How to look Comfy & Cute

I was asked this week How to Look Comfy and Cute by Jenna Kramer? Well, I added to that a bit and am also adding in Work Appropriate (if it is Friday) If not wear a skirt, leggings, or slacks with this not jeans.
I am a Camisole kinda gal. If needed on a think shirt I will wear a bra, but I like these like Victoria Secret has that have a shelf bra in them. The fact that they are Polka Dots help me feel cute even underneath. The other wonderful thing is with how cold it is today, this helps keep me warm.
Pink Polka Cami
I even wear Polka Dotted panties (ok they are hearts but close enough) to continue the Cute trend underneath
Polka Heart Panties
I love this sweet necklace a newer pal got me for a gift.
I couldn’t decide which earrings
But these ones won out because they matched the necklace the best
Then I layer up sock, one long to tuck in pants and one extra for foot warmth
Don my Cutest boots I got in Valley Junction (I get quite noticed in these bad boys)
My favorite torn jeans, shirt left out and sweater add to the comfy, cute and paired with something other than jeans Work Appropriate as well
Collar shirt, Fuzzy sweater from Wet Seal, jewels, hair and makeup
Then of course rocking it with my Gwen Stefani style coat and my Glam Glasses!
 See! It is all attainable. You just have to learn or know how to style it. And THAT is why people pay me to raid their closet , style for them or shop for them. If you need help with any of those, MY services are for hire and available. Until then, keep following my blogs and eventually you will get your own Sense of Style and Fashion!
Xoxo~Trisha Trixie