ThrowBack Thursday: Nautical Vintage Aprons

I thought since we are on a Nautical Twist this week,  I thought I would share with you some Nautical Vintage Inspired or Retro Aprons

I love this take on a Retro Look but with a newer twist

This come from Life Buoy Soap Ads, check this one out

Images of the Past had some pretty kewl images with some lovely Retro Ladies in Aprons

Here is one of a Military Navy Man in the Galley cooking away white a t shirt and half tied long apron. After doing some research (and one of my navy boy pals might correct me) I found this was general attired down there in the galley because it was hotter than heck and below deck.

Trying to find some Retro Themed Aprons was a difficult task actually. Not a lot of pictures taken back then. I did however find you can find some kewl sewing vintage  patterns online that have a retro feel

This one was from Pinterest Vintage Patterns

Here is another one

From Clothing I Want

Here are a few other Nineteen Hundred images of some Retro Ladies in Aprons

This one is funny

I leave you with this last image of a lady wearing one of those SMOCK aprons mostly used for laundry and cleaning at those times.

I hope to make my housecleaning and utility aprons a BIT more fun than these!!

What type of aprons do you like out of these? What do you think of the aprons they wore during this time period? What do you think they needed if anything? We love to hear your thoughts here or on our Facebook page, so don’t be afraid to comment!1

Until Next Time,

XoXo~Trisha Trixie