Apron Accessories: Fabulous Fascinators

What is a Fascinator?  You can clip them nearly any place.  Think hair clips, headbands, shoes, belts, lapels and more!

One of the things I love to create besides aprons are these Fabulous Fascinators. My Fascinators are like snowflakes. No two are EXACTLY alike though they can be assembled to be closely related. I do more than slap a clip and a ribbon on my Fabulous Fascinators. Each Fascinator is created with thought, design and precision. If I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t make it. All my fascinators I also desire to hold up to what I call as “The Open Window” test. The “Open Window” test means you won’t have to worry about your Fascinator falling off or moving out of place or having to hold it with your hand if riding in a car with an open window or like my boyfriend and I like to do with the tops of the jeep. If it can hold up to that, I feel like I made a good product.

Shown are just a few of the Fascinators I have made. I make so many I actually can’t keep track.

Want a Fabulous Fascinator for a gift, a school group, a function or to go with your fashions or perhaps one of my Fabulous Aprons?

You can buy available stock through our shop, or click on the style you desire, email me and I will  create one just for you and send you an invoice! $10 each or TWO for only $15!!

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