The Aprons

For nearly two years now I have shown the Midwest and around the United States that Aprons are back, they are not just for cooking anymore, they are fun, flirty and and fabulous!

My aprons can take you from “Home to Happy Hour without ever changing your wardrobe” they are so fabulous! I beleive that an apron is a Fashion Accessory just like a scarf or a tie for a gentleman!


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In this slideshow showcased a Fashion Show at Java Joes, 4th Street Theatre, Des Moines Iowa. This was to showcase my complete line as well as Re-Purposed pieces I received from Bargain Basket, Junior League of Des Moines. A portion of the proceeds were donated the Junior League as well. Photographer- M. Stephen Banks Photography

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This Fashion Show was at Luther Care Services in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a small Mini Fashion Show for a Senior Residential Facility. Photographer Viken-Iliketotakethepictures

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