Recipe Sunday: Crescent Goodness

My hunney and I recently went on a vacation. when I come back from vacations, I am still in the vacation food mode. I want everything fancy, but I’m also in the tired mode of , I don’t want to cook too much. So I saw we had some Crescent Rolls in the fridge and made a little elegant inexpensive breakfast.

I put on my little Scalloped Half Apron (I have been wearing this one a lot lately) and got to work!


First I lied down some foil on eh pan and then sprayed it with a Oil based non stick spray.

I like to put down foil for easy clean up.


Once completed I made some eggs, cut the rolls in half and inserted them and some Asiago cheese inside.

then I made a second one with just jam from the Maana Colonies. I ate Apricot and the man had Berry.

20140316_090856 20140316_090850

I love this Blood Orange Soda. I added a little bananas and then sut up some extra na na’s on the plate.


Whala! A fancy, inexpensive yummy breakfast for just coming back from the vacation!


Do you have any recipe’s you would like on the blog? I would love your recipes and pictures for my Recipe Sundays. Email them to trisha AT trishatrixie DOT com.


Trisha Trixie

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