Saturday (Night) Special: Tribute to my Mother

For some in the know, the adventures I lived with my mother were not like most people.

My father passed when I was young and though I lived with my mother off and on during their divorce years, after my father passed I lived with her full time. Leaving Iowa in a beat up old Chevy Rambler was only the beginning of the great adventures life with mother would be like.

From, working in diners along highway 40 as we traveled to California, to seeing my mother risk her own life to save another…my mother is a gem of a woman and taught me the ways of life that were not always easy, but made me a better, stronger woman today!

I was unable to keep this glory to myself  and felt the need to tell the story of my life with my mother so I wrote a book. Yes, I wrote a book I said. My mother and I have a few little anecdotes and sayings that are ours. We also share foods and smells and stories and the one things will always bring me back to thoughts and feelings for my mother are the taste, smell and sound of Corn Tortillas… so thusly my book is named


The Days of Corn Tortillas Buy the Book or Read online HERE

Here is a little excerpt from the book

“I was standing at the stove making corn tortillas. Experts have said scents and smells can bring you back to moments and memories you may not even know you had and maybe some you do.

 As the aroma of butter and toasted corn tortillas wafted through the air my mind wandered back to the days spent with my mother in Lawndale, California.

Mom worked three jobs to make ends meet for us to survive and to earn money for things. I received Social Security Benefits because of my father’s death, but she was an amazing mother and never spent my money unless she absolutely had to for rent or food. She made sure my money was mine.

We learned how to recover our food costs and tortillas were easy to come by since we lived in an area surrounded by Latinos. We either bought them cheap or a neighbor made them and often would give us extra.

Mom has her back to me. The fridge is to the left, the stove in the center, and the table is by the window with the sun shining behind me. I can picture her now…”

This is my Mother Mary

She is a very unique woman.

We had our hard time

we had our good times too

She can make you crazy and yet you love her at the same time.

She is a bit of Jekyl and bit teddy bear ish Hyde

You never know which of those you will get

She was there for me when no one else was

and I was there for her

We love each other THIS MUCH

and more and more and more

I love mother with all myheart

She is someone you want to be near to

When you met her you walk away glad

People on the street  love my mother

I feel lucky when she has room for me 🙂

Please take the time to honor your mother’s this weekend. Is it a Hallmark holiday, yes I agree it is and yet, perhaps we needed a holiday to remind us of our mothers. My own children however, do not remember me on any day, not even mother’s day. When they do, I nearly fall out of my chair. I was married for ten years to my second husband and had a step daughter and sadly I was not recognized then but once when she brought me a necklace…and I will never forget that day.It meat the world to me.

Step moms, real moms, adopted moms, and moms who we honor like our moms deserve a hello once in awhile.

Take this weekend to honor them and show them you care. A little gesture, goes a long way.

Until Next time~Trisha Trixie

Saturday Special: Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day

Procrastination?  Yes, we have all been there and help is on the way.  

Hallmark has an amazing new product that you can do with the little ones called magic prints.  The products range from $9.95 to $24.95.  They are sure to melt any mother’s or grandmother’s heart.

Just Like You Magnet  Girl Double Frame with Sentiment

Of course TrishaTrixie designs has lovely jewelry designed for the fashionista in mom.  The products range from $10.00 to $20.00.


Better Homes and Gardens has some great DIY projects for the kids to complete.  My personal favorite is the pen/pencil holder.  Who else is always looking for a pen?

Mother's Day Pencil Holder and Frame

Does your mom like to bake, craft, garden or just look gorgeous?  Check out these fun, vintage inspired aprons!


Martha Stewart might not be the perfect ideal housewife anymore, but she has some great ideas!  Why not make mom a nice meal for Mother’s day?  This heart-shaped egg toast is sure to get a smile out of mom!

Heart-Shaped Egg in the Hole

What woman doesn’t love shoes?  There are so many various possibilities.  Does mom like comfy, flat or a nice heel?  Why not spoil her and shop now!


Is mom eco-friendly?  Does she do what she can to save the world?  Then check out these repurposed items for mom.  The photo cubes would be so cute on a desk!

Photo: Tara Dennis

Does mom like scarfs to brighten up her outfit?  The choices are unlimited and usually reasonable in this category.  Shop for mom!


We hope we were able to provide you with some last minute ideas.  At TrishaTrixie designs we would like to stop and thank all of the women in the world who take time to care for our future.  We are all blessed to have you as a part of our community!

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Mother

I want to share a simple but wonderful little image I received today from Vintage Digital Stamps. I thought I would share some of these Vintage Mother Items with you and give you the links in case you want to make a Vintage Inspired Mother’s Day card, she has all the items you could download to create something special for your Mother, Mommy, or Mommie! 🙂


Here are also some letters she gives you as well as some other places to edit, create a collage and use these items along with some other fonts to make a great card for your mom

Click on these links to find the images used today to create your own Vintage Card for this holiday or any others that you might desire.

Vintage Mother 1

Vintage Mother 2

Vintage Mother3

Elephant Mother

Mother and Child

Vintage Photo of Mom and Child

Vintage Letters

PicMonkey Edit a Photo or Collage

Kewl Mom ideas from Pic Monkey

DaFont : Great tool for downloading and adding fonts (for the more techy minded person)

My Fonts: Add Fonts (for techies)

Font Squirrel

I think that should be a good start at least to create some super cute Vintage Retro Throwback looking Mother’s Day Cards. If you use any of these, Tag me on FAcebook or Comment below and send me the link. I would love to see what you come up with!

Until Next Time,

XoXo~Trisha Trixie

Try it Tuesday: Charm Bracelet for Mom or yourself!

Charm Bracelet


This is a relatively simple task.  The hardest part is picking out the perfect beads, charms and accessories to complete you beautiful project.

Attire Suggestions

The floral rosy cuteness half-apron is great for fun tasks.  Pair it with a sporty shoe and #1 mom earrings to really get your inspirational juices going.  All of these items were made by Trisha Trixie Designs.




1. Half circle bracelet where the end bead unscrews

2. Glass beads, silver beads and charms of your choice.  As many or as few as you desire is fine.


1.  Unscrew the end off the bracelet.


2.  Set your beads up in the order you would like to place them on.


3.  Screw the end back on and you have a beautiful charm bracelet.


The bracelet cost me around $25 to make.  This may seem pricey, but it is no where near as expensive as the charm bracelets purchased at your local retailer.  If you search around, you can usually find deals on these bracelets.  Beads, charms and etc easily come off the bracelet making the charms changeable.  This would make a great, personal Mother’s Day Gift.