Fashion Friday: Fashion Week 2015 News, Trends and Highlights

In New York, everything is coming to a close for Fashion Week. But since we are here, and not there, we don’t generally get the news about Fashion Week hounding us like they are in New York and LA, etc.  Unless of course, you are a Fashion Maven like me. I love Fashion. I love hearing about Fashion and I have been to Fashion Week twice now and am dearly wishing I was there again.


Since, I can’t, I follow all the fashion news I can. There are a variety of ways to do this, a Google Alert, signing up for Fashion week news. I have been watching and collecting various stories I thought might interest you.


What was being talked about


A little tidbit of recent info to share that showed up in this news was about Banana Republic who for the first time in a long time, showed up and shined for Fashion Week. Check out the story here, as well as many other stories to follow…


The Racial Divide


Here someone provided an illustrated version of Fashion Week


The Social Media Scene for Fashion Week, Blows up


Flowers and braids are in during Fashion week  ( Get a Fascinator from Trisha Trixie and you too can be in style)


For a good laugh, Funny Moments from Fashion Week


Finally, people are putting their Iphones down


For more FW News


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015


Huff Post NYFW


Huff Post Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015


NYFW Fall 2015: Oscar De La Renta


NWFW The Best Shows


More Oscar de La Renta Fashions from Fashion Week


Robin Givhan at New York Fashion Week: Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors, Delpozo, Bibhu Mohapatra, Boss and more


The Great Gender Blur


Calvin Klein’s Fall 2015 Collection at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: Ralph Lauren

Michael Kors’s Fall 2015 Collection at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: Pamella Roland

Jeremy Scott Takes Us Back to The Nursery

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: J. Crew Collection

New York Fashion Week 2015 recap: A week of first and lasts

At New York Fashion Week, Whatever Looks Warm Will Work

Alexander Wang

The 90’s Trend

NYFW Social Scene

Fashion Week Gallery

Think Fashion Week is just a FEW designers? Well, it’s a little bit more than that…check it out. The amount of designers may surprise you


Wanna know what everyone ELSE, was wearing during this event?  Check out the Street Style during this fabulous event of those living and visiting New York for Fashion Week



FYI: The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the four fashion capitals of the world: Paris, New York City, Milan, and London. Some other important fashion weeks in the world are held in Amsterdam,[1] Bangalore, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Madrid, São Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Shangai, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. We even have a Fashion Week at our back door in Omaha for Omaha Fashion Week if you want to check out something a little closer to home.




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This year I was lucky enough to go to BOTH February and September’s New York Fashion Week. Since fall has started arriving upon us, I thought I would share about the upcoming fall fashion from the NYFW runway to Des Moines. Fall is always about a…

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Try It Tuesday~Bare Minerals Veil

Try It Tuesday

Here we are for Try It Tuesday. I tried something different. Since I have severely, hyper-sensitive asthma I am unable to wear many cosmetics for they trigger an asthma attack. Please be clear, I have ASTHMA, not allergies.  When Miss Trisha returned from NY during Fashion Week she attended the IFBCON and  brought lots of swag and other goodies for her intern. One of those items was Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil

I tested it very carefully so as not to over expose my breathing to the powder at first. The results were good. I was still breathing. No choking. YAY! So today I took photographs of my left side as you see above. The first photo, on the left, is without any makeup whatsoever. The photo on the right is with a fine, light application of the Bare Minerals Veil powder applied. Although subtle, I do feel their is a significant difference in the over all appearance of my skin. I like it. And I wanted to share this with you too.

Just to be sure, I just had to photograph the right side of my face as well. The first photo, on the left, is without any makeup whatsoever. The photo on the left is with a fine, light application of the Bare Minerals Veil powder applied. See below.

Now, to add to this I want to say how happy I am to be able to wear this as it also has a broad spectrum SPF 25. This is always important to anyone who is out in the sun. I developed “brown patches/spots” along my jawline from a combination of sun exposure and side effect of respiratory medications.

I don’t have a big issue with my skin. I am who I am and what you see is what you get. It’s a family thing. But I do have to admit that I’m liking that this Bare Minerals Veil is “asthma friendly” for me and at the same time it smooths out my skin tone.

I do see that my photography is lacking but I hope you are able to see what I’m referring to. Do you have cosmetic health issues or just general challenges with makeup? Let us know if you do, we will be most happy to help. Everyone should feel beautiful whether they do or do not wear makeup.

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