Throwback Thursday: My Birthdays

I thought I would share some throwback birthdays with you from me.

Last year I had a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Party because I turned 42. It was such a blast. I dressed up as SteamPunk Trillian and a load of my friends came out and we went to Billy Joes’ and sang! So much fun.

The year before that I was volunteering at The Center and a few people bought me a cake and we celebrated there

A few years earlier when I live in Omaha I joined my friend Tami for a SMILE party. We looked at things JUST FOR LADIES if you know what I mean… then we went out to the casino and went dancing and met some kewl people…like Elvis!

For my 40th birthday I was at SpringCon then and that is when I bought my Birthday Diva sash. I walked all around SpringCon and got a sketch from nearly every vendor. It took me all day but it was worth it!

And then this was me this year!

2013 bday tt

Crazy and silly as ever!

Looking back I see many people who have come and gone in my life, many who are still here, and love from many. I feel very blessed to have people in my life that enjoy being with me and enjoy sharing in my excitement and love for life!

Thank you to all who have and are wishing me Happy Birthday on Facebook, Twitter, email etc!

It means a lot to me that you care!

Until next time,

XOXO~Trisha Trixie

Mad Men Monday: My Birthday Week

Not all birthday come with song and dance like Megan singing for Don’s birthday

But I am lucky enough that “GENERALLY” when I throw a party or have a Birthday celebration, my friends DO tend to come around

We end up doing exactly as they do on Mad Men and end up talking about business

But I try to have some fun. One of my most favorite things to do is SING! I took 10 years of vocal instruction, as well as dance, ballet etc, but singing was my main love. I always have loved to sing. EVen when I was little and we had nothing to do like they do now. No Xboxes, or video games, we had ourselves and I liked to go sit out on the swing and sing. I was in a band, I managed a band, I sang back up for a band, and I have had the grand opportunity to sing a few solos for places.

I will be honoring MY birthday this week (Thursday) May 16th, by going out with friends the night before and belting out a few tunes

I don’t know if I will be strutting my stuff like Megan here, but it is a high possiblity because I am a kook and love to be silly

Sing I am on the fact of MEgan singing, here is little fun fact for you

This is NOT actually how a NORMAL birthday would have gone in those days, but hey since we are talking about TV shows and not real life it all makes sense right?

So, for me, since I live in Movie Tvland in my head, anyway, making up for the birthday I did NOT have I somehow started a tradition once I was an adult.


I like to do something everyday of the week to honor my birthday, honor the fact I am still alive (if you know my life you were know that IS something to be proud of), and honor life in general and to just live it and have a blast.

Monday: Tonight, We are celebrating with Monday Margaritas

Tuesday: Lunch with my sister

Wednesday: Karoake at Billy Joe’s Pictur Show

Thursday: My birthday and my man and I will have a nice dinner

Friday: Star Trek night

Saturday: a few local events and shopping around town

Sunday: Birthday Brunch at an old fashioned diner 5 & Diner in Pleasant Hill

I can’t wait for this week and can’t wait to have a blast!

I only have one request…and it is below…lol

Ok, a Princess? I mean I DO plan on wearing a TUTU this week!

HAHA, ok ok, enough about me… for now 🙂

I hope we all have a great week and if you can come enjoy the week with me, even better!

Until next time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie