a cold house without a heater running. Typical time will be 1-3 days.

When the bottle doesn’t flex under firm pressure, it is ready to permanently toss into a refrigerator to inhibit further carbonation. Any lollygagging after the bottle stops giving when squeezed will only increase your risk of over-carbonation and exploding fluids. After refrigerated, the bottle will need some pressure released. Slowly loosen the cap until a faint noise lets you know the compressed gas is escaping. Let the craft root beer sit in the fridge with the slightly loosened cap. You can drink 12-24 after it has cooled. Be careful not to unscrew the cap too fast on first opening, as you might get overflowing root-beer (after all, it is carbonated soda).

* Tweaking the sugar sources will have a direct impact on the flavor. Experiment with brown sugar, 2/3 c agave nectar, honey, or other sugary substances. Sweet fruit juice can also be substituted for water and part of the sugar contents. Some sugar (glucose, fructose, dextrose, etc) needs to be present for the yeast to work its magic, but you can replace part of the sugar with stevia or other sugar alternative. If you are looking for a sugar-free alternative, you could skip the yeast and use pre-made or force carbonated water, but use a lower quantity of sugar substitute.

This recipe is from Mox and Fodder

Here are some extra links I found about RootBeer Syrup and other related items

Rootbeer Syrup

Non Explosive RootBeer

Learning RootBeer

Gingerale and RootBeer

If you Really want to go simple buy this RootBeer Kit

Fabulous Friday!Be Fabulous Fabric

First off I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. After I came back from NYFW my feet have been hitting the ground getting the word out for my Fun and Fabulous Fashion Show , my hands have been busily sewing away and my mind has been a bit single minded focus. But in the midst of all that came a few fun things I wanted to share with you!

I wanted to have some specialty fabric created for my Fashion Show and so I found this site called SpoonFlower that allow you to create any fabric, wallpaper or decal from a design. It is a bit pricey but so worth it. There are three fabrics from my Spoonflower Shop I will be showcasing in my show that I Custom Created. One will be worn by the Owner of Java Joe’s Amy Brehm who I made this cute Retro Black and White Apron for with a Be Fabulous Piece of Fabric made for her lower bib and top pockets.


I will have a couple of other great fabrics in the show as well. If you are an artist and would love to see your designs on a wall, a decal or on fabric go check them out.

If you want me to create an Apron from your designed fabric just use my contact form on this site and I would love to create one for you. If you want any other garment created, hit me up and I could connect you to someone who could make it for you I am nearly sure! 😉

Until next time,

~XoXo Trisha Trixie

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Recipe Sunday: Guest Post: Lazy Oreo Cupcakes by Trinity

Recipe – Lazy Oreo Cupcakes


  • 1 boxed white cake (the dollar variety)
  • As many Oreos as you would like
  • Frosting (made from the instructions on the back of a powdered sugar box OR bought)

All throughout High School my friends knew if they asked for something baked (knowing them it was usually cupcakes) they would receive it. It was because of this that I thought about becoming a baker, but that’s a story for another day. One day one of them wanted me to give her an easy recipe for Oreo cupcakes, and since I knew her well I knew I had to go as simple as possible.

  • Prepare your white box cake recipe as directed adding in a bit more water and milk (about 1/4th a cup *LIQUID* measuring cup is my rule of thumb combined NOT each. Each makes it too runny).
  • Crush your Oreos to your desired amount. I go for about 10-15 depending on if I’m trying to stretch the batter for two or three extra people.
  • Mix into batter as you pour into LINED cupcake pan(s) until each cup is a tad over ½ full but not 3/4ths.
  • Bake as for about 10 minutes and then check with a toothpick. If it comes out clean (not sticky and gooey), then they are done. If not place back in over for 2 more minutes checking again with a toothpick.
  • Let cool for 10-20 minutes in freezer (or longer if open air) then remove from pan.

Voila! You have Oreo cupcakes.

I have heard people say that you can buy them in a box without all the extra work. I will still always go this way. I can control how many cookies go in, and since I bought the Oreos I can place whole ones on top as decorations, or just eat them later.

*****You can substitute the Oreos for those awesome dollar store cookies or any cookie that meets your fancy.

Throwback Thursday: Retro Travel

For Throwback Thursday today I will be a “Jet-Setter”. I am getting on a plane (or two) and heading off to New York City!

Fashion Week is this week and I was awarded the luxury of a Free Hotel stay at the W Hotels Union Square.  A I was planning my trip and packing of course some very vintage minded apparel and accessories for the trip, it made me ponder what travels used to be like?

In the 1950s, people travelled by air, train, by sea and by road. This is also the time when the demand for owning private cars rose in the UK. In fact, traditional forms of transport such as buses and trains were abandoned in favour of private cars. This is because cars enabled people to discover travel destinations that were previously unthinkable by bus or train.

In the 1950s, people got around basically the same way people do today.They went to work in cars, busses, or trains. More people rode busses and trains to work (percentage wise) than do today. Most middle class families only had one car. On vacation, people drove, took the train, or went by plane. Airlines were not as numerous as they are today and most people could not afford to take their entire family by plane. Kids rode to school on the same old school bus as kids today. A lot more kids rode their bikes (pedal type!) to school because many schools were in small towns or there were several close schools in districts in large cities. Many kids even walked to school. Major cities had taxi cabs but they were an expensive way to travel. In cities like New York, a large percent of the population used the subway (called the “EL” [elevated]) in some cities. There were more passenger trains in large cites than there are today. Just an example–I lived in New Jersey and was a NY Yankee fan. To go to a game at Yankee Stadium we would take the bus that picked us up on the corner of my street, take that bus to another city where we got a bus that took us into New York City. In the City we got on the Yankee Stadium exit.

I am excited about the trip today and in some ways am thankful our resources have changed but I still think it would be fun to travel 1950’s style so today while traveling I am going to dress teh part and play along a tad. I mean just cuz I can’t  GO RETRO doesn’t mean I can’t LOOK retro, right?