RePost : Fashionista Fall Fashion Tips by Trisha Trixie

Fashionista Fall Fashion Tips (via Des Moines is NOT Boring)

This year I was lucky enough to go to BOTH February and September’s New York Fashion Week. Since fall has started arriving upon us, I thought I would share about the upcoming fall fashion from the NYFW runway to Des Moines. Fall is always about a…

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Mad Men Monday: Fun on 5th

I love finding little stores that get to know me. You know those stores that every time you go in they know your name and are happy to see you. They want to know how you have been since the last time and what you are up to? The stores that also have those little things that change all the times so you go back often to see what new and different things they have in and you know you will always come away with the most adorable and cutest things!!

Well this store is just that! Fun on 5th!

Remember those ADORABLE Corky Boots I am always always talking about? Where this is where I bought them!!

I love how this store has just about everything I could think of.

They even have floor mats they sell in the back!!

They have it all!!

Shoes, Boots and handbags

 Necklaces, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, gems and jewels

 A view from the store as you walk in the door (for now it is always changing which is what I love about it!)

 A view to the left as you walk in the store

 Beautiful Damask set (I know a bakery in Jefferson who would probably like this hint hint)

 Lovely candles…

 Rings and shoes and things…

 Love these chunky necklaces…

 Their clothes are just “Divine

 They have dishes and glasses

 I love their handbags!!

 These fuzzy children’s clippers are so cute. Wish they were my size!!

 Make your own button!



 Knick kancks

 Ornaments and more oh my!!

I just love this store and everything in it! I love how friendly the staff is and how quaint the store it too!

If you are looking for my wonderful Corky Boots, this store has them!

If you are looking for a unique store, with great staff and unique gifts, this is the store for you! It’s great, unique and how could you NOT have fun at a store called Fun on 5th!?!


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Saturday Morning Special: Atomic Garage

So far my favorite little store here in Des Moines is Atomic Garage. Love their style and I always go away with more than I planned. I recently wrote an article about them in but I wanted to get a little more in depth on my page here.
Whenever I walk in this quaint little store I am always, ALWAYS greeted with a chipper hello and a wonderful smile from behind the counter. The girls who work there are friendly and sincere. They are always very helpful i anything I need or if I am looking for something specific. If I see an item is damaged or not quite up to snuff they always work with me on price, which is quite nice when buying vintage items. 
Here are a few images.of this wonderful store so you can see for yourself. I also loaded these up to Google Images on the store page so others could see their wonderfulness.

If you are looking for anything, I think this store probably has it. 
The funny thing I heard recently was that some of the OTHER stores in Valley Junction won’t refer you to this fine store if you call them or are in their store. Well, that just makes me want to blast this post from coast to coast!! 
If you are looking for a friendly store, fun atmostphere and some rare finds go to Atomic Garage. If you are wanting some neato furniture or a little pricier items go across the street to A-Ok, their parent store.
I have never been let down by either one and even sold some of my vintage items to the owner for resale.
Until next time,