About Trisha Trixie Designs


Trisha  Trixie Designs

I started my business a few years ago to share my love for fashion and styling for others.

Out of humble beginnings began most stories. So it was true with mine. This company started out at “SensaFashion” and some of you who were with me from the beginning may remember those days. I was all over the place creating a variety of fashions and didn’t have my head in the game. In reality, all I really wanted to do was make Couture Fashion Aprons that were unique and different from what my competitors were offering out there. So I focused my attention on Aprons alone and thus Trisha Trixie Designs came to be!

I didn’t want just the “Flirty” apron. I didn’t want just the “Cookie Cutter” apron that looked cute, but they all looked the same.

I want something, fun, fashionable, unique but with one more twist…

I wanted you to love it SO much that you would wear it out as a Fashion Accessory…I wanted you to Accessorize your Apron…

I wanted you to Apronize!

You see,  Aprons are a Fashion Accessory. They are no different than a scarf, a pair of earrings, a tie, or a belt. It is something you put on to adorn yourself to spice up or spruce up your outfit.

I want to “Apronize America” with my Fashion Accessory Aprons and change the mentality that Aprons are NOT for the kitchen anymore boys and girls, aprons are a Fashion Accessory and it’s time to wear them out!



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