Throw Back Thursday~Hair Ye, Hair Ye!

 Our apologies for the delay in this Thursday’s post. Miss Trisha passed the ball to Corrina and she dropped it. So here we are late in the evening “throwing” the ball back into play.

From the 1920’s to the 1970’s hair has taken quite a trip in fashion. From slicked down and close to bushed out and fluffed up. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board
Brought to you by Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion

Wear It Wednesday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is snowing and icy pretty hard and heavy here in Iowa. I was supposed to do a Gig for the Iowa Farmers today but the roads were pretty bad and growing up in California I don’t drive well on these roads., so I stayed in. Of course that changed what I was going to wear. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

Here is what I ended up with instead of what I planned (which for those who wonder was going to be a little hick and country style)

I have been trying to add a little bow tie here or there for my pal Danny who does Bow tie Wednesdays into my outfits. Since we are stuck inside today I thought I would throw on one of my bandanas and add a little bow-tie but my bow-tie wanted to fly away today instead. It isn’t QUITE Rock-A-Billy but kind of.  I threw on my Green Old Navy Cargo pants, my black casual sweater from Vanity and my bandana I got them cheap for $1 at Walmart (Yes I braved Walmart for bandanas) and what you can’t see is my fuzzy slippers.

Stay warm and there is never a reason to NOT look cute or be comfy. Even when I am dressy I try hard not to wear things that hurt my feet are uncomfortable. What’s the point? That’s not fashionable to be in pain to me. Enjoy your SNOW DAY if you are having one.

What are YOU wearing on Wear it Wednesday today?

XOXO~Trisha Trixie

Rock-A-Billy Hair

I love doing my hair in a Rockabilly style. I separate the front center part then twist and push it up in the center. I pin it criss-cross with two bobby pins and then pull the rest of my hair back and tie it off or clip it. Then I get out one of my MANY bandanas and pull it up and around and then tie it off. I add one bobby pin on each side to keep it from sliding then spritz it all with a dab of spray.
Great for summers or when I haven’t had a chance to wash up my locks or when I am just feeling lazy but want to look cute!
Here are some of my Rock-a-Billy Hair styles

And here was my hair today!

and the one of of me in the car with my girly glam glasses

As I am sure my sister Corrina would comment, hair doesn’t have to be hard to be fabulous!  Right sis?