Spectacular Sunday~You Nailed It

Sundays truly are spectacular. Women like to really dress themselves up and get all prettied. One of the oldest and most popular choices for the occasion is fixing their nails. Here we have a selection of spectacular choices for you to consider.

From Cutsie…





Whatever the occasion, no matter your taste, whichever you choose…
You Nailed It.   
Brought to you by:Corrina L. Hunter~Fashion Eye for SensaFashion
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My Favorite Winter Looks-TrishaTrixie

Winter is by far NOT my favorite time of year but since I do have to wear clothes I try to be as fashionable as possible. You know me, always the Fashionista.

I have a cute black and white coat that everyone say reminds them of Gwen Stefani and well now with my White Blonde hair I am sure even more so.

You can kind of see the coat here. I am wearing one of my MANY MANY scarfs. I have them up on a thumbtack in my bathroom, my summer ones put away and my warm fuzzy ones by the door. I like accessories.

The other fun Fashion I have always loved in Winter is Boots! I happened upon these A-mazing boots when I was walking through Valley Junction before New Years Eve looking for a Vintage outfit. I bought them at a cute store called “Fun on 5th” (sounds so like a store I would shop at huh?). I have always wanted a pair of wellies and these are just like that but called Corkys. They are snug fit well and let me tell you, get QUITE the attention!!

My other favorites are sweaters, leggings, and yes leg warmers. I love gloves and as I said already scarves. I think for winter you have to find a Coat or boots or hat or something that really stands out and makes a fashion statement. It is not like summer

Here is my new retro hat and my other set of shades. I wore this to a casting call I went to a few days ago. (I didn’t get the gig but I looked cute anyway right?)

So those are my Favorite Winter Looks. Corrina and CArie will be sharing theirs soon. What are your favorite Winter Looks?