Mad Men: Modeling

This weekend was a Modeling Weekend for me, Miss Trisha Trixie: The Vintage Fashionista. I had a fun time though as in all things in life just as in all things Mad Men, there is drama, chaos and having to deal with things we would rather not to. Miscommunication between a Makeup Artist and myself on Saturday. Then on Sunday at 5 am the MUAH (Makeup and Hair) girl cancelled. Had I stuck to my guns, I would have had my things with me because I rarely depend on anyone to do those for me and carry my own makeup and hair items to do it myself. This time of course, everything was at the studio. This made me think more and more about other models and of course my favorite band of Characters at Mad Men.

I wanted to explore the Modeling and acting side of Mad Men from both sides of the screen.

On the side we see, if we remember Betty was  Model before Don met her.

It is not as glamorous as it may often appear on TV. Just as Project Runway often touts

One day you are in and One day you are out”

it is almost as rough and rigid in the modeling world.

Betty here is Betty continues to revel in her days as a model when she was an inspiration to an Italian Designer and is talking and showing all these dresses and items to her neighbor.

She explains that she met Don while modeling a coat. In this Episode it shows how up and down the life can be. She decided to go back into modeling and tries out for a part.

One day she is picked as the girl for the Cola company.

The next day she is out because they want a different direction.

Later decides she doesn’t think she wants to go back to modeling after all. Why after all that come to that conclusion. For many reasons but far too often because it IS so up and down.

Now Don is with Megan. Another Creative Artist type. Though, Megan is an actress/model whose passion is mostly on the acting side.

On the side of the screen we don’t see is the effort they take into the costuming, research, staging, setting up the lights, waiting around for Hair and Makeup Artist, waiting for TOGS (Photographers) to set up their equipment and having the training and knowledge to learn how to relax, pose and act. Megan does show us a bit of this in last season and a little in this.

No, not everyone can put up with either side of it. It is actually a lot of work. Sometimes it pays very little. Sometimes you put a lot of effort in to see nothing. The light might not have been right, the pictures got lost, there were not any good takes, or perhaps the TOG just didn’t feel like editing them or releasing them to you, even if you paid for them or not.  OR sometimes your makeup or hair was not right. The makeup artist didn’t understand, doesn’t know how to do what you are or the TOG is looking for, or perhaps you ha to do it yourself and maybe it wasn’t what YOU or the TOG was looking for.

No, it is NOT as easy as standing there an posing. You DO need to know how to pose, how to grab the light, how to pay attention to your wardrobe and keep from having wardrobe malfunctions, you need to have your feet standing right, pointing the right way, your lips moist, your hair not out of place and truly you need to think in each pose from head to toe how to shoot and to be and act. In the acting side like Megan at least you get a few takes unless of course it is theater.

Lastly, you need to have the on screen, on film, on camera appeal. You could be gorgeous in real life, but how do you look behind the camera. There was a makeup artist there and I thought she looked AMAZING. But it was funny , when mentioning to her she should model she said “I don’t look good in front of the camera” and that may be very well be true.

It is more than dressing up, standing around. It is an art. From all sides of the perspective. Artists do what they love because they enjoy it. They rarely get paid top dollar. It is generally more of a hobby than a profession. As much as I wanted to get back into this full time, it takes time to rebuild my portfolio and it pays very little. Thus , the Fashion Design biz. I get to do what I love, be creative and once in a awhile throw in a bit of modeling my own items to really make it fun.

I too love dressing up, being in the modeling world when out and about. Getting compliments and being noticed just like Betty. It is GLAM from time to time…but wading through the rubble and drama to get to here, can be a brutal nightmare.


Until next time,

~Trisha Trixie

Fashion Designer, Blogger and Model

Accesories to Zippers, The A-Z of where I was to where I want to be

Our current challenge from IFB is to discuss Why we started our blog ? She said for us to DIG DEEP and

“talk about why you started, and what you hope to accomplish. It’ll be nice to look back on this in six months or a year. Trust me!”

Well, I guess she must be reading a few Fashionista’s mind because I was planning on writing about this and as I read the comments below the questions on IFB I see others were planning on the same thing!! (You didn’t know Janine was a mind reader did you?)

I started my blog a few years ago when I was styling and doing some personal shopping on the side for a few clients. Then I was asked to model in a local fashion show and was featured in our local Juice magazine with the Three Styles of Patrica Hunter because people and papers kept taking pics of me and telling me what a great Sense of Style and Sense of Fashion I had. There it was. There is where the name was given birth. I thought to myself, “I have always been told I have a Sense of Fashion so why not blog about it!”

It was a horrible slow going process. I had been blogging on Blogger for other reasons personally for years but to try and share with others on what my idea and sense of fashion was was a lot harder than I imagined. I didn’t want people to look down on me if they disagreed. I was also afraid to share because I didn’t want others to think of me as Haughty or Prideful. Slowly I kept trudging on but in the end I wanted more than just being a blogger at that time.

Des Moines is great for Technology Startups. There are networking events for Start Up Drinks and Social Media Start Ups and nearly anything having to do with technology. I figured to truly make it here in Des Moines I need to create something that appealed to this bane of cliques in this genre. I had a Web and Social Media business at the time and that was more my bread and butter so I thought the transition would be as easy as creating a great Fashion Community and Portal and people would just flock to sign on!!

The community was going to have Models and Photographers as well as other Designers and Fashionistas all sharing their knowledge and connecting. I thought it was a grand idea where one could ask questions and connect and be helped from all facets. I thought it was fabulous. Well, or so I thought is the key phrase. It dragged as well. I went networking and pitched it at BarCampOmaha and even pitched it to StartUpCityDSM a company that helps Tech Start Ups. I got a few other ideas from BarCamp but when I left StartUpCityDSM I left with my tail between my leg and let their thoughts influence me too much. StartUpCityDSM was helpful, don’t get me wrong, but a room full of investors, launchers and those who knew how to make things happen launching and throwing questions after questions at me of things I didn’t think of, like why would people pay for the site, what was I giving away, who was I connecting with, did I have a business plan and so on, scared the dickens out of me and I don’t scare easily!

I set the blog and the fashion idea out of my head and went back to my bread and butter adding in a side of Freelance for big Companies from time to time. But I hated it. I was miserable. I was an Entrepreneur not a Cube Girl! Why was I living this life? I was not one to do things I did not want to do so why was I doing this when really I wanted to create, design and write about fashion and get back into both sides of the world on the modeling side and the fashion side??

So at the end of last year 2012 I walked into the living room and told my live in boyfriend I wanted to go back into modeling full time, as a PinUp model and I wanted to explore the fashion business again. He sat there quietly and then said, “I have just three questions for you?”

“Is it going to make you happy?”

“Can you make money at it?”

“What do you need from me?”

I answered “Yes, Yes and Support!”

He said, “Ok then do it! I believe in you!

So I started with modeling and have been rebuilding my portfolio.My Model name is Trisha Trixie


So far that has been grand and little by little I have been featured on a few PinUp Sites and this week was asked to be a Ruthless PinUp girl and the Ruthless Fashionista.  I am also  now the Fashion Blogger for and write about Fashion and events that I go to as the Fashionista for SensaFashion around town to prove the fashion is DesMoines is not boring either!! Lastly, I write for myself and my sister/intern writes and assists me with blog writing and things needed for SensaFashion.

I decided two weeks after I heard about IFBCON to go and I won a three night stay at the W Hotel, got a free bracelet from Alex and Ani and met some amazing people and made some amazing contacts! I just knew in my gut I had to go as it would be the launch of my year and it WAS!!

I am also avidly designing and creating for my Vintage Inspired Apron line and also creating Reconstruscted Fashions taking your clothes from Drab to Fab! Not only has the modeling been going well but this has been moving along for me too! I had one order already for a bakery in Jefferson Iowa where we made 6 custom Aprons for her small business.

WIW: Fashions by SensaFashion-Thank you IFB!

annnddd… I have been selling my ReConstrusted Fashions at booths and shows around town. I have been trying my hand at a few E-commerce sites but that has been a chore. Every time I wear one of my fashions people beg me for a card and ask “Where can I buy your items? I have tried to direct them to buy online but I felt this last week what I really needed was to be where the people could SEE my fashions and was hoping to find a store I could sell them at by renting space or being on consignment to being since overhead is quite costly.


Well, as the fates would have it my pals have my back and my friend Shari just email introduced myself and her other friend together that has a small business called Cheryl’s Borrowed Occasions where she rents out prom and wedding dresses, shoes and misc accessories.  Not only did we discuss renting my items there (would would be wonderful residual income) but she always is possibly interested in having me ReConstruct some of the dresses and items she already has to make them more sellable. We meet next week and I can’t wait to see how this turns out! Stay tuned on my blog to find out!!

To me, my future is now bright. I see this going in the direction I desire it to so I guess we will see in 6 months.

My Future Desires:

  • I hope to accomplish a full line of Aprons and show at Omaha Fashion Week and one day soon at New York Fashion Week.
  • I hope to be able to sell in a boutique or store for at least the next 6 months to a year
  • I hope to have my own boutique in the next two years
  • I hope to be known as a name in the PinUp industry for TrishaTrixie and SensaFashion for my modeling uniqueness and my amazing fashions
  • I hope to be published in online and offline magazines and hopefully some widely known ones
  • I hope to be a speaker at a variety of events in my town and in other places about these accomplishments
  • I hope to one day be one of the speakers at IFBCON within the next two years if not sooner (wink and smile)
  • I hope TrishaTrixie and SensaFashion to be names people hear and learn to love!

I am a dreamer and believer.

Failure is only one step to success and I had that so now I am moving on.

I am loving the ride of life I am on (as I generally do) and I have no clue where things WILL go but I know I am going to work as hard and smart as I can to get there. I will use out of the box thinking and my uniqueness to get me there!

Thanks for this challenge. I enjoy being a part of IFB and am so glad I went to IFBCON. It changed my life.