Guest Post: Donna Grossman – That Girl Knitz

I actually met Trisha Trixie online and became quite fascinated by her.  She is like a magnet that draws you in.  From the colorful designs to the outlandish posts you really get hooked.


One thing that really resonated with me is her new use of old materials.  Ingenious!  I love that she is creative but more that she cares about this earth and wants to do her part to keep it beautiful.  All while glamming you up!


Trisha gifted me with a gorgeous apron just as a way to say hello.  I was surprised to find out that most of the apron was a former bed sheet.  Right on!  I’m sure if my new apron could speak it would have some great tales to tell.  I like that!


I adore that it is made by a local artisan who has put her heart and soul into it.  This apron is not some meaningless object that spent most of its life in a cargo container.  Talk about dead energy.  I appreciate thoughtfully handmade things.


I feel good supporting artisans and designers.  Maybe just maybe my purchase with be the encouragement they need to create the next epic thing!


by Donna Grossman, That Girl Knitz


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