Trixie Tuesdays: I’d Rather be Planning a Wedding over a Fashion Show

Yes. I said it. I would really truly rather be planning a wedding over a Fashion Show. I used to do event planning i the past and have done a few weddings and I have assisted with Fashion Shows, but let me tell you, planning your own is a whole different ball game. I think out of both the best thing either could do is to hire a planner.

There are such vast differences in planning both of these events and for some humor and insight today, I thought I would share them with you on my blog here:

Planning a Wedding    

  • You have a budget you know in advance
  • You are paying for everything out of that budget (generally your own pocket or Daddy’s)
  • You have a select few people you KNOW will be involved
  • You have one photographer doing one task: Taking pictures of you
  • You only need a small select set of thank you gifts for those involved
  • You assign tasks generally to two people: Best Man and Maid of Honor
  • You food plans are large and per person
  • You buy the dress and items needed to wear
  • Plan out hair and makeup
  • Remember the gift baskets
  • Plan honeymoon


Planning a Fashion Show       

  • You have no idea of your budget until you start getting sponsor money
  • You are constantly asking and begging people to give you things
  • You have no idea who will be involved until you get models and volunteers
  • You have tons of photographers doing many tasks
  • You need to have many ways of thanking everyone involved
  • You assign tasks to anyone who will help you
  • Your food plans are as cheap as you can get it with as much as you can
  • You not only need to make your item but everyone else’s in the show (if you are the designer which in this case I am)
  • Beg people to do hair and makeup
  • Remember gifts
  • Plan afterparty


With both you learn to be very creative.

With both you feel great joy as well as great confusion.

With both you learn to have patience and not kill people along the way

With both you end up broke, probably won’t get to eat and at the end of the night wonder where the day went

But in the end for me, I still think I would rather be planning a Wedding than a Fashion Show. Most especially if I get to be the bride 🙂

The only thing I could think of that would be worse, is a Fashion Show Wedding. Oye, kill me now.

Until next time,

XoXo Trisha Trixie

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