Work Desk Wednesday

Well, Let’s try this again and see how things are looking…



Whoa, a little crazy. I even am using my Chair for some of the Kerchiefs I am currently working on. Backs of chairs make great hangers 🙂







Well, as you can see prepping for two shows this week has left my WorkDesk AND my Studio in a bit of a shambles. This is a tell tale sign I am prepping for a show. If ever there is a big rack in the middle of my studio taking up all the space, you know it’s showtime.

So what does YOUR WorkDesk look like today? I would love to see.





Recipe for Fabulous: Have Fun


Laugh. Smile. Watch comedy shows if need be. Just enjoy life. Don’t worry about what others think, just go do what you like to do to have fun. Ok, disclaimer…if you are a psychopath and like to kill others for fun please don’t do that. But if you want to swing on swings, do it (which by the way is my ultimate favorite thing to do). If you want to plank on the hot ground, do it. If you want to be silly, do it. If you want to crochet all day or knit or sew, do it. YOU know what you like to do for fun and what fun means to you. Do that and be that.
If you DON”T know what fun means, try some things out until you do.
I also have a De-Suckify List I learned from Leonie Dawson. I made a list of things to do when I feel life suck or I am not “in a good mood” On my list”
Watch a funny movie
Play Fun Music
Go outside
Take a shower

Just no matter what, remember to have fun.

Until Next Time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie


WorkDesk Wednesday

As you may have read I recently found a myriad of tags for bloggers. This inspired me to do today’s post – WorkDesk Wednesday. These are simple little posts about what everyone’s WorkDesk Looks like. Since I have two Workdesks, I took a picture of them each and then each one individually.


My Computer Area. Notes, To do’s, Of course, my nail Care to do while I watch Webinars, and on the Monitor getting REady to put a Fashion Calender together via


This is my other WorkDesk. My Sewing Workdesk. This is where I sew, create Fascinaotrs, etc. I currently have the machines uncovered because I will be working on some Aprons today as well as the Kerchiefs that need top stitched, and the papers are to check for my upcoming events.

This one is my Material Workstation or Cutting Station. Not much on it yet cuz most items are cut. But I might have to Iron a few pieces as I sew today

This one is my Material Workstation or Cutting Station. Not much on it yet cuz most items are cut. But I might have to Iron a few pieces as I sew today

This is my Main WorkStation. All my STAMPS, BAGS, Recipets, go here usually. I have been working on Wedding Planning and Business Planning so much lately my two books, Binders and notes are all in the front.

This is my Main WorkStation. All my STAMPS, BAGS, Recipets, go here usually. I have been working on Wedding Planning and Business Planning so much lately my two books, Binders and notes are all in the front.


This is both of them together. I actually flip back and forth between them so I don’t get stressed at the computer







Well, that is it for #WorkDeskWesday.

Comment below with your blog or pictures of what YOUR WorkDesk looks like today!!

Until Next Time,


Trisha Trixie



Trisha Trixie Tips Tuesday-Taggarrifiic


Just wanted to shout out to my pal Donna Grossman who owns That Girl Knitz, Rockabettie Bands and Rockabettie Boutique for her Taggarrific Tagging!

I learned a long time ago that is you want to be found online, if you have to TAG. If anyone knows how to tag it’s THAT GIRL (ha ha see what I did there)

I am a constant tagger too but even I lack tagging in certain categories that I see she had.

A good way to add tags to your own Blog or website is to do what I did today. Look at other sites that are similar to yours and copy their tags. There is nothing wrong with copying as long as it really does fit your site/blog. Search out sites that do similar things as you. look for blogs that are similar. I like Bloglovin because I can see other bloggers who do Fashion and Aprons and write in other ways like I do. Then I take a peek at their tags and see what they are tagging. Sometimes it is the same as mine, nothing new, but every now and then I come across a blogger who has completely different tags than I have and I think “Now why didn’t think of using that tag!?” When you see those, grab em! Copy them and add then to you Blog site or Website. Believe me, that one “little” tag could be the thing that gets you found online over other competitors!

If you don’t sell things Bikers would like, don’t use the tag word Biker. If you don’t sell Soap, don’t tag the word soap. Now if you write a blog about Soap, then Tag Soap. Am I making any sense here?

No, ok let’s go back. Only use tags for things you are talking about, selling, writing or doing.

But wait, you say, if  I use other tags that aren’t things I am doing, won’t that help bring business to my page? Well, you would think so. But what ends up happening is that people will come to your site looking for those items and then when they realize you don’t sell them and only used them to get you to their page, generally they get pretty upset about it.

If you want to use other tags to bring people to your site or page, the best way  I have found is to write a blog about those things. Then you can use the tags and write about them to generate more traffic.


Until Next Time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie


Time to Be Fabulous in 2015 #‎BeFabulousin2015‬ ‪#‎TrishaTrixieSaidSo‬

No matter who you are or what you do, shit happens. Scuse my french but it is true.

YOU are the only one who can pull up your Brastraps, Bootstraps or WHATEVER will lift you up and get your MOVING!

YOU are the only one who can rely on YOU.

People will WANT to be there with you.

People will WANT to help you.

People will TRY to be by your side.

But the reality is that YOU are the only one responsible for YOU!!

It is time to rise up, take life by the horns and #LetsDoThis in #2015

It is Time to #‎BeFabulousin2015‬ ‪#‎TrishaTrixieSaidSo‬

I have an E-Course coming out next year.

I have a NEW apron line coming out next year.

I have a NEW Couture line coming out next year.

and dammed if I will or dammed if I don’t I am DETERMINED to break out of the cycle, #getOutofMyOwnWay and #MakeMoney on #MyTerms !!

If you are ready to #‎BeFabulousin2015‬

If you are ready to change your mind today before tomorrow the NEW YEAR hits, I want you to shout it out, Share it on every Social Media you own and even those ones you forgot you had! #DOIT #Let’sDoThis #IamReady #TimetoBeFabulous

Use your little # pund sign and HASTAG away

#‎BeFabulousin2015‬ ‪#‎TrishaTrixieSaidSo‬

See you next year!


….drops mic….


Trisha Trixie

Subscription Box Saturday! 12/20/14

I meant to send this over to all of you earlier this week, but time got away from me.

So here it is now. Enjoy!


Hey all!

So…do you know what a Subscription Box is?  I didn’t until I became a blogger for nail polish.

A Subscription Box is a monthly subscription purchase from the same company each month that automatically ships out after payment is received.  There are TONS of Subscription Boxes out there. From simple sample boxes like Ipsy, BeautyBox and Birchbox to Full-size companies like SquareHue, TasteGuru and Color Me Monthly.  Prices range from $5.00 to over $50.00 depending on which one you choose.

Today’s post is about a Subscription Box that I have been with a VERY long time, SquareHue.  SquareHue is a Nail Polish subscription box (of course :wink:) and they send 3 full-size (15ml) custom bottles of nail polish for $21.00 per month.

The really neat part of SquareHue’s appeal: HueGive.


For each sale of a box from SquareHue, they donate a portion to help fight human trafficking…

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This is How We Do in 2015

This is How We Do

When I was thinking about writing this post thing song came into my head. Now I am sure that I am dating myself by playing this because it is from the FIRST TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Regardless, it had to be played.

This is what we don’t and this is what we do.

  • In the coming year of 2015 I hope to bring you much joy.
  • I hope to help you to Be Fabulous and to Map Out your next Five Fabulous Years with you.
  • I hope to show you new ideas, new apron ideas and a new line of clothes and accessories I have been wanting to do for some time.
  • I hope to be more connected with you and be more On Board with our Mailchimp Newsletter and Pinafore my Thoughts Blog posts.
  • I hope to be the light in your day and smile in your night.

These like resolutions for me and my business. But instead of saying these are goals or resolutions I say HOPES because we all have great intentions as one year closes and another opens but life gets in teh way and stuff happens and we are unable to do all those goals  and such.

I don’t like the feeling of beating myself up because I failed in one place or the other.

No, to me I see it as an opportunity for growth. Areas I can do better.

So these are my hopes for next year.

I leave you with one things I need to know fro you, however…

What do YOU want to see from Trisha Trixie in 2015?

If I don’t ask, you don’t tell and if you don’t tell, I can’t even HOPE to give it to you…so DO TELL, I’m listening and waiting with baited breath to hear what you have to say and what you want to see from Trisha Trixie Designs!

Talk to you real soon!


Trisha Trixie