A Murder Mystery Clue

Tomorrow I will be a part of a fun little Murder Mystery at Shawn Palek’s 4th Annual Halloween Party at The Freemont Bar in Des Moines.

Here is the event invite! I would love for you to come out and have some fun!


Here is the clue for you:

Murder Mystery Clue:

Penelope Clarington (Malachai’s Daughter)

1.) Uncle Edwin is known to be soft in the head. There are rumors that after the war, he killed a man in a bar fight.

2.) You know that your husband, Harrison Clarington, was up and about last night; you woke up after midnight and he wasn’t in bed.

3.) You know that Winifred and Malachai almost always slept in separate bedrooms; it’s kind of strange that she visited him at all last night. That doesn’t seem much like your mother.