Recipe for Fabulous: Stay True to You

Stay True to You

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I am making some suggestions of things to Be Fabulous, but I want you to stay true to you as well.

Don’t change just to change. Change, grow evolve because you desire to.

Don’t EVER change for someone else or compromise your boundaries or values.

You know what you feel comfortable with and you generally know when you have crossed the line. If you do cross it and you don’t feel right, remember that you can ALWAYS walk away.

If it doesn’t fit, feel right, or you are more uncomfortable than you can be, then try something else, walk way. Above all, be you.

What is funny about today’s message is after grilling Miss Sandra Bee to have a tagline, I find out that this is here little tagline she says. “Stay true to you”

All I can say is, great minds think alike!

Until Next time my lovelies,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie