Recipe for Fabulous : Attitude of Fabulous

Barney never had anyone tell him he was Legendary, he decided he was and then acted in that manner.

I decided I was Fabulous and acted in a manner that says this works for me.

That is important because perhaps you are shy. It is not like you are going to start shouting from the rooftops (though I would) I am FABULOUS! and for those who know me would laugh because they know I DO shout it all the tine, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linked In, in person, I tell anyone and everyone whether they want to hear it or not.



Do what feels comfortable, but if you get a chance to step outside of the shell, I think you will find new fabulousness waiting where you never knew existed.

Most importantly, have a positive attitude, be grateful for your life and what you have, who you are, desire to be kind to others, and have dignity and integrity.

Smile, be happy, compliment others, take compliments well, enjoy life, enjoy all things of life, good AND bad.




Be confident, go out once in awhile, clean up or do your makeup daily, even if you are not going out, a little mascara, blush and balm always help me feel fabulous. If you are not a makeup wearer, or perhaps a guy reading this, do whatever it takes to keep yourself clean and groomed.


When I was very down because of a break up, once I crawled out from under the covers and at least brushed my hair and washed my face, I felt SO much better.


Feeling good, makes you happier; and when you are happy, others are happy, when others and you are happy you tend to start feeling fabulous.


Have you heard about having and Attitude of Gratitude? If you feel grateful you will BE grateful? Will the same rules apply here.

If you ACT


you be


Until next time,


Trisha Trixie






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