Aprons: It’s All About the Aprons

I create Aprons for Women, Men, Mothers, Daughters, Dolls and Businesses.

To date, I have created aprons for many businesses, a bakery, a cupcake and cake store, a catering company, a custom sauce creator, a housekeeping team, a Pin Up model, a rockabilly socialite TV star, a Miracle Worker, a bride and more!

Below you can check out the Aprons I have made for various clients or designed for my Couture Apron Fashion Line.  Contact me with your own design or choose one of the designs below to get the ideas flowing!  These are just a sampling, there more ideas available for you and yours upon contacting me.  If you are interested in purchasing a previously designed and completed apron, please go to Trisha Trixie Market  and shop for your dreams.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


TrishaTrixe creates with the Retro woman in mind.  She would love to create a design just  for you!

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