Fabulous Friday: Guest Blog: Bold & Fabulous at Home


Be Bold & Fabulous at Home

After Trisha Trixie shared her Vintage Kitchen Dreams with our community last week, we here at Drake Homes, simply had to respond!

As a Des Moines home builder and with the “be brave, be bold, be fearless, be fabulous” tagline that Trisha Trixie rocks around here, we’re here to share some thoughts on how these positive and individualizing characteristics can be applied at home.

As we shared in our recent Beautiful Living article, living in Des Moines is a treat.  One great aspect of living here in Iowa is the wonderfully low cost of living.  In many cases, extra income allows people to more often consider new home construction in Des Moines.  With new construction, there are so many unique things one can implement into the home of their dreams.  Whether it’s Trisha Trixie’s vintage kitchen ideas, an entertainment mecca for all your friends, or something in between, it’s always fun hearing people’s new home building ideas.

With that in mind, here are a few bold and fabulous features from a variety of new homes we’ve built recently.  Paint colors, flooring, and custom features can all make a house your home, so we hope they inspire some fun ideas for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like what you see?  Well, you’re in luck.  Drake Homes have plenty more where that came from!  Connect with them on Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more bold and fabulous home design inspiration.  Cheers!

Kitchens by Drake Homes

Living Rooms by Drake Homes

Basements by Drake Homes




Ben McDougal is the Marketing Director at Drake Homes.

As one of the finest home builders in Des Moines, Drake Homes provides new home construction and a variety of beautiful floor plans for families all around Des Moines.  Please visit www.DrakeHomesIowa.com for additional details and check out the Drake Homes Portfolio for more great home design ideas!

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