Sunday Recipes: Willams Sonoma Recipie Delectable Treat

I love Williams Sonoma. That and Pottery Barn are the two mall stores I like to visit in conjunction with each other.

The tools and fun toys for the kitchen, those are what brings people in the store. But did you know they also have food items, recipes and how to’s? Yep!

That is how I got hooked into buying not ONE but TWO Madeline Pans.

Now you are sitting there wondering…what is a Madeleine.


“These little sponge cakes, immortalized by Marcel Proust in Remembrance of Things Past, are at their most memorable when eaten as Proust himself liked them, fresh from the oven, still warm and a little crisp on the outside. As madeleines tend to dry out quickly, home-baked ones are best. Madeleine pans were among the first baking pans that Chuck Williams brought to America in the late 1950s, and they were the most popular items for a year or two in the Williams Sonoma store. If you use a black nonstick madeleine pan, decrease the oven temperature by 25°F or shorten the baking time by a few minutes. You can find orange flower water imported from France in specialty-food shops.”

The two pans I have are these ones listed below

The other item you will need is a cooling rack

Here is the Williams Sonoma Recipe (I also add a tad of Tahitian vanilla to mine which can be bought at Trader Joes)


  • 1/2 cup cake flour
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp. orange flower water
  • 4 Tbs. (1/2 stick) softened unsalted butter
  • Confectioners’ sugar for dusting


Position a rack in the lower third of an oven and preheat to 400°F. Generously butter the molds of a 12-place madeleine pan.Sift together the flour and baking powder into a bowl and set aside. In another bowl, using an electric mixer, beat together the egg, granulated sugar and orange flower water on medium speed for 30 seconds. Increase the speed to high and beat until the mixture has quadrupled in volume and is very thick, about 10 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, carefully fold in the flour mixture and then the butter. Spoon the batter into the prepared molds, filling each one about three-fourths full.Bake until the madeleines are light brown around the edges and on the bottom, 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately remove the madeleines from the pan to a wire rack. Using a sifter or fine-mesh sieve, dust with confectioners’ sugar. Serve warm.

Makes 12 madeleines.
Adapted from Celebrating the Pleasures of Cooking, by Chuck Williams (Time-Life Books, 1997).

Mostly you find them next to the counter in a Starbucks. But for 3 regular size Madeleines are around $2. You might think oh not bad but if you ever have read Think and Grow Rich by Bach you know that little $2 extra you are spending could add up to things you desire more in your future. For the price of making them at home the out put is nearly a dozen for the same $2. Plus the fact that you get nice homemade Madeleines not store bought and they allow you to utilize your kitchen craft and baking apron.

For baking or a Bakery, I have a few options…

One is for front of the house Bakery that uses this sort of apron for show, greeting customers, but not practical use as the ruffles are organza. This would be great for a Bakery, a Caterer who needs one for Tradeshows or events or when delivering items to clients.

Complete Apron for AHA Front.Complete Apron for AHA Back

The other Apron I have is a sturdy Country Apron, made of cotton and could go through anything. The fabric choices can be CUSTOMIZED in any way you desire. Each Trixie FULL apron is generally known for a few things common as you will see…

  • A Sweetheart neckline
  • Box Pleats or ruffles at neckline
  • Long neckties for any necklangth
  • Wide waistband
  • Long ties to either wrap around or for extra length in back
  • Two/Three ruffles at the base of bottom of skirt
  • Angled pockets for ease of use
  • They look so cute you know not know it is an Apron


Or if you prefer a half apron, Both of these would be nice sturdy alternatives 🙂

20130617_094416 pastelperfection

I like to be comfortable in the kitchen but also want to look Fabulous for when my man is around or comes home.

Even if I have my hair in a ponytail and not a lot of makeup on the two pieces of makeup that I like to have on are Lipstick and mascara.

On Sundays I tend to go more simple so I generally wear Burt’s  Bee’s Tinted Lip Balms

It smooths my lips yet gives me a hint of color

For the Mascara I use a wide variety but I started out with a Sephora mascara. It is high quality for a reasonable price and YES it is MUCH better than a storebrand item

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Outrageous Volume Mascara

No matter whether you make in sweats or skivvies, a Trisha Trixie Apron or not, once you bite into these delectable treats you will feel fabulous! I know I do. Enjoy baking this Sunday is you choose.

Until next time,

Trisha Trixie

PS. If you have any recipes, BBQ or ideas you would like to share on the Trisha Trixie Blog just fill out the contact form and let me know what you are thinking. I am looking for Ideas, Recipes or people who are interested in Guest Blogging at any time about what you do and how it would go together with the Trisha Trixie Brand

Easter Recipies: Fizzle Ham

Fizzle Ham

This is a simple meal to put in the crock-pot as your beautiful self heads to church.  The Sprite is used to remove the salty flavor of the ham and is not overly powerful. Any sides will do!  The option of potatoes is optional, as it ups the cook time to 6 hours
The Flower Bow

The Flower Bow

 Cooking Attire:This is a light-cooking day, so I recommend the beauty of the flower red bow baby  half apron by Trisha Trixie Designs.Your pearls and blaring red lipstick  will make you the apple of everyone’s eye.
MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist IntenseThese cute little flat dotted shoes would be perfect to work in and still look oh so adorable

(Apron and shoe can be custom created for you by Trisha Trixie Designs. Also available in heel or flat.)

(The red lipstick is my favorite red and can be purchased at Sephora online or in stores. Pearls I found at a vintage store)


v  1 Pre-cooked ham (big enough to feed your crew and small enough to fit your crock-pot)

v  1 16 ounce bottle of Sprite (*Hint* make sure everyone knows this will be used for a meal)

v  1 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple

v  Desired amount of sweet or baking potatoes (optional)

v  Drizzly amount of oil (optional)


v  Place the ham in the crock-pot.

v  Poor Sprite over the top of the ham.

v  Dump the pineapples on top of the ham.

v  Drizzle oil onto a piece of foil that is large enough to cover potatoes (optional)

v  Poke a few holes in the potatoes with a fork and then wrap in foil.

v  Place potatoes on top of the ham.

v  Put the crock-pot on low for 3-4 hours without potatoes or 6 hours with potatoes.

Helpful Hints:

The longer you cook this ham, the better it will taste.

You can use an uncooked ham, but will need to look up crock-pot cook times for various sizes of hams.

If you like salt, feel free to put salt onto the drizzled oil to coat your potatoes. 

Happy Holidays everyone and keep watching for more great things from Trisha Trixie Designs

Beauty Train Cases

My new Train case from Sephora arrived today and I am so super excited! I have wanted one this large for over three years and finally got one for a Christmas present!

Now the joy and wonder is going to be transferring everything from my mini case to this one, as well as the stuff in my plastic portable and I need to think about how to best use this now that I am going to take this with me on shoots and such now that I am back into modeling full time.

Currently my bathroom looks like Sephora threw up in it. So this will be a good clean up effort. Here is how chaotic things look now.

Chaotic bathroom makeup mess

 So now the adventure begins! Clean things off, up and what makes the cut to go into my Train case and what about my little mini train case? Can that still be utilized and what will go in it? Let’s cha cha shall we….

In on corner I put all my lip items and lipsticks

 Lip items I use are

  • Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector Transparent
  • Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector 8c
  • Kat Von D HellBent
  • Kat Von D BackStage Bambi
  • Lancome Visionary
  • Clinique Bamboo Pink (tube almost empty) Using Lip Brush now
  • Clinique Glow Bronze (also almost empty)
  • Hot Topic BlackHeart
  • DuWop Lip Venom gloss (Careful it kinda burns as it plumps)

Underneath the Lip items I have :

  • Benefit Erase Paste (helps concel puffy eyes)
  • Origins GinZing (also for Puffy Eyes)
  • Origins Plantscription Anti Aging serum
  • Anew (from Avon) Treatment Cream
  • Smashbox Photo Finish (this is great before photoshoots)
  • That little vial is a sample I got from Sephora of a Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel

This side is a small side of little tools I use and might need

  • A couple of hair clips
  • A couple of bobby pins
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A couple of sponge applicators

Next to the lip items are my brushes. The long one is my eye brow brush. The other are a variety of eye applicator and contour brushes

Next is a section for eyeliners

  • A variety of Kat Von D Eye liners with different edges for different types of lines for my cat eyes effect
  • Grey Avon Glimmer sticks
  • Urban Decay Black 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Thin Line Liner
  • Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
  • Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner with smudger at the end
  • CoverGirl Liquline Blast in Brown with Smudger at the end
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Inside Eyeline Black
  • Maybelline Unstoppable in Grey
  • Elf in Plum
  • Rimmel Turquise Kohl
  • Urband Decay 24/7 Glide On Flipside
  • Smashbox Smudepot Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner Midnight Black ( This one you use a brush for. Great for shoots)

In the center is some smaller items that go a LONG way:

Too Faced:

  • Shadow Insurance (Make shadow last forever on your eyes)
  • Primed Porcelain (Skin Smoothing) (Kind of like Photo Finish)
  • Beauty Balm (Multi Benefit Skin Care Makeup)

In the next corner are the eye parts and mascaras:

  • For my Brows:  Sephora Eyebrow Kit Nutmug Brown N02 (come with a little brush, tweezers, applicator brush)
  • Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension Sytstem Mascara and Nylon Fibers
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Underneath the mascaras are:

  •  Smashbox Bronzer Bronze Lights Suntan Matte ( I like to use this when doing SteamPunk)
  • Benefit Whats Up (highlighter for cheeks and eyes)
  • Makeup Forever Aqua Seal (adds liquid and life to dried out makeup and also a great lacquer for eyes to make makeup pop and last longer for the nights or shoots)

Now for the eyes:

These are the “main” ones I use but I will share with you later my “kits” I also use:

  • Loreal Hip: Shocked 310 Yellow and Green
  • Loreal Hip Saucey 818 Bronze and Brown (use for SteamPunk)
  • Loreal Hip Sassy 208 Blue and Grey
  • Mac Steamy Frost Turquoise Deep Blue
  • Mac Juxt Satin Sea Green
  • Femme Couture Purely Platinum White ( I wear this a lot for my Vintage shoots)


  • Sephora Pantone Universe Desert Flower
  • Cover Girl 510 Iced Plum
  • Benefit Throb
  • Benefit Georgia


  • Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (I do this once a week)
  • Benefit Some Kinda gorgeous Medium (This like a quick face color when I don’t have time)
  • Loreal True Match Light Ivory
  • Dr Feel Good (OMG! Best thing I ever bought! Put this over your makeup to Set it! Great for shoots or going out. No need to reapply!)

My Favorite part! I am addicted to lip things. I think I collect glosses and lipsticks! LOL

  • Stila Mango Crush
  • Stila Pomagranite Crush
  • Stila Candy Lip Glaze 24
  • Stila Cranberry Lip Glaze 41
  • Stila Starfruit Lip Glaze 30
  • Stila Marmalade Lip Glaze 23
  • Buoxm Vienna Crayon
  • Buxom Presto Crayon
  • Buoxm Marajexich Crayon
  • Buxom Bombay Crayon
  • Buxom Amber Gloss
  • Buxom Denise Gloss
  • Buxom (Coral) Gloss (can’t read the name)
  • Buxom (deep Red) Gloss (Can’t read the name)
  • Sephora Golden Embrace Gloss (Tangerine)

Misc tools:

  • Benefit Bathina (makes legs silky smooth)
  • False lashes
  • Qtips (for fixups)

    These are the other things I use that are generally on my counter:

    • Sephora Airbrush Foundation (You spray it onto a brush and swirl it around your face. Makes you face look flawless)
    • Some samples of SmashBox Green Finish when it is cold outside and I get those rosy cheeks
    • Too Faced Natural Face, Too Faced Natural Eye
    • Too Faced Summer Eye (this one has the bold colors)

    Then what made it to my mini case are :

    • Kat Von D Saint Perfume
    • Avon Nude Nu Lip and cheek stain
    • Extra pencil sharpener
    • Mini Some kinda Gorgeous
    • The shadow piece that broke of my Avon kit and lip set
    • True Match Powder
    • Sephora Mini Makeup Wipes
    • TokiDoki mini Bastardino Color Palette Cream, Brown, Peach and Green
    • Mineral Sheers-Silky Sable Brush built in
    • Benefit Her name was Glowla Her Glam Makeup Kit (has peach blush, 5 shadows, Mood beam, high beam left in it)
    • Sephora by Dak mini nail files
    • A mini emergency kit I put together of mini Too Face Leopard Bronzer with Brush, tweezers, Sponges, Lip brush and makeup brushes

    Pink Mini

    Hi Ho Silver

    Well, there you have it. What is in my train case and the main staples of my Beauty regime. I will go int further detail for each of these items in the coming weeks and be doing some videos as we go along highlighting some of these items alone and together. If you want to know more about a specific items or how to, please let me know so I can focus on what my public wants 🙂

    The only thing left on these two train case I think they need is some decorating bling! 🙂

    For more info on Train Cases, Come check out my NEW Pinterest Board Train Cases