Recipe Sunday- A Meal a Man Would Love

This weekend turned out to be a VERY special weekend for me and my man. Why?


PicMonkey Collage

The Dinana Ring

Titanium Ring with Garnet Second Stones…


So to honor and cherish our event this weekend we have been cooking for each other for our morning meals.

Yesterday he cooked me some Fabulous Crepes!

Engagment Crepes

and this morning, I made him…

Bacon Roses and a Meal a Man Would Love!!


Here is how to make the roses AND make a meal he would love…

First I put on my new Valentine Apron


White Passion Kiss Fascinator

Then I added my White Passion Kiss Fascinator


My new LipStock Lip Color 066 from my new PinUp Pretty Trixie Collection

and got ready to cook



Flower stems




Take a few slices and lay one on top of the other. I just made some little small ones, but I saw online many used like 6 pieces or more! I didn’t want to kill my man, just make him happy. LOL


Then I used a REUSABLE muffin tin. and put the rolls in there.

Heat the over to 375 to 400 degrees and cook for 2-30 minutes. Once of the recipes said to poke hole in the bottom of the tin and lay on a cookie sheet. I didn’t understand why, but after trying to cook them, I realized the grease needs to drain to crispen the bacon. Just make sure you have a high brim cookie sheet or the grease will go everywhere, burn then smell to high heaven!

I tossed mine onto a plate and did a one minute microwave to crispen them since it wasn’t workin for me.


I blotted them down with paper towels then put them on the stems. (Please make sure you clean the stems first)


TADA Bacon Roses!!

Then I prepared the rest of the ingredients (which after the Bacon Roses not much mattered but I still wanted it nice and other goodies he would eat.


I mixed a little Cranberry and Orange juice in some fancy shmancy Cocktail glasses


First the OJ, then a touch of cranberry


Used my white plates for setting and some of my Fabric Flowers I made leftover from my Fashion Show


I laid out a small spread of Chocolate Covered berries we got as an Edible Arrangements  gift from Ben’s mom to congratulate us and one berry for me with some Triple Cream Cheese I bought at Gateway Market


The setting is complete. Peeking around the flowers is the Cinnamon Roll Creme Cupcake gave us as a Congrats! It even says CONGRATS!! 🙂

Then I tossed up an Egg and Chorizo Omlette (sorry no pic) and served up the meal!

I handed him his roses and brought him to the table of which we ate together!

He said he loved it and told me I could make him bacon rosettes (no stems) anytime!!

Cheers to our Engagement and to making a meal a man would love!

Until Next Time,

XoXo ~TrishaTrixie


Sunday Recipe : Crepes

Today my man is in the kitchen trying out some crepe recipes. We haven’t quite figured it out yet.


But we are definitely giving it another shot. Here is how they turned out.


They were amazing and FABULOUS! We just had them with a bit or butter and Cinnamon and Sugar. As you see I had mine with a glass of milk from one of my favorite places The Funny Bone Comedy Club

Ben said he found the Recipe at James Starmer Food


Crepe Recipe


1 cup flour
1 & 1/2 cups of milk
2 large eggs

butter for pan


Put the first three ingredients into a blender.
Blend for 7-10 seconds.
Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
Lightly brush the pan with butter.
Pour enough crepe mix into the pan to coat it.
Wait a few seconds then pour the remaining liquid back into the remaining crepe mix.
Use a rubber spatula to remove the clean up the area where the mix was poured out of the pan.
Depending on the heat of the pan, cook time will vary. So I just wait unlit the edge of the crepe starts to peel away from the pan. Then I give it another few seconds on the other side.

James has a video on his site if you would rather watch someone making them. Ben wasn’t really into watching a video and did it all just from the directions. They turned out great.

If you want something easy and fun, try these out. If you do, let me know how they turned out for you and go to James’s blog as well as give him a shout out! I like to give credit where credit is due and this man James deserves props for these crepes.

Happy Sunday Recipe Day!

Now I am off to go try MY hand at making crackers with my new Cookie Press. More info on it tmrw so stay tuned…

Until next time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie