What Not Wednesday: Bottle Carriers

Yesterday I was in a funk so I decided to clean.

A great durable apron to clean in is one of my Pastel Perfection Aprons

Pastel Perfection $35

Pastel Perfection $35

My cute little Turquoise shoes with bows and buttons

Turquoise Shoes $35

Turquoise Shoes $35

And some cute little SeaHorse earrings to feel a bit of the outside while being in


I thought while I was dolling myself up to feel pretty while cleaning I would toss on some

Avon Mark Juice Gems Juicy, Snow Peach Lip Gloss

Product Image

I like to RePurpose and ReUse items to help keep things organized.



Just take any case from a 4 or 6 pack from bottles, soda, beer, etc and keep them in a bag or box until you need them. If you like you can cover them, but I go through so many of the Millstream Soda boxes I just leave them and then if one gets ruined I just use another.

I love this idea and it makes organizing super fun!

Until next time,

XoXO Trisha Trixiw