Recipe for Fabulous

It’s a new month and new idea. Recipes on How to Be Fabulous.

I know you are used to receiving REAL recipes on Sundays.

You are used to seeing mouthwatering food and meals.

You are used to pictures of food and listing of tablespoons of this or that.

Here’s the thing….

It’s not working. My mentor suggested to me to TRY doing Recipes on Sundays and ok, I tried. I tried to have guests write in, I tried to make them, have others make them and well, it’s just not working.

Plus, here’s the other thing….Recipes, true recipes are conventional means for conventional aprons.

So, now that I have completed a short stint of Venture School, now that I have re-focused my attentions to help others understand that my aprons are not your grandmas apron and they are a fashion accessory I also realized I need to help you realize not only their fabulousness but the fabulousness of yourself.

So from now on you will receive a Recipe for Fabulous.

Here is your first and more important Recipe for Fabulous. I hand this out at all my trade shows, events etc. This not only has my recipe for fabulous but it has the Be Fabulous Mantra, which is…

Be Brave!

Be Bold!

Be Fearless!

Be Fabulous!

Enjoy your first Recipes for Fabulous and stay tuned each week for the ALL New Recipes for Fabulous!

Recipe Card for Fabulousness

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