Trisha Trixie

Please click on one of the tabs I have to see images or my designs for ideas, for your viewing pleasure or just to see what I am up to.

I love making Fashionista Fabulous Couture Designer Aprons and Accessories to help You (male, female, or child) Fabulous!!

I would love to make something for you, your family, a loved one, or a small to medium size business, a gift, a bag or a basket for a charity, you name it, I’ll make it. I take small and large orders. I sew myself and I also have a team of back up seamstresses who I hire out when needed so don’t let my one gal show fool you. Order ONE or One Hundred, it is up to you.

I create items for Men, Women, Daughters, Dolls, Team, Businesses, Gift, Gif Baskets, for Charities, etc…

I just love to create.

Contact me. I would love to design something for you or go to my Square market to purchase items online today!

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