Sunday Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

This was a yummy dish that is easy to prep and is sure to please!


Attire Suggestions

This is a simple dish, so why not look extravagant putting it together?  TrishaTrixie designs has some custom items sure to inspire.  Don’t you love the Tiffany Blue?


The earrings and apron are available for purchase in our shop.  Now that you are ready, let us get to cooking.


  1. 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef or turkey
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  4. 1 cup of water
  5. 1 cup of bread crumbs
  6. 1 small onion chopped
  7. One green pepper chopped
  8. 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese
  9. 1 Teaspoon of salt
  10. 5 strips of bacon



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix all ingredients(except bacon) in a large bowl
  3. Form 5 small loves
  4. Place the loves on a pan with a slight lip (Juices will run out)
  5. Take strips of bacon and rip them into two pieces
  6. Make an x over the top of the loaf with the bacon and tuck the ends of the bacon under the loaves.
  7. Cook for 50 minutes
  8. Serve a yummy dish!




Friday Wrap Up: Golf and Summer in Review

Golf and Summer in Review

Let me just say that I really messed this summer thing up.  It is May 2nd and we have measurable amounts of snow here in Iowa.  We thought about packing our bags and heading to a beach, however were going to give Iowa another try at summer!


Trisha Trixie talked to us about her childhood and growing up in the 70s.  She talked about music, the outdoors and just being overall happy.  You must read to find out the meaning of “don’t stir the ice cream!”


We prepared beef kabobs ala summer fun!  This simple, fast recipe is great for busy weekends.



Mad Men had a focus on the shooting of MLK.  This made Trisha Trixie think about how this tragic event correlated with what occurred in Boston.  That is was okay and normal to feel the pain of those we have never met and question how something so horrible could ever happen.  “How are yousince it happened?”


We created a repurposed frame for the golf fanatic. This project could be done with any sport.  It is a fun twist on an old frame!



We looked at golf fashion throughout the ages.  It is fun to see how dress has evolved over the years to meet the needs of golfers.   Also, we had a date night in a jar to feature for May day!  Did you get any lovely May day surprises?



We looked at the history of women and golf.  Analyzed the social elements of golfing.  If you golf, what do you gain from golfing?


We have had a wonderful week here at Trisha Trixie design. We are working to keep our Store up to date.  Keep checking back for fun ideas that may inspire your own creative passions!

Throwback Thursday: Women in Golf History Declared

Women in Golf


Mary Queen of Scots was a known golfer

Ladies attire was not known for flexibility on the range.


The first known women’s golf tournament was held in Scotland at the Musselburg Golf Club.


The first ladies golf course is formed, The Ladies Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland


A group of women from Morristown New Jersey Opened a seven hole golf club.  However, they made the mistake of allowing men and once one was elected president the club became a man’s only facility.


The raisable skirt was introduced in golf; it had been popular with crochet players in the past.  The free stroke coat was introduced so women could freely use their arms.


The one piece dress made popular in the 50s was also popular on the golf range.  Women golfed for social interaction.  Shouldn’t women do more today, just to socialize beyond Facebook?


It was acceptable for women to wear short sleeves and bermuda shorts on the range.


Women’s clubs are made about an inch shorter than men’s clubs due to the assumption that the women’s swing speed is slower than a mans.  This was not always the case. in the past, where the biggest difference might have been a girly club house.

These cute little slipcovers were found at Ladies Golf News.


Wednesday What Not: Golf Fashion and May Day Maddness

May Day Madness

So, we have all gotten the little cups with popcorn and M&Ms dropped at our door.  But we wanted to look for a more adult twist on this idea.  Through 504 Main, we located many gifts in a jar.  A featured item was a miniature golf date in a jar!


I love this idea and I think you could really add your own spin to this gift giving idea.  Who might be deserving of such a May Day gift?


Golf Fashion Through the Years.

Golf has always been the place to be fashionable for women.  Having the right shoe and ensemble is just as important as how you play the game.


The basic ensemble of the 1890s was a simple blouse and a long skirt about 3 inches off of the ground.  This sleeves often made a full swing difficult and the golf club often got caught up in the skirt.  Can you imagine?

The Twentieth Century

Women began to prefer the jacket, skirt, and blouse ensemble.  However, around 1909 the jacket was replaced with a cardigan.  This might have provided a bit more comfort.


Finally, Jersey material was introduced.  The cardigan and the skirt were often made of jersey material.  This provided for more comfort.



The golfing sweater vest became the latest rage.  This allowed for more movement in the swing.

Mid 1920s

The one piece golf dress was all the rage.  The skirts and sleeves were shorter.  I think this is a fun look.  Love those stockings!

1930s and 40s

Dresses modeled fashion trends.  The skirt did not get shorter and many stylish patterns were available.


It was common for women to where a blouse, skirt and often a cashmere sweater.  Golfing shoes were becoming a new fashion statement. Some women even wore nickers and blouses to the range.



Most women wear shorts, polos and cute golfing shoes on the range.  What would you prefer to wear?

My favorite look is the 40s.  It is classic.  Perhaps, we should plan a retro day at the range?  Trisha Trixie has been working away hard to make many golfing items.  Keep an eye on her site for more details!

Try it Tuesday: Repurposed Frame for the Golf fanatic

Repurposed Golf Frame


This is a rather simple project, but we want to look fabulous designing it.  Just like the ladies in the picture below!


Attire Suggestions

To start with this lovely necklace is sure to add some fun to your golfing adventure.  Pink Golf Tees has many other fun jewelry to offer!


Trisha Trixie designs has a lovely repurposed apron to tie in with our theme.  It is called the “Oma Heck So Cute.”  This will help welcome in summer!

Oma Heck so cute

Supply List

  • Scrabble Letters for G O L F.  I often buy old games at thrift shops.
  • A plain frame.  I found this one at a thrift shop too.


  • Golf Ball
  • 12 inches of twine
  • Glue Sticks and Glue gun
  • A picture will be dandy too!


  1. Arrange the letters on the frame so that they look even.
  2. Glue letters on the frame.


3. Take your piece of twine and double it up.

4. Put a little dot of glue on the bottom and sides of the golf ball attaching the twine.


5.  Tie the ends together wrapping around the ball.


6.  Attach the twine to the back of the frame, using two dots of glue.


7.  Add your photo and your project is complete!  Happy crafting.





Sunday Recipe: Beef Kabobs ala summer fun!

Beef Kabobs ala summer fun!  

Summer is upon us and we all love to grill.  However, at my house, my boyfriend loves to grill.  This simple recipe is fun and easy to create.  It is an all in one meal!


Attire Suggestions


This meal calls for the help of a super hero.  Wouldn’t your guy look fashionable in this apron?  Perhaps he is a fan of another character, well Trisha Trixie Designs is always happy to custom design for you.  Check out this apron at our Shop.

We, also, used something called firewire to create out kabobs.  These are not a requirement, but do make the job easier.



These can be found at many retailers near you.  They make marinating, organizing and cooking much easier.  



One of these mitts or something similar will come in handy.  This particular one can be found on Amazon, but I’m sure you could locate one at many major retail stores.  I am thinking that Trisha Trixie designs could make this cooking accessory more individualized.  Wouldn’t that be a great Father’s day gift?


Needed Ingredients

1. A pound of sirloin

2. Pineapple rounds

3. Two green, red or yellow bell peppers

4. Whole mushrooms

5. A marinade of your choice (We used the Lawrys Teriyaki Marinade)


1. Cut meat, green peppers, pineapples into large chunk sizes (About an inch square)

2. Put meat, green peppers, pineapples and mushrooms on the firewire skewers or in a container if you don’t have the skewers.  


3. Put marinade into the container (Add skewers and extra veggies) and let sit in refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours.

4.  Pull the skewers and veggies out of the refrigerator.  

5.  On a small cookie sheet put foil.  Add the veggies to the foil.



6. Put the cookie sheet on the top shelf of your grill.  Throw the firewire or your own skewers onto the bottom of the grill.  If using the firewire, make sure that the metal hangs outside of the grill.  This allows the ends to be cool and makes taking the meat off the skewers an easier task.



7.  Let the skewers cook until the meat is to your liking.  We cooked for about 8 minutes, which is medium rare.  

8.  Take them of the grill and remove items from the skewers!  You are ready to eat up.  

Friday Wrap Up: A week of Nautical Bliss!



We learned about the fascinator and all of its beautiful uses.



This week we created Easy Prawn/Shrimp Old Bay Nautical.  This is a super yummy easy treat.



The fun fashion of Mad Man was discussed.  Check out the link to discover some lovely fashion ideas for you.



This DIY project is sure to give you the flare you deserve.  These cute shoes have already gained me tons of compliments.



Check out our natural products to keep your skin looking fresh and smooth.



The beautiful vintage, nautical apron was this weeks feature.  Featured patterns and designs were included.

Thank you all for another great week!  We hope you were inspired.