Fashion Friday…Kick Ass Bad Ass Fashion

Bad Ass Fashionista


I currently am taking a course called Bad Ass Broad Workshop with Stephanie St. Claire from so everything lately in my head is all about being Bad Ass or Kick Ass right now. I even like that touch exteriir fashion style of looking like a bad ass or looking kick ass and what I consider Kick Ass Bad Ass Fashion to be like..

Leather coat and jeans-Bad Ass
Kick Ass Shoes

Bad Ass Shoes

More Leather and jeans-Bad Ass

Leather pants and suit coat-Bad Ass

Kick Ass Shoes

Bad Ass hipsters

Knee High Boots- Definately Bad Ass

Not caring what others think about what you wear-Bad Ass

Being Confident is Bad Ass Fashion

Having Sexy Self Esteem is Bad Ass and Kick Ass!

All images courtesy of my Kick Ass Bad Ass Broads and Boards

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Fashionista Fun Links

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Have a Fashion Filled weekend my lovelies,

The Fashionista