SMS: The List

Seems like all the many places I go they ask me if I am on the List. Being on the List seems to be a BIG deal. So, when I heard Facebook had a way to make lists I was happy because for one, I can myself to my OWN list and I could put together all the wonderful things I like to see. The kewl thing about the Facebook lists is that it sends you regular updates on the lists as a whole so you don’t have to go back and look at your lists all the time.

Check out MY lists and maybe you will see a few on my list you might want to add to yours or follow some of mine. While your at it, add yourself to some of them while you there if you feel that YOU are listworthy! 😉

Pin Up Beauties

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Vintage, Retro, Throwback

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Fashion Favs

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Art Favs

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Business Smarts

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Spirituality Ensued

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Oh So Quotable

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Laugh, Live Love, Life

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If you have any lists on Facebook let me know, I would love to come check them out!

Until next time, kiss kiss….


Saturday Morning Special: Back from NYC

I’m Back from NYC and it was a whirlwind of a Trip. I ha d a blast and it was super fun but those quickie trips can wipe you out. I went for IFBCON for Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and learned a lot and met some amazing people.

We listened to some great panels and Workshops

I am working on some other designs and things so I don’t have much time for a post but I wanted to leave you with some pics.

Wore one of my Aprons I had created to the Conference

and the shoes I made

Got to meet Tyson Beckford

Made a new shirt design at the MailChimp Booth

Met some super kewl people (her name is Robyn)

 Was Gifted an Alex and Ani Path of Life Bracelet

So of course that means I met some kewl Alex and Ani people 🙂

This is Ryan. He is the BIZ guy.

 I went to an After PArty at the Lillium at the W Hotels Inc

The next morning I went to a NYC Cafe

Then I strolled the streets of NYC

I had a NYC Bagel (It DOES taste better btw)

I walked by a NYC park

I didn’t have time to shop so I “Window Shopped” like a Breakfast at Tiffanys kinda girl

I took a NYC Taxi (and was thankful I didn’t have to drive)

Had to go through the tunnels, then to the airport and barely got a seat and made it out before the big NEMO storm that hit Fashion Week 2013

Then when I got home my honey had took out the trash, done the dishes and bought me flowers to welcome me home….

I had a great time. Came home a bit ragged. Tons of swag for me and my interns and my SensaFashion team. I know I ask a lot of my team and through many of my business I have gained some and I have lost some. But the things is this….I reward my team very well. I honor them for their successes. I desire to help them grow and want them to grow with me. Today I launched a  NEW newsletter and already have people emailing and Facebooking me asking how they can get involved.

 I am ready to rock 2013, to grow, to move the shake things up. I want to thank my team publicly for being a part of that and hope you all are ready to grow and rock and have a fun 2013 with everything we are going to do!! DO YOU WANNA GET ROCKED?????

Saturday Morning Special: Let’s Talk About IFB, Let’s Talk About You and Me, Let’s Talk About All The Good Things That Will Be

Let’s Talk About IFB, 
Let’s Talk About You and Me, 
Let’s Talk About All The Good Things That Will Be

What is all the hype about the IFB Fashion Conference you say? Well, it is the place we we as fashion bloggers mark our spot as as IFB states “solidify our place” as a Fashion Blogger. We get to meet all these famous people, learn from them, from their mishaps and misfortunes as well as what worked and helped them succeed. We get to meet other Fashion Bloggers we have been tweeting with and Facebooking with and put faces and names together.  I love how IFB says it is like Day Camp.

This will be my first year. For one I just found out about IFB. I didn’t even know they existed until this year. I happened upon someone else’s blog and sadly I don’t know who. I was searching online for some fashion seamstresses in my area and saw it on someone’s blog who DOESN’T live here and was like What is that? and after further investigation fell in love at first viewing! I signed up right away and started diving and delving in. As soon as I saw the IFBCON was but a few mere weeks away I started figuring out means and ways to get there.

At the tail end of last year I made the leap to get back into modeling full time. A few years a go I had SensaFashion as a business and had GRAND PLANS for this Blogging and Designing business and even met with a StartUpCityDSM a company here in Des Moines but plans fail to execute in my favor so I put it on the back burner and moved into a different direction. They helped me realize I wasn’t ready and though I felt like I left with my tail between my legs they did me a grand favor.

At the beginning of this year I reawakened SensaFashion and my Fashion Blogging, as well as my Design business and other services I offer. Things are moving forward well and fast and furious already and it isn’t even the end of January.

I tell you all this because it goes into why I feel it is important for me to go to NY now at this time and this moment in my career. With these new changes and how well things are doing for SensaFashion I did some demographic research. At the beginning of the month/year I was only reaching 32 people a day and now before the end of the month I am reaching over 600 people a day. That is without connections, without ads, without help. Where is the bump coming from? Independent Fashion Bloggers. I am nearly sure of it. 

Yes, I do believe  my constant marketing and knowledge being a Social Media Strategiest has played a huge part, but I truly feel IFB has made a difference in my life and to wait and miss this opportunity I think would be a HUGE disservice to me and my company and my brand.

In the past few weeks changes have already begun taking place. I took a leap to say no to someone who was sucking the life out me and focus on my business and doors flung themselves open to me. I shared my design to a Bakery who is opening their doors to the public and they loved my Vintage Apron and Shirt Dress Design from my new line and placed the first order. A site that is widely known here asked me to write a few pieces about the before, during and after of IFBCON as well be their regular Fashion Blogger (of which I am completely thrilled btw). I now have one Executive Assistant and two interns who also write on the blog with me and things are going swimmingly well. Life is moving along better than I could have EVER imaged and I have a pretty good imagination!!
 (I think Disney-esque my friends say)

I can’t wait to go to IFBCON. I can’t wait to learn and grow and take my business to the next level. I know, I just know deep in my heart and gut that going to IFB will help me to do that and get there.  I am a leaper. I take chances. I know and realize not everyone feels this way. But I will say to you and encourage ALL of you who can, get your tickets to IFBCON.

I think it will change your life.

It already has changed mine.

XOXO~Fashionista TrishaTrixie