This is How We Do in 2015

This is How We Do

When I was thinking about writing this post thing song came into my head. Now I am sure that I am dating myself by playing this because it is from the FIRST TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Regardless, it had to be played.

This is what we don’t and this is what we do.

  • In the coming year of 2015 I hope to bring you much joy.
  • I hope to help you to Be Fabulous and to Map Out your next Five Fabulous Years with you.
  • I hope to show you new ideas, new apron ideas and a new line of clothes and accessories I have been wanting to do for some time.
  • I hope to be more connected with you and be more On Board with our Mailchimp Newsletter and Pinafore my Thoughts Blog posts.
  • I hope to be the light in your day and smile in your night.

These like resolutions for me and my business. But instead of saying these are goals or resolutions I say HOPES because we all have great intentions as one year closes and another opens but life gets in teh way and stuff happens and we are unable to do all those goals  and such.

I don’t like the feeling of beating myself up because I failed in one place or the other.

No, to me I see it as an opportunity for growth. Areas I can do better.

So these are my hopes for next year.

I leave you with one things I need to know fro you, however…

What do YOU want to see from Trisha Trixie in 2015?

If I don’t ask, you don’t tell and if you don’t tell, I can’t even HOPE to give it to you…so DO TELL, I’m listening and waiting with baited breath to hear what you have to say and what you want to see from Trisha Trixie Designs!

Talk to you real soon!


Trisha Trixie