Trisha Trixie Tips Tuesday-Taggarrifiic


Just wanted to shout out to my pal Donna Grossman who owns That Girl Knitz, Rockabettie Bands and Rockabettie Boutique for her Taggarrific Tagging!

I learned a long time ago that is you want to be found online, if you have to TAG. If anyone knows how to tag it’s THAT GIRL (ha ha see what I did there)

I am a constant tagger too but even I lack tagging in certain categories that I see she had.

A good way to add tags to your own Blog or website is to do what I did today. Look at other sites that are similar to yours and copy their tags. There is nothing wrong with copying as long as it really does fit your site/blog. Search out sites that do similar things as you. look for blogs that are similar. I like Bloglovin because I can see other bloggers who do Fashion and Aprons and write in other ways like I do. Then I take a peek at their tags and see what they are tagging. Sometimes it is the same as mine, nothing new, but every now and then I come across a blogger who has completely different tags than I have and I think “Now why didn’t think of using that tag!?” When you see those, grab em! Copy them and add then to you Blog site or Website. Believe me, that one “little” tag could be the thing that gets you found online over other competitors!

If you don’t sell things Bikers would like, don’t use the tag word Biker. If you don’t sell Soap, don’t tag the word soap. Now if you write a blog about Soap, then Tag Soap. Am I making any sense here?

No, ok let’s go back. Only use tags for things you are talking about, selling, writing or doing.

But wait, you say, if  I use other tags that aren’t things I am doing, won’t that help bring business to my page? Well, you would think so. But what ends up happening is that people will come to your site looking for those items and then when they realize you don’t sell them and only used them to get you to their page, generally they get pretty upset about it.

If you want to use other tags to bring people to your site or page, the best way  I have found is to write a blog about those things. Then you can use the tags and write about them to generate more traffic.


Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie


Spectacular Sunday~It’s A Jungle Out There

Jungles, their patterns and wildlife have long been favorites in the fashion world. Today is no exception. It has been my experience that these themes tend to be favored by those who are considered more “eccentric”. Especially those in positions of leadership, red heads, and women with long, manicured nails. But this is not always the case. Here are some spectacular jungle-themed items to view.

Fashion walks a fine line along the boundaries of 
Clearly the cheetah has “spots” but the leopard has “splotches”.
These shoes were listed as 
Leopard, but they are not, they are cheetah
These gloves are the only ones I found that were correctly labeled cheetah.

I did not find many leopard items.
Another cat favorite is the tiger. 

The animal print I’ve seem more commonly lately is that of the zebra.
Giraffe comes in blacks and browns but I have yet to see a real giraffe with black spots.
That’s okay, fashion comes in all types of colors so that’s all that matters.

In the world of fashion, it is a jungle out there. But with a little help and guidance
you don’t have to be lost. For more help go to our FB page:
Images courtesy of my Pinterest board:

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