Saturday Morning Special: Back from NYC

I’m Back from NYC and it was a whirlwind of a Trip. I ha d a blast and it was super fun but those quickie trips can wipe you out. I went for IFBCON for Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and learned a lot and met some amazing people.

We listened to some great panels and Workshops

I am working on some other designs and things so I don’t have much time for a post but I wanted to leave you with some pics.

Wore one of my Aprons I had created to the Conference

and the shoes I made

Got to meet Tyson Beckford

Made a new shirt design at the MailChimp Booth

Met some super kewl people (her name is Robyn)

 Was Gifted an Alex and Ani Path of Life Bracelet

So of course that means I met some kewl Alex and Ani people 🙂

This is Ryan. He is the BIZ guy.

 I went to an After PArty at the Lillium at the W Hotels Inc

The next morning I went to a NYC Cafe

Then I strolled the streets of NYC

I had a NYC Bagel (It DOES taste better btw)

I walked by a NYC park

I didn’t have time to shop so I “Window Shopped” like a Breakfast at Tiffanys kinda girl

I took a NYC Taxi (and was thankful I didn’t have to drive)

Had to go through the tunnels, then to the airport and barely got a seat and made it out before the big NEMO storm that hit Fashion Week 2013

Then when I got home my honey had took out the trash, done the dishes and bought me flowers to welcome me home….

I had a great time. Came home a bit ragged. Tons of swag for me and my interns and my SensaFashion team. I know I ask a lot of my team and through many of my business I have gained some and I have lost some. But the things is this….I reward my team very well. I honor them for their successes. I desire to help them grow and want them to grow with me. Today I launched a  NEW newsletter and already have people emailing and Facebooking me asking how they can get involved.

 I am ready to rock 2013, to grow, to move the shake things up. I want to thank my team publicly for being a part of that and hope you all are ready to grow and rock and have a fun 2013 with everything we are going to do!! DO YOU WANNA GET ROCKED?????