Friday Wrap Up: A week of Nautical Bliss!



We learned about the fascinator and all of its beautiful uses.



This week we created Easy Prawn/Shrimp Old Bay Nautical.  This is a super yummy easy treat.



The fun fashion of Mad Man was discussed.  Check out the link to discover some lovely fashion ideas for you.



This DIY project is sure to give you the flare you deserve.  These cute shoes have already gained me tons of compliments.



Check out our natural products to keep your skin looking fresh and smooth.



The beautiful vintage, nautical apron was this weeks feature.  Featured patterns and designs were included.

Thank you all for another great week!  We hope you were inspired.

ThrowBack Thursday: Nautical Vintage Aprons

I thought since we are on a Nautical Twist this week,  I thought I would share with you some Nautical Vintage Inspired or Retro Aprons

I love this take on a Retro Look but with a newer twist

This come from Life Buoy Soap Ads, check this one out

Images of the Past had some pretty kewl images with some lovely Retro Ladies in Aprons

Here is one of a Military Navy Man in the Galley cooking away white a t shirt and half tied long apron. After doing some research (and one of my navy boy pals might correct me) I found this was general attired down there in the galley because it was hotter than heck and below deck.

Trying to find some Retro Themed Aprons was a difficult task actually. Not a lot of pictures taken back then. I did however find you can find some kewl sewing vintage  patterns online that have a retro feel

This one was from Pinterest Vintage Patterns

Here is another one

From Clothing I Want

Here are a few other Nineteen Hundred images of some Retro Ladies in Aprons

This one is funny

I leave you with this last image of a lady wearing one of those SMOCK aprons mostly used for laundry and cleaning at those times.

I hope to make my housecleaning and utility aprons a BIT more fun than these!!

What type of aprons do you like out of these? What do you think of the aprons they wore during this time period? What do you think they needed if anything? We love to hear your thoughts here or on our Facebook page, so don’t be afraid to comment!1

Until Next Time,

XoXo~Trisha Trixie



Wednesday What not: Tips and tricks for great summer skin

Wednesday What Not: Tips and Tricks for the skin


I see you questioning now.  Tomatoes are great for the skin.  Have dark spots or blemishes?  Cut up a tomato, rub it on your skin, let it dry and then rub it off.  You will be amazed at the results!


Watermelon is good for your blemishes, so eat up plenty of this health fruit.  However, if a blemish has surfaced rub a piece on your face and let it dry.  You rinse of the watermelon and the blemish will begin to go down in size.

Coconut Water

It is all the rage and does some amazing stuff for your skin and hair.  Drink it up for the best results.  It will make your skin glow and your hair soft and smooth.  One interesting thing about coconut water is that when you drink it, it cools you from the inside out.  This will help you stay cooler on those hot July days!

Buttermilk Bath

In the summer, my skin gets dry from the summer heat.  Nothing is better than mixing a cup of buttermilk into your bath.  You will feel the difference immediately and what girl doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bath?

Keeping skin Healthy

Don’t forget that you should try to protect your face.  The skin here is sensitive and the most noticeable area for wrinkles to appear.  Try a fun beach hat.


This hat is $14.99 at Target and well worth the cash, if you ask me!

Also, coverups are nice to keep your skin sun free and help transition into lunch on the beach!


This too is available at Target, but many options are available to you.

Please! Please!  Do not forget your sunscreen.  There is no need to damage the skin.


Of course, do not forget your fun flare at the beach.  Trisha Trixie designs has nautical earrings, shoes, scarves and other flare to build up your ensemble.  Thinking of having a picnic on the beach Trisha Trixie would love to custom design an apron to match your suit!

Mad Men: Nautical Style

This week we are going to focus on everything and anything Nautical!!

Since Mondays are devoted to Mad Men I wanted to share with you some Mad Men inspired Nautical Images…

732 × 600 –
340 × 270 –
500 × 500 –
985 × 1280 –
570 × 625 –
1600 × 1600 –
500 × 500 –
400 × 400 –
259 × 434 –
300 × 300 –
300 × 300 –
955 × 986 –
To add to the touch I thought I would share some images I found for some nautical themed Aprons:

573 × 214 –
570 × 858 –
512 × 384 –
600 × 800 –
1500 × 1500 –
365 × 600 –
800 × 1067 –
1133 × 1500 –
I have not yet created a nautical apron but this weeks inspiration is definitely inspiring me to think about it.
I have created some nautical themed items and posted here some items that I think could be considered as a Nautical Theme.
All of which you can buy from the Trisha Trixie Shop
PinStripe Shorty Buckle Scarf

Come Sail Away in my Shoes

Check out these items and all the other ones I gave you to check out… Enjoy Nautical theme week…
Until next time,
XoXo~Trisha Trixie

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