SMS: The List

Seems like all the many places I go they ask me if I am on the List. Being on the List seems to be a BIG deal. So, when I heard Facebook had a way to make lists I was happy because for one, I can myself to my OWN list and I could put together all the wonderful things I like to see. The kewl thing about the Facebook lists is that it sends you regular updates on the lists as a whole so you don’t have to go back and look at your lists all the time.

Check out MY lists and maybe you will see a few on my list you might want to add to yours or follow some of mine. While your at it, add yourself to some of them while you there if you feel that YOU are listworthy! 😉

Pin Up Beauties

Image courtesy of Pin Up Style World Wide

Vintage, Retro, Throwback

Image courtesy of Dumpster Diva

Fashion Favs

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Art Favs

Image courtesy of DeviantArt

Business Smarts

Image courtesy of Chic Buds

Spirituality Ensued

Image courtesy of PIQ

Oh So Quotable

Image courtesy of Laugh it Out

Laugh, Live Love, Life

Image courtesy of Gorgeous Face…

If you have any lists on Facebook let me know, I would love to come check them out!

Until next time, kiss kiss….