All That “OTHER” Stuff

Here is all that other stuff you may not know about me you might want to connect to…

I love to write blogs and articles and am always willing to do product reviews for your sie, company or organization. Send me info, products or what you would like to barter and let’s set something up.

My blog for this site is filled with a variety of items including Guest Blogs and so much more  I call Pinafore My Thoughts

As I have been in this business, the model business and many other businesses, skills and other lessons I have learned in life I thought it fitting to share this knowledge with you so I started a blog called Lessons Learned from a Fabulous Fashionista. It funny, quippy and a lot of info you might want to check out.

I write for DesMoinesisNotBoring a Local Blog here in Des Moines Iowa as the Resident Fashionista

I also write a regular piece about Aprons for Food and Spirits Magazine in Omaha. They are an Online and Hardcover Magazine in Omaha, Nebraska where I used to live and have many contacts and connections

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